MEAT: (229)

we had a convo on twitter.
it went well.
he erased every one.
confused as i was,
i get it.
i’m really starting to think he does this on purpose.
he knows my foxes, wolves, and hybrids hearts are delicate.
all that cheek and meat on display.
but, he makes for a good jack off fantasy, right?…

…watch his peen be the size of:

ruined fantasy.
but he lives in canada anyway.
unless i have some canadian foxes,
he will always a fantasy.

22 thoughts on “MEAT: (229)

    1. He seems on the foxier side of hybrid. Like he’d prefer another hybrid but will date a wolf. foxes need not apply.

      Its funny how we can tell lol

        1. ^someone said he is dating some snow bunny he is parading on his FB.
          plus, he strikes me as letting all that muscle go to some snow wolf if he gets down.

      1. Oh i see what you mean. I assume that’s his daughter on his page. You can tell shes gray. I suppose that would be asking for too much. Someone who looks like that to be one of us or date someone who looks like he does. Isn’t this how it always goes?

        1. ^he just happens to be one.
          he is attractive,
          but he also has a corn ball factor to him.
          I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.
          but, i wouldn’t be sad if it was a one nighter.

          i don’t like his legs btw.

      2. His legs are too big lol. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, but I would hit it from the back so I wouldn’t have to look at his face. That would be the way I would handle sleeping with someone I really don’t care for. lol

  1. I love me some David Moore! All that muscle packed on that body with that meaty ass! He has a few bulge pics out there that look like he is working with something. I think he likes the attention from the fellas and may get down on the low, but tries to act like he doesn’t.

  2. Hes fine as hell! Ive never been a fan of complimenting wolves. At least not when it comes to their physical appearence. It all goes to their head and they start to think they’re too good to speak. I may tell you that i like your shirt or your shoes are cute, but thats about it. Why is it such a surprise when men give compliments? Look at what the fysh go through everytime they post a picture in a bra or sitting on the bathroom sink with their hair down and iPhone in hand. Gay men are agressive on social media. Especially when you look like he does. They are persistent in trying to get you to notice and essentially ‘choose’ them. Im pretty sure he likes the attention. No doubt reads through every single one of them and who they are from prior to deleting them.

  3. I follow this dude on FBook, and he is a strange bird. He is uncomfortable with the attention of men commenting on his FBook page, but he is all on Guys With Iphones and they say all kinds of things and he literally has over 25 pics on there so he cant say he is innocent and dont like the attention of men, but Im sure when confronted he will say someone stole his pics and put them on there. He has good workout info, but I get that he is extremely thirsty and I mean extremely. He has recently been highlighting his blonde beauty on his FBook page just in case anybody starts to think its strange that a man can post so many pics of himself in his underwear on FBook and not get any comments. I am beginning to think a lot of these guys are lame and now that they get attention on the Internet they start to really believe the hype. J- I think you on to something with the Vienna Sausage, as a old queen I know use to say “All that bread and no meat”.

  4. Yes, he could be one of the DL’s and trying to keep it that way. He’s probably dealing with the other race, because they are less likely to confront you compared to the strong will and intense bruthas out there that do not give a sh….t!!! about him and who he reps…

  5. He needs to get over that man. Men are going to stare and they are going to compliment you on your assets ESP when you do a good job of highlighting it. I think he might be lowkey one of us but just gotta keep it profession. I get it though. I love that man..the perfect muscle fox for me!

  6. Look at his biceps and ass. I think he’s bad af, but he’s clearly a homophobe.

    LOL@the Vienna sausages.

  7. I’ve seen his videos on video. He works out in revealing sweats that highlight his ass, but then deleted the comments whenever people post about it.

    1. ^i’m trying to figure out if he is doing it because it is his business,
      or is it something else?
      i know the jackals and hyenas get thirsty,
      but is it every male comment?

      1. Only male comments – at least from what I saw on FB. The female one about his body stay. Granted, I don’t know how explicit the dudes get tho b4 he deletes them. Some kats get straight raunchy, so…

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