Marvilla Wants To Be On Top

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 6.52.19 AMnice flowers.
oh right.
we weren’t supposed to be looking at the flowers.
well marvilla,
one half of the dominincan attentionistos,
wants to claim his title over the other one.
he is more subtle with his attentionisto ways.
he put up this video and well…


i wonder if that’s his favorite song to dance to?
it was this one tho:

who knew he was so big?
the towel hung on it like it was made of paper


i’ll allow him to prove himself for 10 minutes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

36 thoughts on “Marvilla Wants To Be On Top”

    1. ^marvilla is mysterious so it adds to the appeal.
      when he starts opening his mouth,
      making videos of him bathing,
      and eating at his mother’s crib,
      ill start to get concerned.

  1. I swear him and borrell get me everytime. I know it seems like they do the most online but I never get tired of it from these two.

    His piece did look big in that towel but I’ma need to see it uncovered to really see it in its glory. After seeing that borrell jack off video that’s been going around, while it might get not seem big I’m sure he’s knows how to stroke with it just right 😎

      1. If anyone, it will be Borrell. He seems to crave the attention more than Maravilla. Maravilla has to step up his game if he wants to compete with his ex-friend (I don’t know for sure but each seems to have taken any pics of them together down from their respective pages). THAT mofo is THIRSTY for attention. LOL
        Maravilla has the better body, but I think Borrell has the better face.

  2. One of his old white clients will probably pay for the “Top” fantasy package. And for $400 more you can get the “Boyfriend” package in which you can tongue kiss him and have him say I love you. 😆

    Just give me the bottom package for $50 and we can grab some popeyes afterwards.

  3. I admit it. I’d pay his rent if he threw it back like that on the regular. Then, maybe, he could move out of mis mama’s crib. #TeamThumper all day!

    1. @Jay…he dances at the Adonis Lounge almost every Saturday now. He must need $$$.
      His ex-buddy used to, but he’s gotten “bigger” so he doesn’t dance there any longer.

  4. Neither one of them do it for me. I like him better than the other one though. People that are starving for attention like this are compensating for other short falls.

    I didnt get Top from the first or second vid, just “I know how to ride & throw it back & Im a bottom with a big D.”

    Idk why but I can’t see him Topping anything just sitting on Top of everything. I could be wrong though…sometimes its the ones you least expect be puttin work and your fav Top is actually a Mighty Morohin Power Bottom.

    1. We’re talking about Borrell Jr. They used to be close and all up on one another’s page…but not anymore.

      1. Jamari has made reference to two Latino strippers in NYC whom he calls Bambi and Thumper. Some of us have assumed that he is referring to BorrellJr and Maravilla3x. But Jamari has never confirmed that the two sets of Dominicans refer to the same people. Nor has he made any assertions about the sexuality of any of the four. All speculation has been offered by his audience, including me, and never by Jamari.

  5. Jay…it wasn’t an assumption/speculation by the group. It was actually clarified in a post some time ago by Pierre, who spent the time with them.

    1. Thank you. I just wanted to clarify the situation for any trolls who might be tempted to come at Jamari or his magnificent blog for things the rest of us have said.

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