ronnie, i’m trying to blame “this” on the rain

anyone remember ronnie?
he was the big tatted sexy wolf from london.
he was attentionisto-lite in my line of sight.
wasn’t doing too much thirst trapping.
well now he has apparently gone mad,
which has left me highly confused.
when i was on snap heavy,
because that’s where i followed him,
he would be do personal training and drive trucks.

…i don’t know what in the “milli vanilli” is going on.

he has also become a stripper.
and allegedly,
he “be” having vixens licking his pipe over his drawz.
i mean,
puttin’ on a real show over there.

i’m so confused tho.
the last snaps i saw of him,
he still had a fade and was a delivery wolf.

..and now i hear the “onlyfans” is coming soon.
my thing is,
at what point did he say to himself

“Fuck this!
Ima put a weave in my head and become a stripper!”


When did “Onlyfans” become the fallback career?

…and are we missing this boat?

lowkey: i would still ride that train tho.
he just gotta tie up that mop.
when he starts fuckin’ on “onlyfans”,
you can send his stroke resume to me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “ronnie, i’m trying to blame “this” on the rain

  1. That’s the British fellas for ya! Kinky as fuck! Lol
    Guess the bodybuilding career did’t work out for him. I was also wondering why he put those braids in his hair, but if its because of this stripping career, it kinda makes sense….emulate the American strippers.
    I do seem to remember he had some alleged incident where he assaulted his baby mama, or something like that. And I did say alleged.

  2. What is it with these young guys and their tattoos…they look nasty, especially on our Black men. I can appreciate a nice body but not when it’s littered with ugly tattoos

    1. @kevin…I fully believe they will regret that shyt in time. I can;t help but think that the ink will seep into their pores/skin and cause cancer later.
      A lot of these guys ruin their chances for modeling gigs too, because many photographers I’ve spoken to have said they don’t like guys with too many tatts. A few here and there are okay, but many advertisers frown upon it. ti

      1. If you’re really attractive (especially from a biracial standpoint) like a nine or ten, I’ve seen that it doesn’t necessarily matter… This particular straight guy I follow on Twitter, he’s making serious money and is signed exclusively to an agency, so the tats may be ignored if you’re really attractive…

  3. Contrary to popular belief there is virtually no money in personal training or bodybuilding outside of a select few who manage to break through. That’s why you see so many of these IG personal trainers and bodybuilders either stripping, escorting or doing porn on the side

  4. Well, from my knowledge of how “some things” go like this and how similar platforms work, it is possible to make five figures with Onlyfans. Pay attention to how some of your favorites are suddenly able to go on vacations and post on social media full of haughtiness as if they’ve never had anything of value before.(I’m not naming any names but they know who they are…)
    Including one who has went into… “retirement”…🙄

    However, this is where the line draws. Without an actual business background, these amateurs are riding on a trend. In fact, they have to promote themselves, AND they have to provide quality content. However, since gay men tend to be on thirsty side, it’s rather easy to take money from them as long as you have muscles, claim you are straight, and show “something”. It’s easy money for people who are allergic to work. Though for some, it’s just side income from their main job so they just do it for some spare change. Same rules applies to women as well, though this post I’m talking about the men.

    *You can make nice passive income.

    *You can gather fans fast if you’re hot.

    *You can finally take your lover out to that nice
    expensive five star restaurant you’ve always wanted to.

    *You will become a social celebrity (popular) for a
    limited time.

    * Good for spare income (change.)

    *You don’t have to file for unemployment for a little while as long as you keep your body right and content flowing. You can take sometime off and chill.

    *You could not be as popular as you think you are and gain no fans or money.

    *You have to keep the posts up, which means if you can’t deliver the goods, you don’t get the coins.

    *Like with real porn, some fans can be rather nasty with comments, if you don’t have a thick skin, you’re out fast.

    *There is no guarantee you will be popular next month like currently, folks can cut the subs at anytime.

    *You have to compete with a hundred other OF accounts to be “seen”. What makes you stand out from the rest?

    *Income from OF is taxable, so the IRS will be expecting their cut.. possibly a lot, depending on how much you make.

    *You have to know how to market yourself to stay relevant. If you suck at editing or anything else creative, you will have a hard time keeping up. Though you can contract someone like me to edit, mix, animate or do whatever you need for your content at a fair rate to make it look presentable cause the mess I’ve seen…🤐

    * Aside from knowing creativity, you need to have proper lighting and high quality videos using a good phone. We live in a ever rising in high demand society. 4k and beyond is becoming standard…those 3 second grainy Internet explorer GIFs ain’t gonna cut it for too long.

    *Some of your videos (if not all) will end up on many social media and porn platforms. This reduces your income considerably. Why subscribe when it can be seen for free?(This is the MAJOR problem here.)

    *OF is allowing it now but they could cut ties with porn accounts if something happens in the future.

    1. ^I really believe the “income” comes from escorting more than the OF and other subscription based sites. I could be wrong, but I think that’s the case.

      1. There’s one OF person that I know of that got over 4,000 a month. Apparently, there are some patreons that will tip if you do something extra.

        I’ve always felt bad about escorting, but especially of you have kids and a lover who doesn’t know. I hate it with a passion almost.

      2. It’s crazy! Sad…but crazy.

        I’ve always wanted to ask guys that escort and/or strip, how their significant other feels about them doing it..if they know at all. Especially those who proclaim to be straight.

  5. it’s money in personal training IF YOU have your CREDENTIALS… not if you’re some IG personality. if you have your credentials, licenses and etc you can book gigs with schools and etc. A friend of mine that i know from my days at University of South Carolina works as a personal trainer and etc with the college football teams in GA now, he also got his Bachelor’s and Masters in Public Health. In order to land the big fish you have to put work in but folks dont want to work. Folks want everything fast and easy hence the increase of IG “personal trainers/porn stars”

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