MEAT: (230)

so i always get people saying:

“yo… yo jamari…
yo you post too much muscles and meat.
you need to post something more real…”

i think you’ll like this wolf.
he wants you…

i mean…
he has enough meat for all of us right?
hope you guys like!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “MEAT: (230)”

  1. I mean let’s face it….

    Jamari has a certain type and we talked about that already!

    I am not really into the muscle bound pretty boys but it is what it is. His blog, his content..his rules….LOL

    I like a lot of cakes myself..

    Fat boys need love too and there plenty of chub chasers who love them!


  2. OMFG. Most dudes are skinny so a skinny a little dude would be more real. Lord please give me strength to make it through the night.

    1. I was only thinking of my age group, and I haven’t met or seen many guys who are my age and ol dude’s size lol. I didn’t think of all the older men out there lol.

  3. In your opinion, is he more indicative the average man in general? Or does he most represent the typical heterosexual or homosexual when it comes to his looks?

    1. Thank you! Thats a high complinent.

      But I still would like an answer… Does the gay average joe look similar to the straight average joe?

      I personally feel like the two are not the same.

        1. ^dusty people have low self worth.
          don’t care enough to work out.
          don’t care about their clothes.
          they just go through life being “whatever”.
          i have met more dusty wolves who treat me like a super star because i care about my presentation.

          maybe that’s from my experience.
          there are only three wolves i met who lived up to their presentation.
          many were fat and out of shape.

      1. Nope, they’re completely different to me. I think location and the culture of that location plays a role as well. I can spot an Texas homo/ hetero average joe, but I might not be so good at spotting an Atlanta or NYC one.

        Then again no one really checks for average. You have solid 5’s at best lusting for dudes way out of their league. There’s no black and white, either you’re fine or not. So that makes this whole conversation null and void.

  4. Wow, first of all he is too young to have that stomach, but he looks solid, like maybe he was trying to gain weight and something went terribly awry, because it does not look natural. But whatever he is doing he needs to stop, and do cardio and say no to any carbs asap. He is not a knockout, but he is not a ugly dude by any stretch. I actually see many beautiful girls with guys who have these builds all the time in the str8 world, such different standards.

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