Rihanna Finally Let The Balloon Fly

CZknUtIUcAMJb80how fuckin’ fly does she look in this picture?
you know the headphones sold out?
they were d&g and went for 8 stacks.
well it has finally happened!
after a long wait,
rihanna is about to release her album “anti”.
the navy rejoices!
i had a feeling it was coming tho.
my foxy senses kept buzzing.
well the first single is called “work”,
it features drake,
and well…


it got that “slow grind/on the wall” feel to it.

tumblr_n5f5q6J0IN1r18n9jo2_250i’m with it.
the chorus is already stuck in my head.
here is what the tracks on the album via tidal:

well i ain’t about that “tidal” life,
but i’ll def be about it once she puts it on itunes.
gooooo rih!

lowkey: wasn’t it funny that spat with wiz/ye/and amb came the day she released her first single?
wasn’t the rumor she was having issues with ye on production?
could be a coincidence.
or not.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Rihanna Finally Let The Balloon Fly

  1. Sorry…but that son is W-H-A-C-K!!! Can someone hire a translator please?! If this song is a hit..I’ll be stunned like a mofo. LOL

  2. I really dug it when I heard it earlier today, not really feeling drake’s rap on it but I’ll give it time. I like when she goes to her island roots in her music.

  3. Ayeeeeee A suh wi dweet!! she’s back! Work, work, work, he said mi haffi work, work, work, he see mi do mi dirt, dirt, dirt

    She killed it. *goes back to standard English*

  4. Lets get one thing clear! She makes too much money for this. “The track is wack” It will not become her 14th #1 single

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