legs up for demetrius jenkins

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

it’s cummin.
demetrius jenkins is cummin.
i have a feeling he is inching slowly towards the light.
by light,
i mean a wolf destroying that foxhole.
a foxholer sent methis leak and well…


i have this feeling deep inside that even as a fox…

Demetrius will destroy the wolf in the bed

all that pent up aggression he got.
i can see him throwing hella ass and talking all kinds of shit.

“You ain’t fuckin me!
I’m fuckin you!”

“I’m giving you this shit!
You ain’t taking it!”


just a feeling.

lowkey: at least his foxhole doesn’t look destroyed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “legs up for demetrius jenkins”

  1. Sudden taste for cakes. Lol.

    Look like those lips got good suction too!

    Initially, I thought that finger belonged to someone else, then those legs went back and I was like, OH! Lol.

    1. Everyone doesn’t like the adolescent look. Most men are hairy. Let him be a man and have his hair. Lol.

      Look sexy the way it is. #teamnatural

      Many places on the body can hold an odor, whether hair exist in the region or not and that’s why proper hygiene is key.

    2. I say PLEASE keep that hairy booty just like Oeste.2.Oriente says! (And keep that foreskin too!) Demetrius’s phyne ass is winning the game right about now.

      Keep it 100 #teamnatural just like this Demetrius and don’t forget to show that IG aggression when you taking the pipe. Lord, I’m about to explode just typing this fantasy! LOL

  2. *sips tea*

    Now y’all know darn well he putting on a front.

    That masculine mirage aint fooling me.

    I got $10 say he hit a high note just like HotRod in less than 2 minutes while taking the D.

  3. Thank the heavens he’s hairy down there. So sick of looking at these shaved booty hole queens on Twitter with greased up baby oil on their ass. That ain’t cute nor manly.

  4. His hole looks tight and unused like mine lol
    Let’s start the countdown to when Mr.Jenkins get banged out good.
    Question is who will be the 1st one to bang his aggressive ass out on video.

  5. A dream cum true lol. I follow him on IG…even through out him coming out…his body is insane, nice dick etc
    . I was so not ready for this!
    I would nutt so quick after a couple of strokes in that tight hole..its nice and tight and hairy like I like. 😍😍😍😍 He could sit on my face too

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