“We Ain’t Gonna Have Any Black Stars Because Of The Media!”

you know what i hate?
on some occasions…

“They always trying to bring the blacks down!”

anytime someone of color is getting bad publicity,
it’s always this “plot” to bring them to their knees.
someone i know was telling me this about usher last night.

if all these allegations are true,
no one told usher to drop his dick up in everyone.
they also didn’t tell him to not allegedly disclose his status either.
the media is doing it’s job.
report the news.
this scandal is news.
they’re presenting the alleged facts brought to them.
if it wasn’t,
he would be squashed this early.
the fact he is so quiet

usher been allegedly making the wrong decisions for a while now.
this seems like some kind of karma on his end.

when a black celeb suddenly has negative stories coming out about:

poor work ethic
humility and giving attitudes to fans/stans/people behind the scenes
true sexualities getting exposed

…even tho they never had any negative stories about them before.
you’ll know someone is mad behind the scenes and is out for blood.

that being said,
it isn’t others who cause “our” shit storms sometimes.
the trail always starts with us.

10 thoughts on ““We Ain’t Gonna Have Any Black Stars Because Of The Media!”

  1. I was raised to be better than white counterparts.

    Usher had no business out here spreading herpes when there are medications that lower the likelihood of transmitting it to others along with condoms.

    Then the fact he fucked his ex wives friend and bridesmaid in their wedding shows he was reckless as fuck! No telling how many bodies he has on him.

    Usher isn’t even in the height of his fame and hasn’t been for a long time. He should know better.

  2. I think everyone has a weakness, if you’re in the limelight, you’d better keep that weakness under wraps because as soon as someone gets wind and or evidence of your misdeeds, they’ll destroy you.

  3. These stars ask for attention when their careers are starting, then when they f up they want to be left alone, I am not putting my trust in people that I do not know, we all know that Beyoncé did not get to the top not putting out fires, I feel like people have be smart about their own life and not worry about people they know not, I buy music but I do not care to know their personal life. Usher is a cautionary tale for people gay and non alike to make sure we all wrap it up if we can not wait

  4. I don’t know if all this is true about Usher or not, but he better stop encouraging silent and expecting this story to fade into oblivion. If hrs smart, he’ll lawyer up and start handing out lawsuits for the sake of his name, reputation and the career he’s built.

  5. On white sites they are always talking about sh## white celebs are doing.They drag celebs like Ben Afleck for being a cheater,they drag Charlie Sheen.Hell they still talk about Brad Pitt dating a 16 year old actress when he was in his late 20’s.They talk about Johnny Depp being a drunk.

    Most Blacks don’t pay attention to these white sites so they think whites don’t drag white celebs.There is a gossip site called Datalounge that is as bad as black blogs but they focus primarily on whites and gay men.
    If you only read urban blogs and sites of course you are going to read mostly about blacks.One gossip site that I visit called Celebitchy has never mentioned Usher herpes story or Bobby V or R Kelly.They are not on their radar.

    I am not going to give a black celeb “behaving badly” a pass because they are black.I was talking about Pill Cosby’s lawyer quitting the other day and somebody started talking about unarmed black men being killed.???😒

    1. I was just thinking this myself lol. Mainly “black” media focuses on black celebrities, which are consumed mostly by black people, so, this has little to do with white people, even if you argue that most of the black media is owned by white people, that’s still irrelevant. If these black celebrities were so concerned about “the powers that be” trying to “take the black man down”, then they really should know better and be held accountable for their actions. These celebs are not innocent, black or white, and Usher’s herpes situation nor Pill Cosby’s rape situation reflects me as a black person, or the black community as a whole, but rather them as themselves, and them as a part of (black) celebrity culture. They made their beds, let them lay in them.

      S/n: I’m a little disappointed in Usher. I thought he was a little better than that. Oh well, hopefully this is a learning experience for him.

  6. Mentalities like that is more about wanting privilege rather than being held accountable. They will always highlight the indiscretions of white celebrities who manage to maintain A-list careers but not assess the deed itself.

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