The Prettiest Pipe Ive Seen In A While

Rasta_Glass_Pipe_by_glasscoastguess who just got wifi?
on the evening before we leave to go back to florida?
*insert screw face here*
jamari fox has been in the woods of alabama since wednesday.
when i say i was frustrated?
ive missed out on so much.
yeezus spazzing out on sway,
evelyn lozada doing that voodoo with some baby gravy,
emails from the foxhole about so much posts,
and this vine of the prettiest pipe ive seen in a while.
this is NSFW and 18^…

 imagine puffin’ on that for a while?
tumblr_lnc4r1joZY1ql3k2io1_500his porn name is miami… something.
he goes hard in his vines too:

he has a few movies i featured,
but he wasn’t too raved about with the foxhole.
i think the tatts or “he wasn’t hard”… something.
either way,
the pipe looks right to me.

lowkey: he could work on his stroke tho.
be prepared for some updates.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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