Carmelo Anthony and The Hoe Going Through a Mid Hoin’ Crisis

These sad hoes today…

Won’t they ever learn to SHUT THE FAWK UP?
I don’t get it… I really don’t…

Someone has made this Asia Monroe girl mad!! Not sure if there is a personal riff between her and these athletes, but the same girl who earlier this week leaked naked bedroom pics of Kings’ Demarcus Cousins, has now come forward to expose Knicks star Carmelo Anthony.

There’s alot of rumors that have been circling around Lala and Melo’s relationship in regards to cheating, a secret love child, and event trust. Well according to Asia, he’s not happy in the marriage. She decided to give Fullcourtpumps the exclusive on her and Melo’s secret rendezvous.

Ok Basically It all started in February where he followed me on twitter we began talking on there which lead me giving him my number and we started texting well he asked for my gmail account something about he didn’t want his wife finding out about me or what not…so I visited New York around march 1 where me met up and he took me to a place called Juniors Cheesecake in Brooklyn I had took a pic to show my twitter friends who I was having lunch with but he asked for me to delete it but I still kept it in my phone..

e emails me off and on and says he wants to be with me and all that crap and how him and his wife aren’t i do have my echofon for twitter DM’s

Whatever this girl is doing, she’s doing it right. In the email (viewed above) she thanks Mr.Anthony for a pair of shoes she got. I heard that Melo is very generous and one well known Atlanta vixen claims he bought her a Mac Book. Below are pictures of twodel/stripper.

Here is the hoe in question:

(her twitter said she is an over achiever.
Rotflmao… and i officially can’t…)

Source: Full Court Pumps

This can’t be life.
He told this stupid bitch shut up and she would get more gifts… and then she goes and runs her mouth????

This hoe could of had her bills paid and student loans paid off.
Even get some REAL ESTATE.
The damn iPad 3 was just released and she could have been the first hoe on the block with it.
But no, she is looking for some damn Twitter fame.
Bitch do you have a 5 year plan?!
And he took her to Juniors?
The most basic spot in Brooklyn????LOLOLOL
These silly 12 year old hoes just don’t know how to play the game, don’t they?
I would be the BEST kept Fox in 2012.
These dumb ass slores want to play “Guess Who I Screwed?” with emails and blogs.


Not only would I fuck Carmelo’s brains out….
I’d have more than a damn Macbook LOL

and Carmelo:


You couldn’t tell that chick is an amateur???
WTF were you smoking?
Did you really sit up here and think she deleted that damn picture?

I think you need the hardest slap the most.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Carmelo Anthony and The Hoe Going Through a Mid Hoin’ Crisis”

  1. *cues Nicki’s “Stupid Hoe”* iCant w/these tricks & the stupid ballers.

  2. LMFHO here in the UK at one point, it was a ‘career’ option to kiss and tell. And it wasn’t just the female ‘ho’s’ that got cash and 3 seconds of infamy!!!!

  3. That gurl is just stupid, damm if i was her i would open my mouth when i had the house in Beverlyhills with my name on it,she is just stupid, but jamary i think that she thought she would get fame just for doing that like all these basic hoes are doing nowadays

  4. She’s stupid. Clearly has no business sense.
    I wouldn’t have said shit. You don’t get anything by running off and telling this story to a tabloid. The most she got was what? A few hundred, if that?

    What you need to do is go into the situation knowing he’s never going to leave his wife and the situation with him his temporary. Enjoy it for what it is and then go on about your business. Either that or don’t pursue it at all. But going to the media to tell your business is stupid.

    At the end of the day, he looks like a neglected man in an unhappy marriage. His wife looks like the helpless spouse. And she looks like the whore with a big mouth.

    1. ^Lala spending too much time with Kim K and that reality show,
      I see why Melo is unhappy.
      He doesn’t like all that spotlight.
      Plus, from what my people been telling me, Melo has BEEN cheating on LaLa.
      He just fucked up with that sloppy whore.

      Lala has been on stealth mode ever since Denver.
      She isn’t trying to let go of that multi mill penis and I don’t blame her.

      1. Lala has the ring and the security. Melo can’t do but so much or he’ll end up like Kobe…and only have his wayward d*ck to blame.

        Side-pieces think they have rights nowadays. Even SupaHead didn’t pop off at the mouth until after. Kat Stacks – where is she? And Kim K is a reality whore, but you haven’t seen another sex tape since Ray J have you? These hoes going for a little Twitter fame instead of the real come-up. He basically told you to keep your mouth shut & I got you…but no, she didn’t listen. That’s why he took your simple azz to Junior’s.

        Of course, these ballers need to learn that their business will get out there, so they need to stop being so messy…smh — especially if you’re married/committed. Now if you’re single, no one cares.

  5. These thirsty hoes I tell ya and they talk about us gays. She coulda has it all and now she sick. Shii let Carmelo give me 15 mins of his time I would keep my black ass mouth shut…. Damn Twiter it’s controlled by the aluminati!!!!

  6. These women are crazy. I don’t know why these ballers deal with these types of women.

  7. He chose that basic ass bytch!?! I don’t get it?? Wtf. I knew he was in an unhappy marraige the moment rumors spread about his first affair. Lala is not stupid. She has the ring AND the kid so she’s set. But wtf is up with these basic hoes thinking exposing a cheating man somehow makes them cute or desirable? I wouldn’t have said a word and lived out all of Carmello’a fantasies and gotten as much as I could have until he moved on. This is not rocket science! Do. Not. Rock. The. Boat. This is why they need to give the fysh up and stick with foxes. We keep shyt on the low for even the most BASIC, 30k a year wolf.

  8. These chicks super dumb!! Lala got the ring, the kid and the last name.. Watch she bout to pop up pregnant one more time for 21more years of security, and get another show called Moving on with Lala!! I don’t know why people can’t just STFU!!

  9. Why would Carmelo cheat on Lala with this?? What’s up with men ‘cheating down’? Women and foxes generally ‘cheat up’.
    I would recommend cheating up. Wtf?? This girl ain’t even cute. I don’t get these guys!!! Urghhh.

    1. Men don’t cheat because based on looks. It’s usually because that girl will do what wifey won’t…typically when it comes to stroking his ego. And some do it just cuz it’s new pvssy

  10. Dear Melo,

    Re: Sidney Starr Look-a-like

    I have already told you that if you are going to fool around, to do it with someone who has just as much to lose, or can at least keep their damn mouth closed. Leave these childish and immature vixens (don’t know if this is really a woman) alone. BTW, we have business of importance to discuss. Stop by and leave the entourage at home.

  11. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^Lala spending too much time with Kim K and that reality show,
    I see why Melo is unhappy.
    He doesn’t like all that spotlight.
    Plus, from what my people been telling me, Melo has BEEN cheating on LaLa.
    He just fucked up with that sloppy whore.
    Lala has been on stealth mode ever since Denver.
    She isn’t trying to let go of that multi mill penis and I don’t blame her.

    I don’t.
    What is she supposed to do? Stay at home and not do anything for the rest of her life? Carmelo is a basketball player. He lives his light in the spotlight. Lala really isn’t to blame for that.

    Lala isn’t stupid though. I’m sure she’s fully aware that he cheats. She knows her relationship isn’t perfect. But she also knows he affords her a lifestyle that she wouldn’t have on her own and that she has a son with him.

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