3 thoughts on “MEAT: (289)

  1. I know I said I would steal no more meat, but I’m thinking about stealing this one lol. Yea he’s looking right for the pipe 😉

    1. I dont think so! You will not touch a hair on his sexy body. Your going on the wanted poster for trying to steal our meat again. Your punishment when caught? Tie your hands to the headboard and let the wolf/hybrif of our choice, smash your cakes into oblivion, while us foxes watch you take every inch of pipe. And there will be plenty of lube! LMAO

      1. LOL. I said I was thinking about stealing the meat lol. Anything to see me get smashed huh? You a lil freak ain’t you Ronnie? You’re a fellow Leo so it’s expected lol.

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