Justin Bieber Don’t Know How To Handle That

What is this corny little boy trying to handle something like this???

Bieber narrowly dodged the cold hammer of justice this week … TMZ has learned — getting off with just a warning after cops pulled the 17-year-old over in his Batman-themed Cadillac.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Bieber was cruising around L.A. in a ridiculous 3-car motorcade — with Biebs up front in a murdered out Bat-illac CTS-V … flanked by his friends in a Range Rover and a black Rolls Royce (Sean Kingston).

According to law enforcement sources, JB cut off a CHP officer and was pulled over — along with the other two cars — but fortunately for the Biebs and his perfect life, the entire gang was sent on their way with just a warning.

To add insult to injury — JB’s car is maddeningly awesome … with a custom “JB” logo on the side panel … and twin Batman symbols on the front and back of the car. Oh yeah, and the word “Batmobile” is emblazoned on the trunk.


I can’t even imagine…

I know what I do imagine….
Check it.

It is night time…
Me in the front seat; seat back but sitting up.
Wolf in the passenger seat leaned back.
Got some nice driving music playing…

you feel me?

… whippin that bad boy through the streets of the Concrete Forest.
Ya’ll just don’t know how I am behind a wheel…

Bieber needs to get up out of that and let a real Fox show him how it is done.

Author: jamari fox

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