MEAT (178)

i personally think he is attractive.
he looks like a cocky summabitch.
his lips already looked like are saddled up.
fox, hybrid, wolf…
something about him turns me on.
i don’t know what it is.
oh wait…

i think i found out why

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “MEAT (178)”

        1. ^JAY…
          that scene was serious.
          the scenes he has now with the snow bunnies are hot too.

          so lowkey,
          i know someone who fucked him.
          they said the sex was so-so, but the way how he kissed…
          i bet he could get me off just by his lips on everything.

  1. PARIS IS EVERYTHANG! People hate on him so much, but he is fine as hell. He does need to work on that stroke game. But I would love to give him a good ride lol. Does he have a instagram, I NEED HIM.

      1. Because his dick has been limp for the last few movies he is been in. I also hear Jamal Peseo can be very messy.

      2. What FlyFox said. Do’nt get me wrong he has a nice thick one, but sometimes its so limb it doesn’t fill out the condom, or you can actually see the condom slipping. But he looked more than comfortable with Ace Rockwood. Wished they wouldve fucked tho.

    1. Ace directed I think. Idk Jamal didn’t just bottom…he’s done it before plus his ass hole looks pretty worn anyway

  2. So…I’m hearing hybrid, which means smashable lol

    And with those lips…*nasty ideas floating in my head*

  3. That’s not Paris. That’s another pornstar. I forget his name.

    Paris though? Man.
    Now that he’s gotten all muscled, he turns me all the way on. And the scene with Ace was amazing.

    1. Thats definitely Paris. I think he has gone by another name as well too. Thats the same dude in the scene with Ace though.

  4. thats ole boi who goes by serval names depending on the company he is with at the time… see thugporn, urban latin men, etc

  5. His real name is Jamal Peseo, he is a dead beat renter who owes me 2 months rent from bounced checks
    He not only broke down the front door to our house, he went into his roommates bedroom and used his cell phone and computer
    They guy uses people and moves own , had heard he was doing porn now as Paris and voila here he is
    Stay away from him he’s bad news big time

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