Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 5.48.54 PMhave you every seen someone who just screams, 
“hubby material”?
well remember when i posted about ( x this guy ) saturday?
well an f-bi found him and well…

he looks like he has a job,
knows what “business casual” is,
and screams good credit.tumblr_m9txd437YX1qcwgrvo1_500all those conveniently “look at my fat ass” shots tho…
it says:

i don’t mingle with my competition.
you cute tho.”

ya know how it go.
plus he looks like short.
maybe this should be wolf meat?
he the prototype tho.

visit his instgram: the_L_word

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “MEAT: RE-HEAT (478)”

  1. Yea he is short, you know how I feel about short buff men lol. I like this dude already and I just found his page yesterday. He seems very nice and open minded, I’d cuff his lil ass. His beard is my favorite feature. Oh yea, he likes guys too, and my gut tells me he is a Wolf. Niggas all over his page being thirsty. They know better. I was like “DAMN! The thirst is real!”

  2. he’s so…CLASSY, like very distinguished. i’d love to just have a man like that to converse with. the fact that he’s attractive is icing on the cake…THE MAN you mentioned people were being thirsty on his page it’s so bad out here these days i’m just going to say they’re beyond thirsty their asses are dehydrated and on deaths bed lmfao

  3. just finished lurking through his IG…He has good taste… his place is nicely decorated and most of all clean. and not to mention he has impeccable style. He is a winner! Plus I’m a sucker for a beard lol

  4. Daddy & Hubby material all wrapped up in one!
    He’s got his shit together
    All those ass shots are pretty triggering though.

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