niz asked a question on IG and ya’ll turned it into an ass eatin’ contest (TF?)

i’m always confused at the confused,
especially when it comes to attentionistos on ig.
you are out here selling sex and tiptoeing with sexuality,
but upset when people respond with overt sexual comments.

Is it because it’s males doing it?

that’s the only reason i could see.
niz aka nizar eibitar aka @its_niz_the_kid fed up with some of you all.
he asked a simple question on his IG…

and ya’ll go and do this


you have a fat ass.
we should hang out sometime.
i swear i’ll only ask to eat it once…”

^this filth is what folks would say to him if they saw him in the gym?
that screams “pervert” and “banned from gym + restraining order“.
let’s get a clue.
of course,
that led to a whole ig rant from niz…

so i can understand wanting the respect,
but when videos like these are made:


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ALRIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! so here is one of my many routines I do for legs and glutes this is a hamstring and glute based routine !! I like to start off with some light leg and glute activation exercises to get warm before the real lifting ! Workout routine down below: its detailed !! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Warmup exercises: • Lying leg raises: 2 sets of 10 each leg • Side leg raises: 2 sets of 10 each leg • ball thrusters: 2 sets of 10 reps Routine: Barbell stiff leg deadlift: 4 sets of 10 (squeeze glutes at the top for 1 second) SUPERSET WITH : lying leg curls: 4 sets of 10 reps • leg press: 4 sets of 20 reps ( the first set is 20 regular reps) (Second and third set is 5 paused reps at the bottom and then 15 regular reps) 4th set is 10 paused reps and 10 regular reps ) • smith machine lunges: 4 sets of 10 each leg ( slow and use more hamstrings and glutes) • sumo dumbbell deadlifts: 4 sets of 8-10 reps (go heavy) • then finish off with calves: seated calve raise: 6 sets of 15 reps ( hold on the stretch last rep for 10 seconds) #explorepage #explore #fit #legworkout #legday #bootyworkout #bodybuilding #fitness

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from niz to the comments,
ima need everyone in this entry to get their lives together.

lowkey: i feel like the foxhole is gonna tear him a new one.

18 thoughts on “niz asked a question on IG and ya’ll turned it into an ass eatin’ contest (TF?)

  1. I checked his IG. There are strippers who dance better than him. Those clips make him look so gay, so he shouldn’t be surprised if gay dudes holler at him. Quarantine has gotten people doing crazy stuff on social media.

  2. Never seen this man before, but I can tell he’s one of those attractive guys who’s bad in bed…

    1. ^the foxhole sends me in the story and if it’s interesting,
      i’ll give an opinion.
      i found this one interesting because he does sus shit,
      but is complaining about comments about his ass.
      i mean,
      he is a straight male dancing and twerking to WAP…

      1. Straight? You click play on the vids? Dude makes Ru Paul look like dl prison trade and he’s a whole cringebot.

          1. I just checked his leaked content and I cannot believe what I just saw. After peeping his IG, he gives me serious DL vibes. He is a stripper but I would never go to his shows.

  3. Just checked his IG he already has an onlyfans page he charges $15 and he says on the info his ass is his best ass asset what is he complaining about then

  4. Wait he is straight he must be in denial I am so over this attentionistos you are out here shaking your ass for all to see and being over sexual on IG and you get offended when people respond with sexual comments get the fuck out of here.

  5. I think you touched on this in one of your old post. Guys like him, say that I ain’t gay or don’t be disrespectful stuff out loud. Lowkey it’s a cat call for other dudes like him. A year or two from now, they will be caught or post with some guy talking about love is love 🙄 Or have an onlyfans and start “exploring like they haven’t already been with a guy before.

  6. After further analysis JD gives me immature over 30 butch queen who wants Tay’s 19 year old mostly power bottom younger self to top him. At least the bottoms are being more open.

    Let me know when somebody remixes Gimme Yo Address. It was lowkey fire.

  7. How do you smack your lips like that, without any food? Maybe he just got done sucking.

    I swear any woman that dates this type of men, pegs them.

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