Jamari, You May Not Get The Wolf In The End

tumblr_l3k6433xQ71qzwokwwhen i crush,
i crush hard.
i always crush on a certain type.
currently i’m in a small crush.
okay i lied.
it’s a big crush…

 that wolf i see that works in the advertising department at my job.
8473494almost every vixen at my job crushes on him as well.
back up hoes…
lately he has been in my vibrational field.
its like i turn and see him everywhere.
like the other day at my favorite lunch spot.
here he goes walking inside
tumblr_inline_mtr4jf9U5Y1rnvwt1…with a snow bunny in tow.
she was all up in his face,
but through my peripherals,
i felt him looking at me.
you know when you feel someone’s eyes on you.
i looked over a few times,
but he would turn as i did.

today he ran out of work with a suitcase.
i was walking in when i saw him.
i found out this week is pride in boston.
something randomly make me think he was going.
i don’t know why.
 he is always gone every friday before a “pride” weekend.
he was gone when it was pride week in dc.
i could be wrong tho.
my imagination could be playing tricks on me in this story.

i already made a pact with the foxhole i would ignore work wolves.
it just sucks because he is my type.
well physically anyway.
he could be one giant fox for all i know.
those snow bunnies could be “his good girlfriends”.
he seems so mysterious so i can’t tell.
if he isn’t with some random snow bunny,
he is pretty much alone.
that peaked my interest as is.
see thats the thing with a crush.
they always look good from the outside.
the inside tho…?

8oAfH2twho knows what you’ll really get.

16 thoughts on “Jamari, You May Not Get The Wolf In The End

  1. I remember I had THE crush of all crushes. It was with this extremely cute brown skin Puerto Rican dude who reminded of me in a lot of ways except he’s from BK and I from the BX. The man had me drawing pictures of him and thinking about him. Oooh he got me good, real good. But when he told me liked me, my heart dropped. But as time passed time I find out he was dating this Mexican dude and then he disappear from my life. Just literally left to some other place and that crush me because I thought I was going to be his and he will be my, but everything happen for a reason.

    1. Anyway I doubt we fit with each other even though we do share a lot of things in common, but the difference between us he’s a dog lover and I’m not. I’m romantic and he’s not. Hmmmm I thought there would be a longer list. Oh well who cares.

  2. Here you go again lol. I knew it was just a matter of time before you had another crush.

    The idea you have that he might be going to a pride event, scratch that man. You are seeing what you want to see, which is what most people do. This is what makes you miss the red flags. You have your mind made up of how you are hoping him to be, which may be the exact opposite of who he actually really is, and that can lead to you being disappointed again. Scope dude out before you get caught up. It will help, trust me.

    1. ^no it’s the same wolf!
      i wrote about him in a past entry!
      he is just been in my vision way too much lately.
      maybe that’s the trap lol

      thank you man.
      i agree with everything you said.
      dangers of a crush.

  3. It’s time to state what should go without saying: Focus Jamari! This dude is a shiny object the devil sent to distract you from the Ho who is working overtime to put you back at the mercy of a congress who said repeatedly “fuck you and your long term unemployment!” The concrete jungle is full of young papis who spent the winter working out so they would look good this summer. Crush on one of them. Smash one or four of them. Obviously you want a hubby. He is out there looking for you too. But, meanwhile you may need to slake your thirst lest it cause you problems. You have been in the desert a long time. Don’t wait for champagne. Have a coke and a smile.

    1. ^you are so right jay.
      Tough love was needed.
      it was just a crush anyway.
      i would never hit on him anyway.
      that is WAYYYY out of my element.
      this summer I will get some fine papi pipe tho.
      I’m putting that into my vibration HEAVY!
      it’s time.

  4. I sooo feel you I have crushes at work and school. I say the next time you two are around each other greet him with a ” good morning”.

    1. ^nawwwww…
      everyone is right.
      i need to focus and leave this one alone.
      if he wants me,
      he’ll come and get me mikey.
      if not,
      I’ll keep him in my “fantasy files”.
      he is better there anyway.

  5. I don’t know what’s worse. Crushing on a man you can never have or finding out your crush isn’t what you thought they were/would be. Especially when you find out they’re a condescending cunt. Then you’re like “damn, I wasted so much time building this asshole up in my mind.” It’s happened to me a bunch of times. I’m very weary of crushing now because you don’t really know the person and when you do get to the know them, it ends up killing your vibe.

    I had a crush on this guy at my former job a few years ago. We had one minor, VERY MINOR, miscommunication misunderstanding and dude decided to ignore me and act like I didn’t exist. I’d be right in his face trying to tell him something and he’d pay me no mind. The worst part about it is I thought he would eventually get over it so my dumb ass kept trying to speak to him, greet him, or just give him a head nod to no avail. I feel stupid for putting so much effort into it but he was so cute, I couldn’t help it. Me and him were the only Black dudes at that job. Well, I think he was mixed but you never know now and days.

    1. ^that first paragraph was TOUGH.
      i felt that one in my soul.
      see situations like the one you went through should make anyone never crush again.
      as soon as some cute meat comes around: BOOM!
      here we go again.

  6. I have a crush at work too. He’s a consultant, so he won’t be there long. I did my online research on him, and I liked what i saw. Shock to me when he comes in on his first day with a fucking WEDDING BAND on… You should BE FORCED to post your marital status on FB…

    1. ^LOL @ forced to post your martial status.
      at least I’m not alone with crushes.
      i hate that this lifestyle makes it so hard to get with a man you’re actually attracted too.
      no games or “trying to figure out”.

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