meet the two alleged suspects in the “jussie smollett” story!

the foxhole isn’t letting it’s paws off the neck of this story.
i swear,
this is better than an entire season of “empire”.
so the alleged attacker in this jussie story has been identified.
lee daniels is allegedly inbetween him on the set of “empire”:

and this is where the story takes another twist via “cwbchicago”

Two brothers, Olabinjo “Ola” Osundairo and Abimbola “Abel” Osundairo, have been identified as the men taken into custody by Chicago police for questioning as “potential persons of interest” in last month’s purported hate crime attack of Empire TV start Jussie Smollett.

The Osundairos spent the night in police custody and are expected to undergo questioning again today, but neither has been charged with any crime in connection with the Smollett case. Police need to either charge or release the brothers before 5:45 p.m. tonight—that’s when the Osundairos will have been in custody for 48 hours, the typical cut-off point for police to hold a person without charging in the United States.

Smollett follows the brothers on social media and the Osundairos’ attorney told CBSChicago yesterday that the men sometimes work out at a gym with Smollett. Abel Osundairo is an aspiring bodybuilder who used the Smollett song “Ha Ha (I Love You)” as the music track on a posing video last month.

The brothers were taken into custody after they landed at O’Hare airport on a return trip from Nigeria Wednesday. They flew to the West African country just hours after Smollett reported being attacked. Two days later, Abel posted an Instagram video in which he handed out cash from the rear seat of a car to a boy on crutches. The post was geo-tagged in Ogun, Nigeria.

this is abel:

i’m still on the hunt for “ola”.
these are videos from his youtube:

if any of the f-bi finds ^his ig,
please post in the box.
this is more alleged info on the brothers from “cwbchicago”:

  • At least one of the men has appeared as an extra on Smollett’s show, Empire, which airs on Fox. The older brother has a YouTube channel featuring three audition reels. In one reel, he performs the part of a man who has received the finger of a loved one in the mail from kidnappers.• The younger brother’s YouTube channel also has various audition reels, including two mock police interrogations that were uploaded less than two weeks before Smollett’s alleged attack.• CBSChicago reports that an attorney representing the brothers “expects” charges to be filed against them “before 5:45 p.m. Friday” when the typical 48-hour window of opportunity for prosecutors to either prosecute or release an individual will expire.

    • The men, who are African-American, shared a residence in Lakeview about three blocks from Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home as recently as one year ago. One of the brothers also lists a home on the South Side. The brothers are listed as co-owners of a now-defunct party store in the Irving Park neighborhood.

  • At 8:47 p.m. on Wednesday, police executed a search warrant at the brothers’ North Side home, seizing electronics, bleach, a red hat, clothing, and more. The search warrant receipt states that police retrieved proof that both men live in the raided apartment. CWB could not immediately confirm that the raid was at the brother’s listed address near the intersection of Ashland Avenue and Belle Plaine Avenue.• The brother who appeared on Empire has no adult arrests in Chicago since 2014, but the Chicago Tribune reports that he was charged with attempted murder in Cook County in 2011 but later pleaded guilty to aggravated battery. His brother was charged with DUI near their home in 2015 at the age of 21, but he has no other adult arrests in the city since 2014, CPD records show. The outcome of the DUI case was not immediately available.

so they were allegedly in the same area that night as jussie?
no offense,
but abel is a dark wolf/alleged jackal.
how are they being confused for white males?
and what would the motive be to do this to jussie?
i guess they could have been plottin’.
they say it’s those closest to you that will harm you quicker.
people are often not murdered by total strangers.
jussie did leave his entire trail on his ig stories that night.
the brothers allegedly follow him.
my thing is…

What was the point of doing this to him?

i don’t know if i’m sold as of yet,
but i’m sure there’s another twist in this story that won’t die.
stay tuned.

lowkey: what a twist if he was allegedly hooking up with them,
but it was someone(s) completely different who did this?
in my head,
he didn’t hand over the records because they’re dl and be exposed.
this is all in my head tho.
the truth is stranger than fiction.

i’m in “sniff out the motive” mode.

article cc: cwbchicago | 2

abel pics/video cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

48 thoughts on “meet the two alleged suspects in the “jussie smollett” story!”

  1. Like I said the other day I hope that this wasn’t a hoax.If it is not only is his career probably destroyed but it will affect how other LGBT and black people are treated if they will be believed if they report a hate crime.He would have betrayed not only his family and friends and fans but the two communities(Black and LGBT) he has advocated for for years.

    I am still holding out hope but TMZ reported something this morning that the brothers lawyer said and it sounds like they “snitched”.Also I didn’t know until this morning that Jussie and the brothers were apparently “gym buddies” I thought he knew them in passing.

  2. I didn’t want to comment on this situation until everything was figured out and resolved, but just being honest like majority have written, something is completely off with this. I believe he was attacked, but something is definitely not adding up.

  3. I just keep thinking of that black mother here in Texas that swore up and down a white man shot and killed her young daughter in the backseat of her car a few weeks ago and had everyone looking for a white guy, celebrities offering to pay for funeral expenses and it turned out it was two black men that did it all along.

    I don’t put anything pass anyone anymore.

  4. Something to keep in mind. Does anyone remember when an All Lives Matter or some other racist mascot ran into a sports game, and it turned out to be a Black man? JUST saying.

    I can’t find anything on that. How strange.

    1. @Y Colette

      Yeah I just saw that report too. According to the news report I saw on FoxNews tonight, they were released without charges because of NEW evidence that needs further investigation.

      Hmm, that actually sounds worse for Jussie and the possibility that it was indeed staged. According to reports, Chicago Police canceled the scheduled press conference on the Smollett case because of the mass shooting in Aurora Illinois. We may know more this weekend.

      *sips strawberry fanta*

      1. Seems like the brothers gave authorities the info they needed to seal the deal. Jussie probably had an idea of what was gonna happen so he decided to lawyer up.
        In the end I think the cops want to make sure that when they get him, they get him real good! I just always felt like it was funny how Lee Daniels was so quick to rush to social media with that FaceTime snap like who does that?

        I definitely believe Jussie was attacked but I don’t know how his “friends” or people he follows on social media just happened to be in the same block he lives in. And those were the suspects caught in that footage but now they have been released and no charges have been filed BUT the authorities got new evidence FROM THEM?? Huh??? What is happening?

        I agree with him not releasing his phone because of privacy cuz if I had my songs, concepts in there it’s easy for someone to just steal it. But it may have also contained conversations about that very evebing’s incident.

  5. Wait, So little Jussie fought off Kilmonger and Black Panther and escaped with a scratch on his face? Okay. Wakanda ain’t shit since infinity war.

    1. LMAO @WillieDynamite 🤣

      Yeah and those two big muthafukahs used a cloaking device from the Star Trek Klingons to escape the thousands of surveillance cameras in that part of town. This story seems like it was written and produced by a Lee Daniels wannabe. Imma just watch this drama unfold while sipping on my strawberry Fanta.

      @Jamari thanks for the reporting. This is by far the most Tea I’ve seen poured on this story because most of the mainstream media are too embarrassed to follow up on this story.. FoxNews is the only network dragging Jussie for this possible hoax.

      1. Where your poof about Fox News dragging Jussie because Fox News and the fox network Are part of the same company and they Standby Jessie

        1. Fox News and Fox Television are not the same.Fox News is basically Trump TV so yes they and other Conservative/Right Wing media sites have been dragging him for the last two weeks.

  6. I told you guys that man was going to get some dick or an ass and didn’t pay up and they follow his ass and beat him up! I said this on the other post! I knew it bye Jussie just tell the truth! We all made those 2 am booty call runs and he got caught up!

      1. I don’t know who you talking too but you better redirect your anger elsewhere! I gave an opinion just like everyone else if you didn’t like keep your opinion to yourself

  7. I don’t know what to believe anymore but I will say this, I’m glad that progress is being made and we are getting to the bottom of this. Whether it’s a hoax, staged or a hate crime, it seems like the truth will come out soon enough.

  8. Thank you Ola and Bola, much love from Nigeria.
    Jamari, those are my country men clearing up the universe of depraved acts. I’m tremendously pleased, guys.

    #Kill all faggots.

      1. I think he’s just taking a break from watching that Marvin Bienaime video of the watch hanging from the dick, waiting with bated breath to get “The Naked Nine ” on March 1st.☺


    1. ^ok j,
      i need you to calm your ass down.
      like you,
      we are all hoping for a resolution to this story.
      as the facts come out,
      i will make more entries about what’s going on.
      and what facts are missing?

      these two are suspects in connection with this case.
      according to reports,
      they are also allegedly the two in the grainy picture.

      it’s a story link to the case,
      and you’re absolutely right,
      i am not a legitimate news source.
      i am a blogger that’s giving his opinion.

    2. ^and furthermore,
      i haven’t even said jussie is guilty unlike others who are determined to prove his guilt.
      you sound like you are taking this more personal than you should be.

      1. You’re giving 2 different narratives. You;re saying you’re not a legitimate news source, yet you’re posting what you saying is actual news as facts. I have no problem with anyone having an opinion, as ignorant as it may be, but don;t riddle it with lies and call it facts.This is the example of “THERE’S NO HARDCORE EVIDENCE SO IT MUST NOT HAVE HAPPENED” mentality that’s been going through public opinion, and you’re doing nothing but helping perpetuate that myth, Then wonder why LGBTQ attacks don’t don’t get taken seriously. And yes, I am taking it personally, AS WE ALL SHOULD BE. This could very well me me, you or any other member of our community. How would you feel if you were attacked, then had to go through a trial of options to see if your story was legitimate or not?
        Instead of pushing a narrative that fuels more skepticism about his attack, try posting more taht confirms what he said actually happens… like these.

    3. Why are you yelling? Are you really that upset that Jussie seems to be caught in a mess? Relax. Everything will be cleared up shortly.

        1. No but your tone clearly proves how upset you are 🤣🤣 calling people names and cursing them out those are symptoms of an upset person

  10. Why in the world would Jussie lie and say it was two white Trump supporters? This is all so messy. Good grief.

    1. ^jussie might still be in the right.

      if he gives the real reason why these two were in the same area as him.
      are we sure they weren’t trying to sell him alleged drugs?
      that’s an angle too…

      1. He’s not in the right.

        He made it seem as if this was a racist attack and a hate crime (racial wise, not dealing with orientation) If they are Native Nigerian and not of Nigerian descent, wouldn’t he hear that thick accent? A Nigerian accent is distinct, so if they said all what Jussie claimed to say, then he couldn’t discern that? If he worked with them before, he couldn’t recognize the voice? Accent or not? LovelyTi made some great points about the situation. If this was a sexual encounter, it might of been filmed and that’s why he didn’t wanna give up his phone. Or this could of been extortion.

        It doesn’t matter if he is black and gay. The shit doesn’t make sense. Straight up and down. We will know what’s going on either way soon.

  11. I just want this case to be solved and all the information to be out. It’s very telling that ever since the incident has happened, there has been false reports and projects that he was lying about being attacked or the police didn’t believe him and alot of other B.S. from people to the point where Chicago has to repeatedly release statements saying that there is false information being reported that they did not report. Shit is crazy.

  12. the men in that video don’t seem to have bodies like these two guys. Yes it was dark but the presence is not there. The truth is in the redacted phone records. What didn’t he want to the police to see? Jussie does like dark skin brothas as we know. This is all better than an empire plot but why beat him up? Did they ask him for money or something and he declined? What was the motive here?

    1. ^and if it was those two muscle wolves,
      why wasn’t jussie more beat up?
      his little tail couldn’t fight off those two and only have a scrape on his face.

  13. This is getting juicier by the minute!! My mind wants to believe that they were fucking around. Jussie only released some of his phone records, he’s says it’s to protect some of his contacts. Maybe he didn’t get the foot long he wanted and had to settle for Subway.

    1. ^right!
      imagine if he has all of gay and bisexual hollywood in his phone he didn’t want outed?
      this story has me on the edge of my seat.
      they couldn’t write a better script in hollywood.

      1. The thing is Jamari from the looks of all of this, I do not get the MAGA country reference. I think Jussie exaggerated his story. He follows these boys on social media which is why they told their lawyers he’s friends with them. Celebrities don’t follow nobodies to them, it’s usually people they fuck with(as in socially/intellectually/physically). He was also certain that it was them from the shots in the camera. He was convinced because he knew who attacked him.

        Was he attacked? Yes!
        Was the attack by people he knew? Yes!
        Was this a racially and homophobic attack? I don’t think so.
        Was there a rope around his neck? HUH?

        So how is it that those “White men” turn out to be Nigerians, who also happen to be people he follows on social media.
        Either they were following him, but they couldn’t have known he was gonna be in a subway at 2am, I highly doubt that they waited outside his apartment for him to come out in that cold.

        So my guesss is he told them he was gonna be meeting them.
        Why would they just happen to be around his apartment? It makes no sense.
        The problem is, the police will seize their phones and go through the exchanges between him and them and if they find out that homie was out there being foul then his career is over.

        Maybe the police got the wrong guys, they accidentally picked up strangers who just so happen to be guys that Jussie follows on social media, guys who have been regular extras on empire.

        Maybe, just maybe.

        Oh and to those who think he was being honest and confident in his interview with Robin, are y’all blind? My man was acting for an Oscar.

        1. Police said this wasn’t a Hoax you idiot Can’t stand y’all Niggas trying to discredit him they got the guys Niggas are so trying to discredit is doing I can’t stand some gay black people

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