Omar McLeod Let His Jamaican Patty and Coco Bunz Air Out on Snapchat

so omar mcleod,
the track and field baller wolf who won the gold in the 110m hurdles,
decided to let his tail air out on snapchat too.
this is what an f-bi sent me…

not bad.

according to my f-bi,
he likes to show off that tail of his on his snap.
he is about to have a whole new bit of followers after i press publish.
please don’t be up on there sending random pipe pics to him.
i would hope the foxhole has class.

lowkey: i like how he stands…



Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Omar McLeod Let His Jamaican Patty and Coco Bunz Air Out on Snapchat”

  1. Ok. As good as massages feel afterwards…I would have a problem with the massage therapist putting their feet on me. Maybe that’s just me. LOL

  2. This is an Asian Massage that more than likely finished off with an Happy Ending. So with that being said the beginning, which we see, is not really what we want to it’s the end.

  3. HE suffered a scandal recebtly regarding his sexuality, kinda/sorta referring himself as a gay fish and turned a portion of Jamaica against him.

    Regardless of his sexuality, I actually do hope he feels far more at home at that school where he praised for his efforts like this.

    A lotttt of people in Jamaica need to wake up. As someone who lived there for several years, I found it to not b3 totally dangerous as all of their hate and overly compensating machismo was mostly just empty-headed rhetoric.

    My rule of thumb- if there is a mob/protest against gays going on, just avoid the area for a while. Other than that, you’re fairly secure, just dont actively pursue or hit on straight men. They will feel emasculated and will try really hard to regain their “manhood”.

    Super off-topic rant. But good on him and his success.

      1. He didnt refer to himself as a gay fish. When he won his gold medal a corporate account on Twitter sent a message basically referring to him as a gold fish. In Jamaica, Fish is another term to refer to gay people – seperate from the drag terminology. It caused the admin to get fired and the company publically apologised to him. People didnt turn against him, in fact the uproar was about people making such an assumption. Jamaican worship gold medal winning athletes. Saying something that derogatory, even if it’s true is a no no.

    1. Another quick edit, he didn’t describe himself as such, but someone tweeted “Goldfish” from a well known Jamaican brand’s account.

      My mistake for the misinformation guys. His mom commented on the whole situation following the mess.

  4. I do not know about his sexuality, but his skin is beautiful. It is just something about men with dark skin.

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