jonathan majors has a lot of stamina and can run really fast

there is 3 sides to every story.
your side.
the other person’s side.
the truth somewhere in-between.
the bts deets of jonathan majors and his ex came out in the wash
a wash that should have happened months ago tbh.
every time that details of this story dropped,
it had us all on the spin cycle.
they’ve given us surveillance video and phone audio for us to be the judge…

we have jonathan majors telling a white vixen to be like “michelle obama or coretta scott king“.
it’s “part of the plan“.

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why didn’t he just tell her to get her drunk ass together because he is a major star?
how she acts is a reflection on him being a star in the public eye.
so that has me kind of…

we got video of her chasing him down the street after the incident in question.

is that what michelle or coretta would do?

this whole case is weird.
these two seem to be very bizarre.
ya know what i don’t like tho?

The fact he got into this little tiff with a white vixen but proceeds to start dating Meagan Good shortly after.

…cause if this didn’t happen,
would he even be with her?

that doesn’t seem genuine and is giving “rebound” for both of them.

i don’t understand why his lawyers didn’t release this evidence in the beginning either.
the way they handled it made him look really guilty.
this went on longer than it should have tbh.

The verdict?

These two people who seem nuttier than squirrel shit and were toxic for each other.

may they wrap this up so they can catch up with how we have all moved on.
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8 thoughts on “jonathan majors has a lot of stamina and can run really fast

  1. I think this Johnathan Majors case is wild, but it’s probably more wild the things that we are not going to talk about and avoid all together. People will try to make this case about Domestic violence, people will try to make this about interracial dating but the reality is this case only highlights the vulnerability black men have in our society and how mainstream media will not allow that conversation to happen.

    I don’t know what the outcome of this trial will be but after seeing all the evidence I definitely see reasonable doubt across the board, he should be acquitted but you may have some type of split. From Roland Martin to many legal analyses that I have seen many are calling this extreme prosecutorial overreach and some are even going as far as to say that this is virtue signaling to the liberal white “ Me too movement” by the DA’s office, and I would have to agree and I’m not some right-wing, conservative republican. The case that we currently have is a far cry from the case that was originally presented by the prosecution, almost a complete misrepresentation. When you look at how this was originally presented the prosecution would have you believe you literally had a “Ike and Tina” situation in the limousine but you have the direct opposite with Majors running away from Jabari. There are many holes and contradictory statements that were made by Ms. Jabari and it seems that this trial has become less and less about trying to understand the events of that night and more of an attempt to publicly humiliate Jonathan Majors case in point the whole “ Coretta Scott King, Michelle Obama comment”, which has been totally misconstrued and taken out of context, but yet the mainstream black media has ran with it.

    What has me particularly bothered about this case is the fact that Jonathan Majors called the police because he was in a moment of distress and instead of getting the services that he needed he was treated like a criminal instead of the victim, the police and society as a whole have said “ woman = good” “man= bad” and that is further exacerbated by the clear racial dynamics. How many times just in the last year alone have we seen black men treated like criminals when they are in fact the victims, how many times have we seen black men in distress, and instead of empathy and compassion, they are met with hostility, violence, ridicule, bullets you name it. We have seen a black man tasered in the back while handcuffed for changing a flat tire and then hit with fabricated charges just to have those charges that were false dismissed and I hope he gets the 20 million he’s suing for, how many black men have we seen faced with bullets for changing a flat tire, being in a car accident, being lost, having a medical emergency, being locked out of their house or apartment and the list goes on and on. The message being sent, as a black man in America you’re not allowed to be in distress and that’s a dangerous message to put out there and allow to stand.

    Then I think there is a conversation to be had as to why black media in the vlog/blogosphere has seemingly abandoned Mr. Majors especially if the platform is catering to black women or the LGBTQIA+ community. Prior to this incident, I was not aware of Mr. Majors saying anything derogatory or inflammatory towards the black community as a whole or black women that would justify the hate or biased takes. Jabari has done what that black community has said white women do all the time which is use their “ white privilege” and “ weaponize their tears” and we’re to believe her and now that she’s been shown to be a liar now what? I support and promote black love all day every day, but it seems like the only crime that Jonathan Majors has done as far as the black community is concerned is date a white woman, and I’m uncomfortable with him being seemingly abandoned for that.

  2. His face looks old and young at the same time. I feel like with each stroke he would impart wisdom to me, but have enough youth to put vigor into the thrust.

    But alas, wanting a white woman to conduct herself like Coretta Scott King or Michelle Obama?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the media/porn we consume, affects our attraction. Since the media portrays white or interracial love and sexualizes us, that’s the role we play…even if it’s not us.

  3. When I first heard about this mess, the first thing I thought of was, “A black with a white woman accused of abusing her. Negro wake-up call.”
    In light of recent info, “They both crazy as hell, but he STILL got his Negro wake up call! In triplicate!”

  4. You called it when you wrote they were both “toxic for each other.” Apparently he admitted striking her before in London and threatened suicide if she went to the cops. That whole Coretta Scott King/Michelle Obama analogy was giving toxic Black straght male narcissistic energy. On the night of this incident he clearly was running away from her because he knew the crazy was coming after she allegedly caught him texting some other woman (Meghan Good?). Sounds like a reasonable doubt on the night in question, but they should stay far away from each other and he should see a (Black) therapist ASAP.

    1. He never said that I keep seeing this being repeated and it’s false the trial transcript is available online he’s never testified or admitted such and she said he never hit her before

  5. Again this goes to show bias and self hatred rule the world. I have seen many disgusting and disturbing comments about his face, clothes, girlfriend, past and all out a conviction rendered by majority of our ppl without one shred of evidence shown. The fact that crazy yt marvel fans were completely opposite is jarring to say the least. This video as well as the driver testimony exonerates JM. I don’t believe a word she or the DA has now presented and this explains why MG is sticking with him she smarter than y’all know get it together

  6. “Nuttier than squirrel shit” I am weaaaaaak idk why that cmtfu but you have me straight cackling 🤣😆😆🤣😆🤣😂

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