MEAT (157)

Meet Oscar.
My Chief Officer in Strategic War Machine Assembly.

Today has been in an interesting day in “Mission: World Take Over“.
I got a TIP sent to me about a Rapper Wolf to check out.
I needed a break so I said, “why not?”….



I must say I am more impressed with his body.
lowkey: I’m pretty much over these NY local rappers within the industry.
Been there; heard that.
Working within the industry has sort of made me immune now.
But, I’ll let him rap for me in person… preferably naked.

If all else fails,
I see a good personal trainer that could make some money.
Maybe, my Foxes will give him a boost.
I’ll let you decided…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “MEAT (157)”

  1. He whack but the body on point, my thing is why you got yo chest all out….The core audience in the Rap game is males, is he trying to market to females while rapping about street shit. LMAO! Man these dudes are corn balls and rap is looking more and more like the music biz for suckers with no talent trying to earn a quick buck.

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