Ochocinco Has Alotta Balls! (Or Alotta Sausage?)

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 9.48.16 PM“sometimes im glad celebs have social media accounts.”
that was the message from an f-bi i received just now.
it had some pictures of a foxhole “love to hate” baller wolf,
chad ochocinco.
well chad was obviously bored when he posted this gem…

chadochoM1bBM7z“tell me when you’re cummi…”

instant reflex.
you know he deleted all evidence right after.
he didn’t know the f-bi lurks in the shadows.
i know what you’re thinking:

“how do i know it’s him?”

well my f-bi of course came with the proper receipts:

well that lovely baller lump does match up with ( x his alleged peen leakage ) that one time.
ya know i love the straight wolf logic.
they go and do some shit like this
but wonder why all the ratchet jackals storm into their dms to get fucked.
tumblr_m53ynlJCuX1rrfiwuo1_400…ask me if i’m complaining tho?
nah.listen f-bi and vix-bi:
if you gets some good scoops,
please ( x contact ) a fox.
you know i love shenanigans with nice meat attached.
the foxhole does as well.
send away!

lowkey: i,
for one,
think he should have let that sex tape he had leak in full.
instant “we will continue to give a damn” about him.

5 thoughts on “Ochocinco Has Alotta Balls! (Or Alotta Sausage?)

  1. I still like Chad despite his downfall and his issues. His instagram page is a damn thrist trap. I’m hard as a brick and it’s just 7 in the morning lol. He oozes sex appeal man, and he makes it look effortless. He has a nice upper body, tight thighs, sexy legs, and I like his skin tone as well. I’d beat that ass up and have him cummin all over himself. Yup, sure will. I bet I could get him if I go about it in an appropriate way, which ain’t hard for me.

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