khi lavene and prince ant teach us to “let that negro go”

that picture above legit signifies their relationship when you get into this entry.
body language,
and “look beyond what we are trying to show everyone in pictures”.

there is nothing worse than holding onto someone who wants to leave.
on your end,
it temporarily satisfies the low sense of self worth of your stage 5 clinger.
on their end,
it is building up resentment and anger.
when everything cools down a bit,
they’ll take out that anger on you with lethal hate sex.

You’re confusing that hate sex for intense love and passion.
They’re rage fucking you because it’s releasing stress and punishing you.

they are only sticking around because of kids,
its cheaper to keep her/him“,
or it’s been an endless cycle for so long that he is comfortable.
i’ve learned in life:

When someone wants to leave,
you hold the door open for them to go.

If not,
it’ll be a whole relationship/friendship of rinse and repeat.

in the following video,
khi lavene wanted to leave a heated situation with his (x?) boyfriend,
prince ant.


if that is dully in that screen grab,
he seems to have more chemistry with khi.

so this revealed that prince ant doesn’t have any friends?
this is why you never tell your friends how good you manz is smashing you.

In the case,
Khi has a ton of video evidence of how good he is in bed.

after watching the video,
i’m inclined to think prince ant was wrong in this situation.

he is not a victim at all.
prince ant was the entire “my life” album from mary j.

he was begging khi to stay,
trying to calm him down in kind words,
but khi was ready to box him so he could bounce.

What if Khi would have beat him for not allowing him to leave?
What if there was no video evidence to show how this all went down?

we would have assumed khi was an abuser without any context.

this whole scenario was sad and shows the inner workings of a toxic relationship.
you gotta know when to hold em and when to fold em.

Nothing is more pathetic than being disrespected while trying to force someone into staying.

let that pineapple go.

12 thoughts on “khi lavene and prince ant teach us to “let that negro go”

  1. This relationship is kinda of inappropriate, to begin with, according to Twitter Prince Ant is 19 and Khi is well within his 40s.

  2. umm where were the rest of the hotel guests to call security as these 2 were a damn nuisance! Fvcking ridiculous to see grown ass MEN behaving like kids. Khi wants to go yet the other HOE cant seem to read the leaves! SMH….Ridiculous!

  3. I think you kind of touched on it, but this situation seems wild. Relationships are complex with many different moving pieces and I agree that context matters but I can’t help but feel like this is domestic violence. Threatening to beat your partners ass is crazy, and its so interesting that its kind of glossed over, statistically their is a lot of “ domestic violence that happens in same sex relationships and there never seems to be any outrage or 50 page think pieces. This is the problem I have with the whole gender war because people just subscribe to an ideology and are unable to evaluate a situation if it doesn’t fall in a convenient template.

    1. holding someone in a confined space and not allowing him to leave is just as crazy. That called kidnapping in court. He threatened him within good reason. I pity the fool.

  4. I’m confused. You are in a relationship with a pornstar …he fucks other people. Somebody he fucks is bound to be a friend, follower, a fan or just a fuck. Ant is whipped off the dick and want to claim it …Community Dick is never yours. just enjoy it when it’s your turn

  5. Oh no… I don’t ever want pipe that good, that I’m begging a 🥷 to stay! Lightskin looked desperate!

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