Thicky Thick Boi.

When did he start getting so thick?

He might run ya’ll other bottoms out of town.



What do you think about Chris Brown’s new album cover?

Why are there cartoon characters?
The pose?
The robot hand?
The moon in the background?

The liquid leggings?
The Loubies?

…ok exaggeration on the last two…

No bueno C Breezy, although the graffiti is written on the walls.
Take that how you want.

The main question everyone is asking: why does he look so thick in the thighs?

The leggings are a bad look.

Although this pretty much made me LOL:

Why they had to go and do that?

If he was, I am guessing vers top/borderline top.

Would U let him take you down?


6 thoughts on “Thicky Thick Boi.

  1. I think people are still bias due to past indescretions. Just because he aint no morris chesnutt with a 20 pack and a Omarion behind don’t mean that he doesn’t have plenty to look at. He gots more than enough for the average man to like.

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