jussie smollett seems to have been crying wolf (shame)

ya know,
for the life of me,
i don’t understand why people do stupid things like this.
you have it all.
the forest at your feet and the struggle in your background,
but you choose to make awful decisions to fuck it all up.
my foxhole,
seems to be the case with jussie smollett.
“cnn” has some developments they’d like to share…

Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation told CNN that Chicago Police believe Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate the assault.

The brothers, who were arrested Wednesday, were released without charges Friday after Chicago police cited the discovery of “new evidence.” The sources told CNN that the two men are now cooperating fully with law enforcement.
Smollett told authorities he was attacked early January 29 by two men who were “yelling out racial and homophobic slurs.” He said one attacker put a rope around his neck and poured an unknown chemical substance on him.
The sources told CNN that there are records that show the two brothers purchased the rope found around Smollett’s neck at an Ace Hardware store in Chicago.
i’d like to call foxholers,
j and isiah,
to the front.
they were rude and combative over jussie.
we didn’t deserve that venom.
from the looks of the developments on “cnn”,
a credible news source,
it looks like jussie has become “the villain”.
i knew something was up tho.
aside from the side eye worthy account of that night…

  Why would a victim hire allegedly two criminal defense lawyers?

i wanted to believe jussie.
i did.
i couldn’t shake the feeling of doubt tho.
i felt he was attacked,
but the story started not to make sense.
most of it was his doing tho.
starting with that horrendous “gma” interview.

who told him to do ^this?
 body language experts didn’t have kind things to say about that interiew.
many of the foxholers had their paws on his neck too.
in the end,
with everything on the table,
it appears jussie was the end of jussie.
article cc: cnn

54 thoughts on “jussie smollett seems to have been crying wolf (shame)

  1. Hey MusicLover, I don’t know about that personally. How does this really affect us. They have been attacking gays since the bible was pushed forth and condemned buttsex between two dudes. I know some of you are well in your 40’s and 50’s. Racism & homophobes have been around FOREVER. I don’t think this affects us any more than it already has. Jussie is his own man. Like they already have a negative portrayal of blacks anyways, and black gay men. Folks make it seem like things were getting better or something. Gays, Trannies and blacks still getting killed everyday.

    There will always be someone that hates you, whether you are gay, pretty, rich, your skin color, sexual identity, your straightforwardness or whatever. You can be the best orange on the tree and someone will come along and say they prefer apples instead. That’s never going to change. I think as adults we should know that. Fawk them. Some folks act like they scared or something. If anyone step at you, they can catch these hands. Period. Or as my sister says..”I stay strapped. Try it if you want to.”

    I see this as something that bites people in the ass kind of moment. I still don’t know if he’s lying or not (not that I care, thats his career and his choice.) but the only people this affects imo are those types that jump at every opportunity to defend and speak justice without obtaining the facts first.

    Like I said, Idk if he lying or not…I mean it’s not like he gets paid to be an actor on TV or anything…oh wait…😲

    1. Gays ain’t came far Imo. Gay marriage is nothing. There are stillssome states that are at will…Meaning they can fire you for any reason. They probably wouldn’t say it was because you’re gay though…lol

      If you believe in false Christianity (religion made by white folks cause blacks sure didn’t come here with it) principles then that may appear to be progress. But Those folks don’t respect you. The companies that do only do so because money is involved. If they alienate you, they go down on the dollar, so instead, they include you. It all boils down to money. They want your coins, not your company.

  2. When we heard of the incident happening, everyone was on his side, myself included. The details of the incident from the perspective Jussie is telling has no evidence to support it. The suspects were supposedly white, but two black men were questioned, which also happen to work on the empire set, and that is questionable. When he said he was the “gay tupac” I found that to be distasteful considering the seriousness of the incident. As a community, we have come far with so much progress still required for him to fabricate something like this, and we will suffer as a whole if it does turn out he lied. People are questioning his motives, and the rumor his character was being out of the show, but people will do anything for attention, so it could simple be that too.

  3. at this point I do not care for any of Jussie Smollett fans to say sorry to me. I said from the start that this story did not add up and that there was to many holes in it. Now that the truth finally came out. Now his fans want to say that they setting him up to bring him down. bullshit.
    that saying goes. a lie does not care who tell it as long its told.

  4. I mean I get what everyone is saying 100% but I also feel like something else is going on… If you knew how the real entertainment industry works..you’d know how f–ked up things can get & why certain folks are where they are. Same for the music industry…but that’s another topic.

    I also find it soooooooooooo amazing they go into a full investigation on a black gay man but a white woman can cry wolf, get a black man locked up for 10 years and no one bats an eyelash. Yet, everyone is so disappointed in Jussie? Why? Because he’s cute? Folks need to chill on the celeb rush..they people just like us and they lie, kill (well they won’t kill you, they will hire someone to do the work for them), steal, cheat and everything else.

    Now this man up here being called a super liar, disgrace and folks talking about ruining his career and the shame and all that and you have an orange f**king idiot in the White House who was a disrespectful, money focused liar to begin with and runs it like he’s on the damn Apprentice. It’s all a game to him. Now he’s on Twitter with his own B.S. about a case.

    Why is soooo much energy being put into this. Also, when you have white money and the right white crooked folks…you can get away with anything. Hello, remember that heffa Casey Anthony???

    Anyways, I hope y’all eating some good food tomorrow.

    1. I think the issue is that Jussie’s actions don’t just effect him, they effect any other gay person who is attacked in the future.

  5. Yo I’m HURT if this is true, and I usually dnt get bothered by SHIT other people do unless it’s hurting children or something, but usually people lying and/or scamming I’m just like “eh”. However I must admit this one is bothering me more then I’d like to admit! I just thought so much BETTER of Jussie, now I’m still holding out hope, but damn if it does turn out to be true, I just cannot fathom WHAT could be gained from this, that you would risk EVERYTHING you HAVE! Even IF he were being written off the show, I like to think he has a nice nest egg saved an more importantly his charismatic nature would have almost Guaranteed him another project in the future! But now (if this IS as bad as its looking) his reputation will be tarnished AND he’d be facing jail!

  6. My mistake. I was so overwhelmed with the 90s. They actually sampled Jodeci but it sure as hell sounded like Sex Me from R. Kelly. Either way, these two frauds are always “sampling” music from black folks like they are the originators and face of Black culture. Oh wait we talking about Jussie…

    So what y’all gone do? You gonna watch the new season of Empire when Jussie dies of lung cancer or is shot?

  7. Instead of making several posts about it, why not update one post? Seems you’ve made up your mind.

    1. ^i will keep on updating every single update as it comes through.
      from the motive to any changes or breaks in this case.

      if that’s okay with you?

      1. I’m just saying… When this mess first came out I was going to bat HARD against homophobes and racists for Jussie, but as this kept unfolding I slowly lost confidence especially since so many had already made of their minds. Now, I’ve seen the light…

    1. I don’t know you but I hate you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. The damage that Jussie has inflicted on Chicago tourism for blacks and gays, FOX, Empire, and the LGBTQ community as a whole is immeasurable.

  9. And just lied to Robin Roberts face. Lied to Essence. What the hell is wrong with this dude? Wow.

  10. Now we know why he wouldn’t turn over his phone records. The story was fishy from the jump.

  11. This man done lied on Chicago, lied on Trump supporters attacking him, lied about the racist and homophobic slurs. I can’t! It’s just too much! And done got on ABC and lied in Robin Roberts face.

    He did too much with this story, bleach plus noose? And then he was allegedly attacked for being gay and black? Like he couldn’t just pick one hate crime?

    Well he deserves whatever comes his way. He brought all this on himself. He was blessed with a great acting career and a modest singing career. He’s had opportunities that many will never see and he threw it all away…FOR WHAT?!?!?!?!?

    Make it make sense.

    1. That’s the thing, had he just made it a homophobic attack, he would have gotten attention but not the hyper-scrutiny he received. (Did he not think of any of this in advance? I thought he was pretty smart.)

      As JamariFox and others have pointed out, the minute you throw in 1) the noose; 2) the bleach; 3) the “MAGA” cries; and 4) the claim or insinuation that the attackers were white in *that* neighborhood in Chicago, you are asking for the Chicago Police Department and everyone else to go all in.

      And then there was the extra death-threat letter!

      Supposedly the cops found the cut-up magazines in the Naija musclewolves’ home. And the red caps, purchased from a northside Chicago neighborhood. And the bleach. And the receipts for the rope. Didn’t Jussie or they realize they should toss/burn that stuff if they wanted to pull this off?

      All that beauty–Jussie and the sexy musclewolves–and clearly not a working brain cell between them.

      It’s such a mess. Like I said above, so forgive me for repeating myself, the man needs psychological counseling as soon as he can get it. And I don’t mean no Iyanla; I mean a psychologist or psychiatrist who regularly deals with people who create hoaxes like this.

  12. Wouldn’t expect someone to him to lie about something so serious. Like what were you expecting to gain, especially when you were already getting decent roles and breaking the mold as a gay black man in Hollywood. Now you’ve done reprehensible damage to your career and will struggle to find gigs.

  13. You and your strawberry Fantas.😂

    At one point they had 12 detectives working on this case I think he should have to pay a fine as part of a plea deal if that’s legal.I think about all the cases that were put on the back burner so detectives could investigate this BS.

    1. Y Colette

      you gon leave me and my Fantas alone. Dem shtts is delicious 🤣…

      But um, I think he’s gonna negotiate a plea deal which will include a full confession with community service and no jail time. Honestly, he’s already paid a serious price with the potential loss of his career so jail time isn’t needed. He may need to go on suicide watch, but I almost forgot he’s a narcissist. Those types don’t end themselves, they just keep believing their own bullshtt and smelling their own farts.

  14. This story brought the crazy out of everyone. A Youtuber named Funky Dineva posted a video a few weeks ago defending Jussie while also saying that if it was a hoax that it doesn’t matter because it does nothing but good for our community because it starts a discussion. I personally thought that was the stupidest thing that I have ever heard come from an intelligent persons mouth.

    I feel like Jussie gets less publicity than any other cast member of Empire. We all know that Hakeem’s actor can’t stop getting calls as well as Teraji. Jussie did star in the movie “Alien: Covenant” and had a small role in the movie “Marshall’. Before those he was the lead in the gay movie “The Skinny” Aside from that he has his music, which outside of the music he makes for Empire does not make any kind of chart.

    In his interview he looked like he was in character as Jamal, which really threw me off. I think the last straw for me was when they brought attention to the 2 chocolate muscle men. This may be ignorant of me to say, but it seems like when you find a gay man with a muscle man or men, then there was some intimate stuff going on. The bodybuilding lifestyle doesn’t pay for itself.

    I must say that I’m very disappointing in him.

        1. Yup. They would get the 500 when they came back.

          And what about the death threat letter that was sent to the studio? Was that made up too? Smh

          1. ^this biggest 2019 of the decade goes to…

            did he not want to be a star anymore?
            i’m so confused…
            i hope his family releases a statement that he has some kind of mental illness because this makes no sense to me…

  15. CNN has been all over this story for the past two hours. Fox News was throwing lite shade on Jussie’s story for days, but when CNN devotes almost 2hrs to call you a f*cking liar you know the game is over!

    I’m honestly heartbroken for Jussie and I seriously can’t understand any of this.
    But having said that, Jussie should be charged for LYING to investigators (and I’ll bet a 6 pack of strawberry fanta that those charges will be announced soon unless Jussie and his attorney works out a plea deal.)

    1. ^i bet his character will be killed off empire.
      lee daniels is gonna banish tf outta him too.
      i need jussie to explain why he chose such a dumb decision…

  16. I’m officially done with this situation I just feel bad for the next gay black boy is really attacked & won’t be believed! You have to be dealing with some real mental issues to come up with this.
    FYI: His career is OVA

    1. Shut your bitch ass up and go back to your cave! Nobody gives a fuck what you think! I’ll be ready for you if you try and attack anybody else on this site!

  17. Deadline.com said he has hired two new criminal attorneys.I guess that attorney that was representing Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen is gone.

  18. I still didn’t check the page with the 40+ comments but if all that was going on, goodness. Y’all was going crazy in there. So either way this goes, it was a set-up.

    If he is the real wolf: What did he have to gain? The same thing Instagram, Onlyfaners, Digital Personal Trainers want: Attention maybe. Publicity? Who knows?

    Seems like people will do anything for attention these days. Bird Box challenges and everything else..lol

    Happy Saturday people. Have fun tonight!

  19. the redacted phone records are the key to the truth in the investigation as well as what the bros said smdh makes no sense as to why he’d do this but it’s not over…next scene please

  20. TMZ also says there was a phone call between one of the brothers and Jussie right before the attack so that’s probably why he didn’t want to give up phone records.

    1. ^disgusting.

      i’m so lost at why jussie picked such a dumb explanation for this.
      he should have simply said he was attacked and kept all the extra details.
      once he said maga was involved,
      he should have known they were going to come for him.

      he needs to go into hiding and find himself into the nearest rehab.
      drugs has to be involved

      1. My thing is, I don’t understand the purpose of this? And you know Lee coon Daniels was the master mind behind all of this! He was so quick to jump on social media with this I knew something was fishy!

  21. Where was that guy who call me an asshole at? I want an apology or he better not say shit else to me on this blog!

    1. You’re so focused on wanting to be right & your selfishness, when this is a setback for you, me, and all lgbt poc out here. We’re already liars, dramatic, perverted, etc. in their eyes. At the end of the day you being right doesn’t get you any kind of award, vindication, or does it make you look any better to a straight person, at the end of the day WE ARE ALL still lying faggots to them!

      1. So instead of you apologizing for being an asshole and attacking another gay brother you choose to put on some fake kumbaya orchestra? Your statement is faker than Jussie has been through this whole investigation. Straight people still look at us as lying faggot? Nah, they look as Jussie as what they want but he doesn’t represent me. Although he def represents fake gay unity dumb asses like you though. Sorry Jamari but this fool had it coming!

        1. Thank you brother! Nobody represents me but me! I just stated my opinion like every one else and I get attack. All I said was it a jack hookup gone bad and people thought I spit in their mother’s face! Smh

        2. So you actually feel you’re 100% LOVED & ACCEPTED by the black heterosexual coomunity??? Let you get killed by the police & find out if your Black FAGGOT Life Matters gtfoh bitch

        3. Stfu bitch! With yo self hating faggot ass without the whole Jussie situation straight blacks don’t fuck with your gay ass and always will have their own interpretation of black gay pain! so go suck on a aids infected dick from the back bitch!!!

          1. ^kevin,
            why are you being so aggressive over this?
            you don’t know jussie.
            he isn’t someone you can hit up today and talk to about this situation.

            why are you attack folks who probably would have your back unlike a celeb that doesn’t know you.
            you could spread your message with a little more chill.

          2. Nigga you crazy! I feel more accepted by the ignorant straight and police than with a bitch ass like you! First you were attacking people for not defending your idol Jusdie and when you bitch ass found out we were right for calling him out on his lies you tried to fake like you are our “brother”.

            Self hating gays like you that are quick to call on your own and bash them are no different than the gay bashing’s heteros. I have a loving and accepting family and many straight friends who show me love but I’m not on some prince of Egypt moses shit I’m well aware that lgbtq black people are in danger every day.

            Jussie wanted some attention, you gave it to him and now instead of owning it you throw some reverse psychology bullshit.

            You’re lame, dumb ass fuck and you a bitch ass nigga. Good night Lamevin!

      2. How is this lie is a seat back and selfishness, when some of us said that we don’t believe his story. it might be a seat back to you because you believed the bullshit without questioning. I hope this is lesson to you and other about jumping to believing everything before getting full story.

        1. FIRST you don’t know what the fuck I did or didn’t believe so you can stfu with that bullshit… SECOND your comprehension skills totally missed the point of my original comment which is straights ESPECIALLY straight blacks already think the worse of LGBTs so this just give them more fodder for their ignorance

    1. He might be suffering from some sort of psychological distress. To take something this far is clearly a sign of distress and cry for help.

      I just wish he had not thrown in that “MAGA” biz because now those folks are even more hardcore on the warpath.

      Anything that gives this HOAX president and his supporters ammo is bad for the US and the entire globe.

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