we gon’ cry together after i cuss you tf out (and then i want you to F me HARD)

^my fav toxic relationship.
when i use to cut up with these negros out here,

i can admit that i was a real crazy fox.
my toxic behavior was flippin’ tf out and hanging up phones.
you made me vex in the slightest,
i was going tf off.
they loved that shit too.
when i first heard the song,
“we cry together” by kendrick lamar,
i was like…

“This represents a lot of relationships atm…

that song def represents how some of ya’ll date to the t.
i wondered what the video would look like and well…

i love how she walked out of the bathroom and got in his face.

that shit had me hollering when she bent down slowly.

“Ima be allllll up in your face muthafucka…”

a little drama can keep most relationships spicy.
you don’t have to be this level of toxic but as you know,
when you too nice to these negros out here,
they’ll use your back as a throw rug.
you gotta keep these males in check at the first sign of bad behavior.
if he is into you,
he’ll bend the knee.
if not,
he can go and find a throw rug of his choice somewhere else.
it’s a rush and then when his testosterone is pumpin’ hard…

you are gonna get pumped hard.

lowkey: my toxic trait was provoking a wolf into makeup sex.

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  1. 👏🏿thank you Kendrick for illuminating what is real and happens every day 👍🏿💓💯💯💯

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