you’ll be able to get inside ramses principe drawz soon (omg)

what would you do…
if you had a chance to get in ramses principe‘s drawz?
slow down...
well we all might get that chance pretty soon.
not his drawz per say,
but from the brand “omg miami swimwear”.
he happens to be the first bawdy in their new male swim trunks….

*alexa play “usher omg”*…

as far as ramses is concerned:

“hi ramses…”

lowkey: his legs are interesting…

get in line to get ramses drawz: here

8 thoughts on “you’ll be able to get inside ramses principe drawz soon (omg)

  1. Initially I didn’t really see the hype for him but every time I watch his videos I get warm somewhere on the inside. He has one of those things that make you feel so aroused. Him and John Gaines (who I really love). Let me stop lol

  2. I’m going to be honest, imo, I don’t find him remotely attractive and the music is too “noisy”.

    Since I don’t want to sound like a party pooper completely, the trailer looks shot pretty well. The music goes with the scenery and I’m guessing he’s going for an Egyptian or Middle Eastern theme??

    I used to like Tata on guys but I keep imagining what it must be like to grown old marked up like that…*shudders*

    I think his tats are nicely done. I hate needless. I don’t know how folks can get tatted up like that.

    1. Nonsense! His tats will look great with his deflated pecs and sagging atrophied muscles. It’ll look like a soggy drawing.

    2. I use to like Ramses but when I looked a little closer he started to rub me the wrong way. I think he’s the quintessential, social climbing, social media narcissist but I think he does a better job of hiding it than others. He posts Instagram stories like 20 times per day and I find that weird. If you pay close attention to some of his photos his eyes are dead, and you know what they say about the eyes.

      1. I know what you mean about the eyes. I’ve said that he looks sad, not dead. Even when smiling it doesn’t come through as genuine. I give him credit because he promotes his business, his body. Not sure how many clients he really has, because we only see pics of online clients that he posts occasionally, but he promotes fitness…even though he has a tendency to accentuate his best selling point A LOT, that ass!

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