Confessions Of A Scandolous Bottom (Dos)


I’m telling you right now.
If your man slips up,
I’ll be swooping in like a hawk on a mole rat.

You think I’m playin’.


When I first met this dude,
he was D/L type HEAVY.
For a discreet dude like myself,
I just wanted to get know him better.
I was determined to have him.
He would always say little things to prove his masculinity.
I will not lie, it was kinda appealing.
He was so in the closet but he always had a soft spot for me.

We separated for a while to add more stories to our life stories so we lost touch.

As the years went on,
he hit me up on some ol “How are you doing?” type convo.
He buffed up and got alot more swagg than he already had.
He is smoooooth.
He is open to the life we live and changed his label to “Discreet”.
He is still a private brotha but he isn’t as Fort Knox as before.

Hell, I was ready to pounce on him until he hit me with the “My man and I did…”

I’m sorry, your WHAT?
Not even a man of months ya’ll.



I am tite that it is even to this point.
I am even more mad that when we do speak,
I find myself getting all warm inside.
And then he does this smile and these eyes at me.
Plus he flirts with me and I do that “Dude you better stop…. naw, wait, don’t stop!” attitudes you have when you really like dude.

He is my type on some serious convo, readers.
From the look, to the sex talk, and then the attitude.
One day he was telling me some shit he did to his man and I was getting a little hooooooooooooooooooooooot.
I had to tell him STFU because my legs were starting to open and I was about to assume the position.

He isn’t the buff football player types I crush on.
I mean he got a nice little body and everything but he is just a regular dude.

What draws me to him is his spirit.
He is a really nice dude and from what I can see,
he cares alot for his man….. although I hate to admit it.

He hit me up telling me he wanted to meet up with me sometime soon to chill.
I WAS excited………. until he said:

“Good. I cannot wait for you to meet @_________.”

It couldn’t of gotten a bigger sigh.
Thank God I deflected it with a “Oh…. well, that is great.” and  kept the convo moving.

Then he proceeds to tell me he wants me to join the same gym as him so we can work out together and he can wipe me down.


I know ya’ll been there and I am so tryna be good,
but it is hard to think Christ-like when you are having impure thoughts about a taken man.
A man I should have very well had first.
When an oppurtunity presents itself readers, JUMP on it.
You do not know if you will be regretting it later on… like a certain little Fox at this moment.
Definitely will keep you all updated.

Over -N- Out.

8 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Scandolous Bottom (Dos)

  1. Child dont give him too much because not only would u disrespect your dude….but honey you never know what you TRULY have until its gone. Its a sad sitch but thats the way you find out the truth a lot of times. Keep it cute with him honey.

  2. AND I’m kinda in the same situation…I have a BF but a dude from my past is back in the picture. I won’t lie, I have feelings for the guy but I’m not gonna disrespect my dude by taking the friendship to another level.

  3. I agree wit Stella…if you mess with him it will come back on you ten fold..and not only may he be ur best friend he may introduce you to one of his best friends or brothas like him!!! 🙂
    Love Ya Jamari!!

  4. dont do anything with him. he is taken…dont disrespect that union….it will come back on you…just be his friend and leave it at that….he may turn out to be ur best friend

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