lets leave 60 bottles of pee on their doorstep for trans rights!

there are many trans activists who are fighting for equality.
there are many trans activists who do way too much.
some activists do the weirdest shit to prove a point.
i was sent the following story and was confused and grossed tf out

Trans activists left over 60 bottles of piss outside the offices of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on Friday afternoon to protest the government watchdog’s policy on trans access to public facilities.

Masked representatives of the anonymous group Pissed Off Trannies (POT) ceremonially delivered the urine to the EHRC offices in Westminster, London and staged what they described as a “piss-in”. 

One member pissed herself in her bejewelled gown, before pouring bottles of urine on herself and the pavement outside the building, all the while shouting: “The EHRC has blood on its hands and piss on its streets”.

not pouring the pee on you.
in the entire fuck???

that is unhygienic and just plain ol fuckin’ nasty.

I’m kinda needing an explanation of what a pee protest was gonna accomplish.

i feel like these kinds of antics don’t help their fight.
one of my friends broke down their thoughts about it:

activists need to use words and legal action to create change.
60 bottles of pee won’t do shit but cause health violations.
am i wrong because this is out of control?

lowkey: imagine if mlk or malcolm x used pee for protest?

article cc: vice