MEAT (100) ( Foxes Celebrate Good Times, C’monnnn!!….)

We Rule!
100 Entries of rock hard MEAT!

We did well, didn’t we?…
And I will let you have a free spin on this piece of meat for the celebration… 

I want him…
To make you to see…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “MEAT (100) ( Foxes Celebrate Good Times, C’monnnn!!….)”

  1. That body though?!? Those arms?? He is fine!!

    Guys like this make me appreciate being a homosexual and being able to fully enjoy the greatness that is men.

  2. He is very fuckable and delicious. Damn it’s been 100 meat post already my how time flies by. S/N I would have loved to see your nude pic of Devin Jamari… I know u have one

      1. Well I heard that yours was the best, but I can’t listen to what other people say, I like to see for myself.

  3. The Man :
    I wouldn’t wear anything around him.

    I was gonna say that too, but we have to wear clothes out on our dates; now at home is a whole ‘nother story…lol

  4. ^you Wolves kill me.
    it is kinda sexy though.
    But how do you know this one here won’t say:

    “ex nay on the touch-ey. how bout we go some Foxes to bang out together?”

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