k burgundy likes his cheeks played with, but he doesn’t want man meat inside

as you know,
i like a wolf with a nice cheeks.
even though i play the bottom as a fox,
i love a guy to have a handful of grab-able cake.
ill grab on his ass even if we’re both attending church.

i know,
i’m sort of a horny slut for my manz.

side-note: nothing better than when he’s on top,
pounding you into the mattress,
and you’re squeezing on his ass while pushing him in deeper.
i got chills.

k burgundy (up top),
who is a model for exotic paint n sip,
has a really nice tail.
( x see it here )
he knows he has a nice tail.
he did something interesting on his onlyfans last night tho…


so k burgundy did a live stream on onlyfans,
where is was having “relations” with a vixen.
for this session,
like many other sessions he’s had on his onlyfans,
she was all up in his cheeks.
he had his legs up in the air,
she was giving him head while assaulting his hole with a vibrator,
and he smashed her with anal beads inside him.

K Burgundy is straight

his onlyfans consists of an assortment of videos of his cake.
from sex to solo,
his ass is involved.
he aligns the camera so you can see it in motion too.
( x this is what led me to find out more about him )
that straight turned me tf on.
all of it led me to wonder

Would you judge a straight male who is that into that much anal play?

there are many straight wolves who don’t mind a vixen playing with his ass.
he will even let her eat his cakes and stimulate his hole,
but he is completely and utterly straight.
even in the gay and bi forests,
wolves who know they have nice asses will let you everything “butt”.
no pun intended.
i do feel like in both cases,
people label them as secretly fiending for meat sooner than later.

Can a male not enjoy his ass being played with without wanting to be smashed?

i won’t font that k burgundy is gay or even bi.
he comes off like a wild ass freak who enjoys being stimulated.
he is the type you call up because you know you’ll be fucked properly,
but he it seems he has a fetish for his own ass and likes it being pleasured.
a male can do alla that and still be straight af,

x check out a clip here

when he spread his cheeks and pushed the beads out >>>
he is a wild wolf.

check out k burgundy on his onlyfans and twitter:

twitter x onlyfans

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “k burgundy likes his cheeks played with, but he doesn’t want man meat inside”

  1. Like someone said, the prostate is in the ass, and that’s the male g-spot. I’m a top, yet or getting my ass ate or my taint played with – especially when I’m coming. But anything inside me is no bueno.

    I think we just have to remove the stigma of exploring ‘taboo’ areas – just make sure it’s clean, regardless.

    He knows his audience – but definitely likes his ass played with. He might even let a dude give him a massage or eat it for the right price.

  2. He was way more interested in those anal beads getting in and out of his ass then was was concerned with the woman he was having sex with….she had to start pleasuring herself because he was too focused on getting his ass stretched out…

  3. I know it take some guys a minute to accept being gay I believe it’s one business but once you open your bedroom and money for sex favors tho it maybe only on internet your exposing your self these guys are bi period and saying straight makes them feel good

  4. Putting out a video like that is an advertisement. He bottoms obviously.

  5. I had a Sexual Deviant class back in college and our professor said that all men have gay tendencies the majority doesn’t act upon them.

    1. my vixen friend is a FIRM believer of this lol. she be like gay until proven otherwise

  6. Damn @ that vid. He tooted up and pushed out bead by bead lol. Seems like a literal freak and the booty’s right. If you’re gonna solicit gay coins this how you do it. Don’t half ass.

  7. the male gspot is in the ass therefore you dont have to be gay to like the sensation… but sn im a bottom that loves a top with a nice ass. I’ve turned out a few by eating the cakez. My homegirl had a guy who liked her to put a finger in that area between the balls and ass whenever he fucked her missionary. She tried to lick his ass and her damn near punched her she said. Men can be freaks with Women only. Certain things a Woman can get Men to do when they’re actually straight.

    1. ^i always ask if these straight males know how to fully clean themselves?
      i’m never forget this one vixen said she was eating her man’s ass,
      and when she stuck her tongue inside,
      a piece a shit was on it.
      i nearly puked.

      i have to make sure i’m fully cleaned out before i let any wolf inside me.

      1. Oh great shit on her tongue…thanks Jamari 🤭
        I will finish my dinner next time before I read your blog lol

  8. We should not allow straight males to appropriate anal sex from us.
    After years of calling us butt pirates. Uh uh, nope!

    1. I have mixed feelings, one side of the token I feel like straight men should be able to explore their sexuality and desires without ridicule. The other side I feel like some straight men want the gay experience, without the label. So they choose a women to do the dominating instead of a man, even if it’s a man that they prefer for dominating purposes. It’s kinda like cheating for a straight man, to get somewhat of the gay sexual experience, without all the relentless backlash we get for pretty much doing the same thing and being ourselves. Also Could be fear of trying something new as well.

      It leads me believe that’s why a lot of straight men knowingly seek trans women, some even prefer the trans women that still have their penis. To get a experience that’s out of the norm, while Not feeling emasculated, because visually they still see the features of a woman. Sexuality and what gets people off is a tricky topic. Nevertheless he has a nice ass.

      PS. I wonder how women really feel when they’re with a man who wants to be submissive sexually, and actually are ok with it lol. Is that actually a turn on for a woman, or is she just being a pleaser.

        where is my “that part” gif of jada pinkett?

        “straight men want the gay experience,
        without the label”

        i caught what you put down.

  9. Yes I think there are straight males tha love their ass but only want females to play
    Yes there are males that love their ass and wont let anyone do them unless they do it themselves. – they scared and don’t trust anyone
    I think homeboy knows gay men admire his fat ass, and he wants to keep them on his page so he fucks around his ass, like Dwayne McKell , showing his fans the goods but he only wants a female to go the extra mile.

    Niggas like him always have a price . He wont fuck on camera but for a good price he will put those legs up and you can eat like a MF Dracula in heat .

    His ass too soft and jelly for me though. I like my buns hard as a rock

      1. The best ass bounces, it doesn’t jiggle. It should move, but not on it’s own. It’s athletic yet a tad squishy.

        -Maya Angelou

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