Nathanielnoir Is Getting Really (Big)

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 10.28.03 AMsoooooooo….
when is nathanielnoir coming out with his exercise video?
you know the one that features how he achieved that donk-ey on his back…

tumblr_inline_obo9w6SYhW1t78pco_500i think it’s time.

lowkey: if he is single…

photo/video credits: nathaniel noir

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Nathanielnoir Is Getting Really (Big)”

  1. I like his videos but I’m more into bodies by CW he has ebooks on protein shakes for the butt and a book for adding fat on the butt

  2. Watch he ends up being a top that’s into nonblack men lmao. That’s how it usually goes. If he were messing with black men someone would’ve bragged by now lol

    1. Lol he doesn’t talk about being gay at all.. So we can’t assume what his type is. He comes across as one of those gays who don’t like mentioning that they’re gay in public. Either that or he’s just a very private person.

      His daily postings are thirst traps only, he never talks about men. Or anything that gay guys relatively talk about.

  3. I’m glad to see the rest of his body is catching up , I always thought his proportions were a lil off but attractive nonetheless.

  4. This may be a surprise to many of you, but I have been over this one for a while. Yea, I know I defended him and his body for years, but his time on my list has come to an end. Other than his assets, there is nothing much going on with him, and his body alone is not enough to please me after a certain amount of time. NEXT!

      1. LOL. He is old news now through. We have been talking about his ass (pun Intended) for years now. I am over it lol.

  5. After all this time, I’m still shocked people think an ass like that is real. Yes he’s attractive but he is very disproportionate. He’s a 12yr old boy for the waist up. Kim Kardashian from the waist down. He’s doing what so many other vixens do. Get that body done then post pics and vids from the gym to deflect. A workout video. He may need to just get referral credits from his surgeon.

    1. His body is achievable. Just spend most of your workouts focusing on your legs rather than your upper body. I would know. That’s why the leg press machine & hip adductors exist in the gym.

      1. Booty implants are not the norm in North America, but those dudes in South America are a different story. Everyone does ass implants like its a haircut over there lol

  6. I used to be all for him. He’s actually the one that inspired me to start working out. After so much mental debating… I don’t think his butt is real. No before or after pics, his ass is too big for his upper body to be that small. I’ve seen guys with big asses but their upper body matches, with or without a slim waist. He just needs to admit it already, like, you won’t be judged lol. He is good to look at.. that’s about all

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