Oops! Kanye West Nearly Did It Again

132893-050-22EC5127remember this historic moment featuring kanye west?
it was the start of the end.
well he nearly tried it with beck tonight.
he won for “album of the year”.
beyonce was in the same category and well…

and beyonce’s reaction:

 beck looked like he was going to give it to him too.
just in another way:

tumblr_meforpkGI91qa6pjko1_400he would have definitely got what he was looking for.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Oops! Kanye West Nearly Did It Again”

  1. Im tired…tired…and tired of Kanye childish shit. And Yes Beck punked Kanye saying you need assistance getting up here. Kanye backed off like the punk he his. Im super through this kimye trial… Please somebody else hurry up and come along and remove them from the so called media light.

      1. Her crystal encrusted robe and his valor suit, they looked as I dare to say “cray”. I was not feeling it either.

      2. She told ENews After Party Kanye called her and said “Babe I have your dress for the Grammys”.He found the dress online.It was delivered to her dressing room today.

  2. On Enews After Party Kanye went on a tirade saying the Grammy disrespects artists and Beck should have given HIS award to Beyonce .Kim stood there looking scared and confused with a nervous smile.
    You guys think I am playing when I say Kanye is mentally disturbed.He is not acting

  3. Guys I’m scared for Kanye. He look like he slowly losing his mind bit by bit because what he just did didn’t make any sense and I know he realize that by the look on his face. He needs help

  4. But the real shade is that Kanye goes so hard for Beyonce but she and Jay couldn’t bother to attend his wedding. And they stay low-key shading his wife Kim.

    It’s so disrespectful of him to steal the spotlight off Taylor and Beck just because he stans for Beyonce. He would go apeshyt if someone tried that with him.

  5. He needs to pack up and live a quiet life with Riccardo on a island somewhere. He’s getting too nutty and childish for me.

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