Kenya Moore’s Husband Gives A Great Facial

well okay kenya moore!
i’m now seeing what her husband looks like.
i saw ‘”pecs” and “arms” first,
but i was waiting on a clear facial recognition.
well the roommates over at “the shade room” got this footage…

she scored a handsome one.
i just love how the scales of karma tipped in her favor.
as always?
i think it’s time for her to leave that show tho.
those miserable she hyenas love drama.
she had a good run,
but it’s time for her to make her moves.
either way,
i’ll allow it kenya!

lowkey: the f-bi is just as good as the roommates.
the foxhole is slowly getting to that level.
as soon as the celebs and publicists start sending me scoop…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Kenya Moore’s Husband Gives A Great Facial”

  1. If he didnt marry her 4 the fame, then kenya won – from what i heard, hes age apropriate, rich, already has kids, and hes cute. if he isnt attention seeking, that is. We’ll see bout that last part soon.

  2. “those miserable she hyenas love drama.”

    Kenya is a hyena, bruh 😂
    By the way, did a certain post disappear?

  3. Lol They are not married No one has seen a marriage liscense and dont u think these messy ass bloggers would have that by now. They married in the carribean so its not legal in the US its smart of her to have a storyline

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