I Need 2 B On The Remix

I need a moment of silence…

(clicks play for the 50th time)


I have come to the conclusion,
today especially,
anyone with a hole wants some Trey Songz dick.

Judging from that video,
he gained about 100,000 more fans to his already growing roster.

Now I could sit here and make a long ass blog about how good fucking with me would be.

But, I won’t.
No need.
I’m very confident in this whole situation here.

I’ll let actions speak for themselves.

So Trey,
if we ever meet….
oh, and we will…
trust me baby…

Ima fuck your brains out.

Later Foxes.

(pimp walks out)

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “I Need 2 B On The Remix”

  1. lol J….when I first saw the video too…my thoughts were the same…only I think they were more XX-rated

  2. Lawd have mercy on my soul..I don’t care what anyone say, that video is borderline porn and I LOVE IT! I want some too J!

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