MEAT: (383)


there is a new santa in town.
he did some tweakin’ for this year.
he is a black bearded skrongs lookin’ summabitch now…


can you handle the package he puts under your tree?

lowkey: whewww!
he looks like jail.
i lowkey like that shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “MEAT: (383)”

  1. I fantasize about dudes like him, with that build.I imagine them just breaking the walls down, literally collapsing with every stroke.I also think that even though the sex looks/sounds hard/rough and seems like it hurts, that it actually feels good and I don’t care that my rectum will never recover.That’s all in my head though.The first guy I used to fantasize about with that build was Kimbo Slice.He also has a big bushy beard.

  2. To be that big with abs like that is impressive. This guy must live in the gym. Skinny boys can easily get abs, but boys like him have to WORK for those….. sheesh.

  3. guys like that usually take there time working you up to the wall breaking sex. Jamari thats my type sorry i love them like that.

  4. Yes Indeed. I love it, especially the beard. I can never get my shit to grow out like that. Where did you find him?

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