lets send some healing energy to azealia banks

things were so rough and emotionally draining these last few weeks,
i had this brief moment of a suicidal thought.
i was in a mindset of…

Why is it all the things I want are so difficult to achieve?

from males i’ve desired to the life i’ve been fighting for,
it all seemed like it was a waste of time for that moment.
ever since i started going to therapy,
i’ve been learning to start changing those thoughts into something better.
azealia banks has everyone concerned today.
she put this in her ig stories

this year has been a real shit show.
the things we all wanted to achieve got cut or put on hold.
some of us saw who is there for us and who was on “fake ass pineapples/bitches“.
those we think are fake ass pineapples/bitches are struggling as well.

We all dealing with something,
one way or the other.

this is just the reality of 2020.
it’s a really fucked up year.
i understand where azealia is coming from and i hope she can get some help.
she is due for therapy because she has been struggling for quite some time.
my heart goes out to her and anyone else who is going through it.
one tip i have:

Take a break from everything when you’re feeling down

i’m learning the energy on social media can be really toxic.
people are also fuckin’ toxic as well,
especially THOSE YOU KNOW on social media.
i literally put all my devices on DND so i literally have to manually check my phone.
ima keep it on DND until further notice,
ya heard?
all those dings and dongs are triggering and make you a slave to always checking.
this week has been weird so i stayed in bed,
turned on moesha,
and binged that until i was over it.
it kept me in a good mood and i noticed i was manifesting better.
i tend to manifest when my energy is at a high.
so the name of the game is:

Protect your peace,
and energy.

please don’t be scared to reach out to anyone if you need help.
sending azealia love and hopes she is able to find her peace.

lowkey: one of the foxholers told me yesterday…

you’re a bad ass bottom.

fuck these haters”

…and i really needed that message to remind me of who i am.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “lets send some healing energy to azealia banks”

  1. FUCCCCKK HERRR One thing I hate is a gaslighting negative ass person who does nothing but tear down others but want sympathy when their shit ain’t together! Personally the world will be a better place without her ass.

    1. You saying that is JUST as vile & nasty as the things you’re ridiculing her for, “Rooting” for her to kill yourself makes you not bad as her, but worse…

  2. If she wasn’t batshit she would’ve made it, she’s actually a good rapper. Cant wish death on anyone though hope she pulls through.

      1. Doubt it, she’s gonna need some hardcore therapy as you said. Many times ppl thought she’d finally turn a corner and she always reverts. Its a shame cause she actually has talent.

  3. She’s a Black woman that the industry chewed up and spit out. I think after the Russel Crowe MeToo situation she saw even a Black man wouldn’t defend her. I am NOT excusing her. But what you WILL NOT do is come on here and say the world would be better off without her, when White celebs always have a redemption arc and get sympathy.

    She’s said homophobic things. She suffers from deep insecurity. However, through ALL of her rants, there is always a grain of sense that people overlook due to the messager. I hope she finds people who actually care about her.

    She’s too talented to be an angry has-been. I remember when she was a muse for fashion houses and people thought she was competition for Nicki Minaj. She’s too worried about everybody else who is less talented and has what she thinks she should. The problem is when you’re talented, you let your talent speak for itself.

    Imagine if Beyonce said “half of these girls can’t sing but keep a record deal because of how they look in makeup”. We know Beyonce can hold a note. We know she’s also pretty. So her saying that would make her look insecure and threatened.

    If Azealia was less worried about dragging Iggy (who rightfully deserves to be dragged) and who called out Lana Del Rey before she exposed her own self and didn’t rush to bring down Black women like Lizzo and ACTUALLY supported them, she may get love back and a listening ear who wouldn’t tell her business.

    I pray she and Tamar both find actual peace. It’s so obvious they’re hurt and refuse to be vulnerable, so I order at least a year of therapy minimum. And a social media MORATORIUM. Where they have no signal. Go out with your celeb coin and meditate on a mountain. Actually social distance.

  4. I wonder if she’s bipolar like Kanye? There are a lot of similarities in their act-outs (Elon Musk is her Kim K?), yet she’s not getting nearly the sympathy he is. I think they have many issues beyond whatever mental health challenges, yet I wish her well. I don’t wish death on anyone.

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