Rated R

Rihanna, Rihanna,Rihanna….

How I love you so.
Epitome of setting trends and making herself different from the rest

(even if she swagga jacked FeFe  Dobson… just a little bit…)

I am team Rhi Rhi.
All day.

Not even because of the Chris Brown incident, but I always liked her.
She came out all Caribbean princess and then did this  180 transformation that blew my mind.

I like the whole dark and mysterious concept.
She stands out with her style and defintely her music.
I mean c’mon,
who didn’t like Umbrella?

So her transition back into music is pretty dark.
She is in a “Fuck U” type of YIM status.
I’m feelin it….

I’m there myself.

Here is the video for “The Wait Is Over”


What do you think?

…and go cop her release of Rated R on November 23th.

Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

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