jussie smollett brings out the disrespect in others

i understand we want jussie smollett to be right.
we want him to be a victim of a vicious hate crime.
he’s gay,
on a popular tv show,
and is a hero to most with his activism against trump.
realistically tho…

No one in the foxhole should be calling folks names over him

especially someone you don’t know.
i’m always puzzled when folks disrespect others for a celeb.
you don’t even defend your own friends/family this hard.
i don’t ever see jussie reaching out and being personable.
if he does,
excuse my ignornce.
we’re a family unit in this foxhole.
the support we give each other is a beautiful thing.
we may not always agree,
but it’s all love.
jussie isn’t my friend or an ally to the foxhole.
i don’t know him so he’s capable of being a disappointment.
i could know him and he be a disappointment.

most of us will have opinions towards jussie.

some simply don’t believe a single word.
others are standing behind him 110%

it’s okay to agree to disagree.
whatever you choose is fine by me.
i have yet to see anyone in the foxhole call him out of his name.
a majority don’t believe his ass.
gay or not.
there is no reason to be so aggressive over him.
God forbid he lied and ends up being the villain

I will make sure I point out those who were being disgusting over him


so i think it’s best we all sit back,
and let this unfold.

lowkey: i believe he was attacked.
it’s the story that is dodgy.

18 thoughts on “jussie smollett brings out the disrespect in others

  1. Well said Jamari! Like I said before, I been holding any commentary until all the facts are brought into the light of day. Yes, I definitely believe that survivors of any crime should be taken seriously but I also trust my intuition and common sense too. There are so many sociopolitical layers to peel in all this messiness that it is real easy to be reactionary and passionate about these issues, especially when an attractive celebrity is involved cuz you know we live in Insta-Fame Whore culture now and folks are so easily manipulated with all kinds of click bait and superficiality. Any wars, if the truth turns out homeboy lied, may he be held accountable for all the fuel this gave to right-wing racist, hateful, MAGA types, for the harm cause to actual LGBTQ POC victims of violence who are often unjustly ignored, undervalued, and villianized just for living their life. And if its not the case at all, I’ll be the first one to apologize but looking at how things are panning out so far, I dont think that’ll be happening. Just my two cents.

  2. I feel betrayed and so many of the LGBTQ allies, his family, friends, fans, his Empire co-workers and the countless celebrities that supported him after the news broke of the attack. Oh, and lets not forget that FOX and the production company just issued a statement reaffirming their 100% support of Jussie just days ago. His actions will help delegitimize credible homophobic attack claims in the future.

    1. ^he had so much backing and threw it all away.
      this will make everyone skeptical of anyone,
      not just gays,
      who is attacked in a hate crime of any magnitude.


  3. According to TMZ one of the brothers phones show a call between him and Jussie right before the attack.There are receipts the rope was bought at Ace Hardware.They claim he paid them to attack him.SMH I feel sick to my stomach.


    CNN is now reporting that Smollett PAID the two brothers to orchestrate the attack! They are also reporting that the rope placed around Jussie’s neck was purchased at ACE hardware. If CNN is now saying Jussie staged this event you can now take it to the bank.

    1. Bp Damn I’m so shaken, I didn’t even read your comment and basically just wrote the same thing you already wrote.Sorry

  5. People are getting so invested and passionate about this, and for what? This is a gay blog—no one here cares that Jussie is black and gay, that’s the majority here. Take that virtue signaling and capeing over to Twitter.

    I don’t know Jussie but I do know the gay black demographic, which I identify with, is about to catch mad backlash if he’s lying. Him and his manager needs to be blacklisted if they’re lying.

    1. And THAT’S why they want it to be true so bad. They NEED it to be true because the black AND gay community bout to take a big L from app sides if its not.

      1. The cops confirmed this is not a hoax we got to wait until It is done Cops have no evidence to prove that this was fake

      2. And the black community is already taking L because the shooting that happened where is caused by a black man

    1. Daily mail is known for making a fake stories and known to be homophobic They got sued multiple times did Other news sources say the same thing?

      1. Multiple sites say the attorney appeared on the “Roe Conn Show” on WGN in Chicago on Thursday.He was asked if he is Jussie’s attorney and he said,”Yes at the moment, I am” he didn’t say how long he has been his attorney.

  6. Crazy thing is…the two suspects were released after further evidence surfaced. I’m amazed at how folks are so into this…like other important things are going on in America. Not that I dont feel sympathetic but it’s super distracting to the serious issues going on over in America ATM.

  7. I assume you’re talking about the thread prior to this one. I haven’t been to it yet but with 40 comments, something is Poppin in there. I may go look at it but idk. Maybe another day.

    I been forgot about this case a long time ago though. Not being rude or anything. I’m just not that bothered by it. Not that I don’t care. I just assume that the same energy folks put into this Kat, they need to do for all. I bet quite a few wouldn’t be arguing over my non celeb ass.

    I stil say this was a set-up somehow. Wether it was an old flame that got him jumped or a publicity stunt to boost ratings for a new season of Empire ..is beyond me. 🤷‍♂️

    Hope y’all have a good weekend, take it easy and have some peace. After a long week of work….the weekend is wind down time. 😎

    1. The only set-up I sense is from Trump. Yes. At first, I wondered what he had to do with Trump, but I dug into it and saw some VERY inflammatory things he said against that Jack-O-Lantern in the White House.

      If Trump knew who Chrisette Michelle was to have her perform at his inauguration, he knew who Jussie Smollett was. The fact that he shaded Corey Booker over his sexuality, shows he visits Black websites and DEFINITELY Black Twitter.

      I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was made to seem like White racists to incite a race war. If anybody thinks that man isn’t trying to start a civil war, they’re foolish. Just look at the Clintons. Anyone who crosses them, ends up mysteriously….dead. It’s not about conspiracy theorists. It’s about the fact, that people with power won’t overtly get you. They’ll pay someone else to.

      And remember slaves sold other Africans into slavery. People say there aren’t White racists in Chicago. But there are Black people hungry to make a dollar.

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