Marshall Price Is Clearly In A Relationship (Duh!)

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.18.41 PMso the foxhole had a lot to say about marshall price.
( x marshall price’s dossier )
well he had a lot to say to ya’ll.
it seems marshall is in a relationship and well…

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.21.08 PM


well she is…
i’m not mad at whoever is receiving that gigantic penis of his.
that snow bunny looks like she is loving it all.
congrats marshall!

lowkey: lets just be 100.
he looks like the type to date snow bunnies.
shouts to the foxholer who sent this in!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Marshall Price Is Clearly In A Relationship (Duh!)”

  1. Y’all know I do try to be nice right? I want to be on my best behavior, but I cannot do it this time lol.

    This woman puts the B in basic. I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but if she was the first person Stevie Wonder ever seen, I know he would not be pleased.

    1. I keep saying it. Brothas don’t pull the top notch beckies because those types don’t want black men that aren’t rich.

      Ain’t no way he hasn’t fooled with men after seeing those videos. He’s gotten or given head to one at the very least.

      Terron Beckham is another one. His new chick might look good with 2 tons of makeup and witchcraft but you see her in his YouTube video and she looks BUSTED and older than him.

      If you’re gonna get a basic white chick get one with money please.

      1. Jay have you noticed that Teron B. used to only punish us every once in a great while by posting her on his IG at least. I follow him on Snap and IG and now I notice every time I look up she is sitting there looking like a Stunt Double for Esther in the movie Orphan. She is just not cute at all, I guess she may have a good heart or maybe she is sponsoring him because NYC aint cheap LoL. She must have pushed him to let the world no that he is taken. The more I see him interacting on his accounts the more I see him morphing into someone who will probably not even speak to anyone Black unless he knew them before he blew up, I may be wrong but he gives me he has gotten the full whitewashed treatment. I notice many of the Black dudes who are trainers or social media fitness stars rarely ever fool with other Black guys, I dont know if that is just a coincidence or intentional. Funny enough Steven Beck is one of the few who do but the rest seemed to go the whiteside after they get a little attention, from friends to their significant others they choose vanilla or any other flavor besides chocolate.

      2. “Brothas don’t pull the top notch beckies because those types don’t want black men that aren’t rich”

        This. I see it all the time. Black men who do not have money always end up with average white women or even subpar.

  2. I’m with Mikey. Keeping it 100, our community expect all black men to be a certain way sadly, people would be feeling some type of way about his videos.

  3. All the gay boys getting girlfriends….where they buying them from? I kinda want one too πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  4. A Model-Bish Where??? PJ clearly needs to schedule that $99 America’s Best Eye Exam special because his eyes aint loyal. I cant with those cottage cheese thighs and that throwback Lilt Perm from the 80’s. PJ said yall gone put some Respeck on his Becky name- Foxhole is Y’all Finished or Y’all Done. #Beckywiththebadperm

  5. The dates on his videos that are on pornhub are dated from 3 years ago so i’m not surprised he has an girlfriend or alleged beard. I’m eve less surprised that he plays around in the snow. I keep telling my friends to stop assuming every person of color they find attractive will feel the same about their own people. Sucks, but that’s how it is. Never assume anything.

  6. @Tajan: Not a stunt double for Esther! I tilted my head back for that laugh lmao!

    She has to put a mean contour on her face with tons of makeup just to look presentable and she wears control tops too because a shape magically appears in her clothes but is lacking when she works out with him in workout clothes.

    You’re right. Living in NYC ain’t cheap and TB doesn’t look like he has a side job and no ones paying him $200 a session he charges for him to have any kind of income. Ol girl probably comes from money if she can play in makeup all day.

    Ain’t none of these dudes pulling no Scarlett Johannsen or Jennifer Lawrence, especially not one with no career.

      1. I forgot about these. That arch tho and he opened up those cheeks too. He spreads that ass better than peanut butter on bread.

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