So Why No One Tell Me About Redaric Williams?

tumblr_m7jus0meGv1qi0b8uo1_500well hello there redaric williams.
my name is jamari fox.
how are you?
i’m good.
you look kinda tasty there.
who ya girl?
are ya married?…

so i saw this gem attended diddy’s “boardwalk empire” premiere and he caught my eye.
in sniffing around for more,
i found out he is one of the cast members of “young and the restless”.
wouldn’t know.
i don’t watch soaps,
but i’d watch every scene he’s in…

Redaric Williams, who was born in Michigan, was constantly moving as a youth he was subsequently raised throughout the states. He attended three different high schools before ultimately returning to Michigan and graduating from Denby Tech and Prep High school in Detroit. Redaric majored in business at the University of North Texas. He went to college on an athletic scholarship for football and received a 4.0 grade point average his freshman year. He later left college one semester short of graduating to move to New York.

tumblr_m2iwe78lk21rn9nevo1_500oh nice.
very nice.
he has a brain which is a awesome.
is it me or he almost looks too pretty to fuck?
likeeeeee he won’t man handle you on some aggressive nasty shit.
he’d ask politely if he could give you “some pleasurable penis for the evening”.
i could be wrong and been fooled before.
the nerds are usually the freakiest.
i should know.
i’m one.
finding out he has a small pipe,
a terrible stroke game,
or funky arm pits,
or bad breath would make me cry.
ask his girlfriend for the full run down.
whoever she maybe.
check out redaric on young and the restless daily.

x look at more redaric

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “So Why No One Tell Me About Redaric Williams?”

    1. I’m glad he got on her.People don’t understand the whole gay/coming out thing.Especially women.They make it as if it’s as easy as being asked and answering whether your hair is fake/weave or not.Not only that but they question men who aren’t the norm.So he has a brain and is well spoken.That automatically says gay to them.I don’t think he is gay but you shouldn’t question/allude to it when you haven’t been in the man’s bedroom to see it for yourself.

      I’m very annoyed by people who throw out the “being gay/down low” at every man now.It’s like if a man sneezes everybody is like “Oh shit, did this nigga just sneeze into the bend of his arm, that nigga gay.”

      They look for smallest clues/hints.

      “Did this nigga only use 5 squares of toilet paper to wipe his ass, that nigga gay, straight men use clogs.”

      “Did this nigga just say his favorite color is purple… that nigga gay.”


  1. And yes he is FINE as the day is long….LOL! It’s funny you would blog about this J because I was DVR’d a few eps of Y&R a week or so ago just to see the Lady Chancellor farewell episode and that fine specimen immediately caught my attention and I MMS’d a friend of mine his pic and he responded, “You are late!” Anyway…that thang is YOUNG (and PHYNE) and I am RESTLESS!!!!

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