jonathan majors is winning in a major way (i couldn’t resist)

Guess who’s back but never actually left?
Jonathan Majors.

convicted for allegedly abusing his white ex,
yet somehow,
he’s been on the come up with the black community since the verdict.
his courtroom antics were cringe-worthy,
but who cares right?

his stunning partner,
coretta scott-good

…stood by him through it all in the name of #blacklove.
this weekend,
he snagged an award for perseverance
at the hollywood unlocked impact awards.

makes you think

Did Jonathan Majors fail upwards?

is he being saved because of his acting chops?
the muscles?
or just another chapter in the “trying to bring a good black man down” saga?

Sidebar: It’s funny,
considering plenty of black men and women are climbing the ladder just fine.

did he really learn from all of that drama,
or is he being pampered into thinking he’s untouchable?

it’s like rewarding a child who does wrong a happy meal.
did this actually learn or are they learning to be entitled?

in his speech,
he sobbed in iyana’s perfect bosoms while on a heavy name-drop.

he partied and bedded one of hollywood’s most gorgeous black actresses.
what a come up!

not saying jonathan needs to be exiled forever but is it too soon for a comeback?
is he in therapy?
doing charity work?

taking a break away from hollywood to be a regular for a year?
or is he just scoring points for showing up?
remember how many in the black community coddled chris brown?

we all saw how that turned out.
he became the perpetual victim every time he got his paws dirty.
so are we just rewarding another straight black male who deserves it…

…or just letting him know he’ll be supported if he fucks up again?

4 thoughts on “jonathan majors is winning in a major way (i couldn’t resist)

  1. Honestly, I’m rooting for Jonathan Majors and I’m excited that his next film will be some sort of horror film; sci-fi, fantasy, and horror are my favorite types of genres when it comes to movies.

    I called it months ago before the verdict in his trial. Jonathan Majors and Grace Jabbari were in a toxic relationship and had a toxic breakup, the case should’ve never been brought to a courtroom. Once the video came of Majors’ running away from Grace, many people saw the case for what it was, which in many people’s eyes was an attempt to diminish a rising star. Majors is a top-tier talent, and many people would be willing to work with him.

    I think the reality is Jonathan was trying to get his Russell & Ciara Wilson on, he just went about it in an unorthodox way. I don’t condone cheating and philandering, but I think Jonathan was trying to make his move and get with a black woman. I’m just assuming but based on the timeline I think Jonathan was cheating with Meagan while he was still with Grace.

    What’s harder for me to understand is the strange coalition between gay black men who seem to hate heterosexuals and the group of bitter black women. During the trial, both black and white, male and female lawyers seemed to be on Jonathan’s side. However, on social media, it appeared that only bitter black women and angry gay black men were celebrating and supporting the potential downfall of Jonathan. Now, Jonathan is receiving a “Perseverance” award from Jason Lee, and the angry gay black men are causing an uproar and creating sensational YouTube videos for the sake of social media clicks and views. This makes me wonder: is this about addressing abuse, or is it just an opportunity for the gay black male community to criticize and condemn another heterosexual black man?

  2. Ok heres’ my problem with this Knee Grow. Firstly he’s trying too hard to be ‘straight’. He moves from one woman to another as if he cannot be without pussy at no time. I think this brother is hiding his bi-sexuality but thats his problem.

    Second, its amazing how after the Wyt pussy has dumped shit on him he suddenly remembers who the fvck he is. I have no sympathy neither do i want to hear their sorry ass story about the System, the same System they thought that because the allowed him to be a good actor in many roles, he thinks he one of them. Well, like Diddy he is realizing that when you dare to push Wyt supremacy too far it rolls out the lynch machine on your ass. Fvck him. He has not learned, he will not learn. After he dumps this gorgeous sister he will go right back to riding a snow bunny. These Knee Grow NEVER learns. We will see him soon in the docket and this time he will be sent straight to the cells.

    Moral of the story black man, NEVER TRUST WYT PEOPLE. NEVER.

    1. Stop it get help y’all swear every BM is gay like you’ve been with them it’s psychotic

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