I’ve Decided I’m Going To Be Straight Again Tomorrow

501c77b9632836882a000004_refi see why they would want to get in her stomach.
i see that “china girl exxxotical appeal”.
everyone meet tae heckard.
see more of her girl exxoticalness ( x here ).
she is a ex video chick / actress.
her most signature about role was being a “sun beam” on bet’s the game.
uh huh.
well tae has had some secrets as well.
lets talk about it…

so tae has allegedly come between two black hollywood relationships so far.
one with nelly when he was dating ashanti.
the other is currently with nba baller wolf brandon jennings:

(he always does “good picture” with the vixens he dates)
anyway he was dating teyana taylor.
well tae is allegedly engaged to brandon as well.
it was revealed today on tmz that tae allegedly had someone else.
add another allegedly.
yes it seems tae kinda sorta use to be a lesbian.
tumblr_md8yfcpb9v1rfc3kko1_500…or is still a lesbian?
a “part time” lesbian?
maybe a “weekends and holidays” lesbian?
i already found out about her a while ago,
but the world found out about it today.
i know every lesbian sent her a follow request / dm / insta-video today.
she can’t marry brandon while still being legally married.
aww shoot!
the thing that kills me is everyone bees like:


…but i’m sure if it was a man,
the responses would be a lot different.
3471936-iwillcutyou-2they would call him all kinds of “d/l”,
spreading HIV,
and other edited for foxhole words.
i guess life is kind of nicer for the vixens who play straight.
its not fair,
but it is what it is.
that is the crazy thing about life nowadays.
many lesbian vixens nowadays are playing straight for ulterior motives.
they can get away with it.
these wolves don’t care.
they are usually down for the ride.
lowkey tho,
and keep this between us,
but many of these video vixens are full blown lesbians playing a role.
the role being “how much money to reupholster my pussy”.
makes you wonder about the sexualities of the wolves they are playing roles with.
Tae-and-Brandon“uh huh.
get that money tae.”
i also had to wonder about if its that easy to turn back straight?
its easier for a vixen to eat coohie today and suck dick tomorrow and forever.

“oh please!
it was a coochie stampede for me in college.

i even ate a side of coochie in between studying.
i’m strictly dickly now tho!

…but what about men?
can a man get experience a good banging and be straight again?
not even an after thought of doing it again?
or is that how a “wolf” aka “top” is born?
when it comes to that “on/off” switch on a man’s sexuality:

Can a man switch off his gayness like a chick…
or is he just gay?

lowkey: hell maybe tae is bi?
that does still exist,

( x story found tmz )

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “I’ve Decided I’m Going To Be Straight Again Tomorrow”

  1. Messy messy messy…

    You’re not alone Ricky Bobby. I wish I could switch it on and off too. I don’t know about permanently tho.

    No I don’t think a man can switch off his gayness like a chick. The only thing a man can do is ignore it and/or never acknowledge it. I’ve met many bi men that said they had sexual feelings/thoughts about other men but it’s not as strong as their sexual thoughts/feelings for women. They say that having never been with a man. Who knows what would happen if they did decide to play for the same team at least once.

    I’ve seen men get gayer and gayer as life went on. Like my friend who was a so called bisexual top. He had two kids with one girl but now he calls himself being a full time gay. I don’t know what happened but his mannerisms have become very fem. He used not be fem at all.

    I also remember Sherri Shepard saying she knew a few ladies that were gay and fucked around with women in college but now they’re straight and happily married to men. This was when she claimed a man who messes with other men is automatically gay but a woman isn’t.

    Being gay is a choice for bisexual people. Most women go back and forth so it’s hard to really tell who is a 100% Lesbian or if they even exist.

    1. ^very good comment zen!
      i wonder why men and women are so different when it comes to switching on and off.
      is it because women can control their emotions and men cant?
      can a stud turn it off and be straight full time?

      1. I think it has to do with our sexual organs. Women don’t really have to do anything but take dick. I think a stud could go straight full time if she started dressing in female clothing. It’s not like anybody would know the difference. They can’t check to see if her penis gets hard when thinking about women because she doesn’t have one. I also think that’s why many women go back and forth. The penis is just too good of a tool to discard for the rest of your life. It’s not like you see gay men clamoring pocket pussies although I wouldn’t mind having one if it meant less mess. But you do see women(Les, Str8, bi) wanting and using dildos.

        I’ve seen many women who identify as Lesbian say they were only with a guy for the size of his dick. And these are butch women that go from woman to woman.

    2. I agree. Kind of describes me. I’ve been with men although never been penetrated, and the one time I topped it went limp after a few thrusts. However I’m attracted to male form (that’s why I’m here lol). I just can’t see myself holding hands or taking the same type of affectionate pics I take with my girlfriends with a guy. Now this could simply be I have not met the one to make me want to do that.

      I don’t wish I could switch it off.

  2. Ain’t nothing to switch off. Some people could be identified as bisexual.

    Bisexuality isn’t a myth. Its expression is different from heterosexuality and homosexuality. All are equally valid, naturally occurring sexual orientations.

    Unfortunately, biphobia is a real thing too. Gay guys think bi men are confused or ashamed to be gay and hetero women just think the man is gay.

    So when he tells you he isn’t gay, doesn’t mean he’s lying. Not everyone can handle the truth. They often catch it from both sides.

    1. But how can a bi man say he’s not gay if he has gay thoughts? They’re technically gay whether they want to identify as gay or not. They may not be switching it on and off but they are choosing to be gay or straight.

      Biphobia is bullshit. Everyone has the right to not want they’re bf/gf to just leave them at the drop of a hat because they all of sudden decide they wanna be gay or straight. Nobody likes a flip flopper. Either fully commit or continue to act like a tragic mulatto.

      Don’t act as if gay men and straight women don’t have a reason to be wary of bisexual men. Both have legitimate reasons for not wanting to deal with them. Same goes for Lesbians and bisexual girls. I actually hear it from them the most. Lesbians don’t like dealing with bi girls because they’re usually straight girls having a gay fling or two. Same can be said for bi men. Which is why bisexuals always end up marrying the opposite sex.

      They can continue to say they have it the hardest but we all know that’s total bullshit. Gays and Trans people have it the hardest. Neither one can choose who they love and/or how they feel on the inside. Bi people choose who they love every goddamn day of their lives. Hence the woman in the above entry and 98% of bisexuals in straight marriages right now.

      1. Wait bi men are gay because they have gay thoughts? So are they also straight for having straight thoughts?

      2. I only say that because they always say they’re not gay. I always see them being offended when someone bi is called gay as if it’s really that serious. They’re still technically gay, no matter which side of Kinsey scale they tip on. If you have gay thoughts then you count as gay. No ifs ands or buts. Going out of your way to say the term gay doesn’t apply to you because you like the opposite sex too doesn’t matter. You’re still gay.

        Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, doesn’t matter what you call yourself, they’re all just another label and way of saying you’re queer.

  3. Sexuality is not something that people–gay, straight or bisexual–can turn on and off. We don’t choose or sexuality. It chooses us. What women can do is engage in homosexual behavior and then get a husband or boyfriend. Why? Because fluidity in sexuality with women is more accepted in this society than fluidity of sexuality with men.

    And, yes, sexuality is malleable–changeable–but not by intent to do so but rather by circumstance.

    Being gay and doing gay are two different things. Being gay or bisexual or straight is in the mind. We cannot order our minds to be gay or straight or bisexual. Doing gay is engaging in homosexual activity. We can chose to go or not go to a gay club. We can chose to look at or not look at gay porn. We can chose to date or not date a man or a woman.

    Zen Buddha’s comment that “Being gay is a choice for bisexual people” has no support in the scientific literature. For a scientific view of such things, Google “The Kinsey Scale of Sexuality” to start and Google other things such as “homosexuality” and “bisexuality”.

    1. It’s not scientific, it’s common sense. We can choose to date or not date a man or a woman but according to bisexuals, they have no problem being with the opposite sex. A gay man is only aroused by men. A bisexual man is aroused by both men and women, allowing him to choose whichever one he wants to pursue. That’s a choice. It’s like having to choose between tacos, hotdogs, and hamburgers. If a gay man is only wired to like hotdogs then he’s gonna choose hotdogs all the time. A bi man likes all three which allows him to choose to eat the one he’s feeling at the moment and then have the other two later… IF HE FEELS LIKE IT.

      That’s a choice/choosing.

      1. Zen Buddha, my view is scientific and my view is common sense. A bisexual is just that–bisexual. He did not choose to be bisexual. He did not choose that he can one day be happy dating and sexing a man and the next day he can be equally or near equally happy dating and sexing a woman. And such is not a result of his choosing to be bisexual. It’s a result of his being bisexual–a choice that he did not make. And at what level the choice is made is consequential and important and I hope that you come to recognize that.

      2. No matter which way you try to put it, they’re choosing to go the gay way or the straight way. Yes, they are choosing to be happy dating and sexing a man one day and then choosing to be happy dating and sexing a woman the next. Every single one of them says they have no problem being in a relationship with either or. It’s up to them whether they want to be with a man or a woman i.e a choice.

  4. Zen Buddha, yes again you are correct that a choice is being made. But the choice is not in selecting his or her sexual orientation. That is, he or she did not choose to be bisexual. Again, the level at which the choice is made is important, very important. “And such is not a result of his choosing to be bisexual. It’s a result of his being bisexual–a choice that he did not make. And at what level the choice is made is consequential and important and I hope that you come to recognize that.”

    And why is the distinction important? Because homophobes often say that gays choose to be gay. Or homophobes say that being gay is a sexual “preference”–implying that one makes a choice in his/her sexual orientation. And homophobes use such unscientific and factually incorrect logic to deny gays equal rights to marry, to hold jobs, to being a first-class citizen. Again, I hope that you recognize that at what level the choice is made is important and consequential because if you don’t then you are working against gay rights and also against scientific fact.

  5. TMZ is late as fuck. Tae identified as bisexual wayyy back when and is pretty open about it. It’s funny that people think because you get married or are with a person of the opposite sex, your no longer bisexual lol. People’s need for everything to be exactly something, black or white, is such a huge problem. We ALL fall on the Kinsey scale. A man is just as capable of doing it as a woman. It’s just the stigma attached to a man being bisexual. Once a man experiments, he’s automatically and forever gay. They won’t ever say he’s bisexual. They’ll always call him gay. When it’s a woman, it’s not taken seriously because women aren’t taken seriously. People think that women NEED men so they think fucking around with women is just a “phase.” Lesbians are always questioned about why they are gay if they just get penetrated by fake dicks (dildos). But that’s just it. It’s a fake dick, not a real one. She doesn’t want real dick. Real dicks are attracted to men, which they are not attracted to. Just because she does not like men does not mean she doesn’t like to be penetrated. It all traces back to patriarchy and what we’re told is masculine and what is feminine. Masculinity is so fragile and put on such a high pedestal that the smallest hint of femininity can bring it crumbling down. I see that happen in the gay community and among straight people a lot. A straight man that enjoys anal play or anal sex (performed on him or him performing on someone else) will always be seen as “homosexual.” He can be completely aware that he is heterosexual and that it is in fact a woman ramming him in his ass with a strap on, but because of this image of masculinity, he will be perceived and seen as as a gay man living on the down low. I personally think this is why there are so many “down low” men or men that don’t own their sexuality or men that hide their preferences. We police everything they do. They know people are basic and see everything as exactly something.

    I feel like I said a lot of nothing and got off subject lol. Oh well. I hope somebody sees where I’m coming from and understands my perspective.

  6. Oh and I def see Tae in a different light now. Her and Teyana Taylor were best friends for a long time, but when her and her fiance broke up, Tae jumped on him real quick. They’ve only been dating since March but they are already engaged? Smh. He is just as messy too. Posting pictures of him and Tae or just pictures of Tae and captioning them with some shady shit like “I know you mad.” These niggas and chicks ain’t loyal.

  7. I see her posing all cute with these dudes but I never get the feeling she’s actually into them.

    She’s into herself 1000 times more!

    She does not look like a chick in love.

    You guys need to know whether they like women or men, some women are keenly aware of the power pussy has and they are not above using it as a weapon.

  8. Well my bisexuality switches back and forth depending on who I stumble across. As a bi guy who has dated a bi female, the same goes with them as well. Sometimes, I may crave for pussy, and other times I may want some ass from a man, the latter is the case most of the time lol. I love men, and I love women to a certain extent. Y’all need to look over the Kinsey Scale. I am predominately homosexual, and I am more than incidentally heterosexual, which means I am definitely into men, but I have a mild attraction to women as well.

    Tae is gorgeous as hell, and she is the type of bi chick I’d date, not even gonna lie lol. Seems like the type of broad that would not mind me sleeping with men as long as I do it when she is around. I’m cool with that scenario lol. In a perfect would, I’d want to have a wife and a husband. Most bi guys feel this way. We want it all if the opportunity arises.

    1. The Man, I hear you and I understand. I hope that you find my comments regarding bisexuality to be on point. Although you may choose to connect sexually with a man tonight and with a woman tomorrow night, you did not choose to be bisexual.

      Frankly, when it comes to sexuality, I have often said that I wish I was bisexual and versatile. That is, I wish that I was sexually attracted about equally (I am familiar with the Kinsey scale) to both men and women and that with men I wish that I enjoyed penetrating and being penetrated. Being bisexual and versatile appears to be the best –not of both worlds–but of multiple worlds. But it’s always greener on the other side of the fence!

      But luck has it that I’m not bisexual and I’m not versatile. Some guys have all the luck. And with regard to the Kinsey Scale, I suggest that people Google a test that they can take to see where on the scale they are. When I took the test, I was, like you, found to be “predominately homosexual and more than incidentally heterosexual” but I don’t feel the attraction to women that you do or I’m fighting it. It’s hard enough understanding, accepting and acclimating myself to my gayness that perhaps I don’t want to complicate further the equation. Google “Kinsey Scale Test”.

      1. I’ve never taken the test because I know myself. However, I just took the test, and it said that was predominantly homosexual but more than incidentally heterosexual, which is what I stated lol. My answers are in parentheses. Don’t judge y’all lol.

        What is your age?

        What gender do you identify as?

        I have never felt sexual desire.
        True. (False).

        I can not decide what sex I am attracted to more.
        True. (False).

        I find the idea of having sex with another [“man” if male, “woman” if female] repulsive.
        True. (False).

        I wouldn’t want to die without having experimented sexually with both men and women.
        (True). False.

        I have no interest in sexual intercourse with anyone.
        True. (False).

        The gender composition of an orgy would be irrelevant to my decision to participate.
        True. (False).

        I avoid watching [“gay” if male, “lesbian” if female] pornography.
        True. (False).

        I can be sexually attracted to anyone in the right circumstances.
        (True). False.

        I have always been extremely confident in my sexual orientation.
        (True). False.

        I find [“men” if male, “women” if female] more attractive than [“women” if male, “men” if female]..
        (True). False.

        I would find a threesome with a couple awkward specifically because of the presence of the [“man” if male, “woman” if female].
        True. (False).

        I am only attracted to [“women” if female, “men” if male].
        True. (False).

        I am sexually submissive.
        True. (False).

      2. He didn’t choose to be bisexual, true, but he’s still choosing to have gay sex and straight sex. That’s still a choice. Therefor, being gay is a choice for bisexual men and women.

        I don’t think they have the best of both worlds. I think you think that because like I said, they get to choose. I wouldn’t wanna be bi, I’d much rather just be straight. If I was bi, I’d just do like most of them do and CHOOSE to be in a hetero relationship. Tho if they really all think like The Man then they’re better off being in poly-amorous relationships with each other and leaving people be who have their minds made up about what they want.

      3. I find that offensive Zen because you are implying that bisexuals are confused, and basically are saying that there is no such thing as bisexuality and it is another name for confusion. I know what the hell I want and there is no confusion about that. I am attracted to both sexes and have have been for years, I can fall in love with either sex if the situation presents itself, which is not a choice, it is by happenstance. I love more than one type of pizza. I love pepperoni, cheese, veggie, and hamburger pizzas. I’m not confused about the type of pizzas that I like, I just like all of them, some more than others. I hope you get it now. From your comments, I believe a bisexual man has upset you in the past and you are putting all bi men in a box, which is not fair. Your opinion sounds biased. You can’t judge the life unless you are living it.

      4. In no way did I apply that bisexuality doesn’t exist. My opinion isn’t biased. Bisexual people’s opinions are biased. Y’all have never had to deal with a flip flopper because most of you know the gay thing is temporary and that you’ll both choose the hetero life when you feel like it. Y’all never see it from the straight or gay person’s perspective.

        All bi people. no matter if it’s sexual or racial, love to play the back and forth when it’s convenient to benefit them. But when somebody calls you out on your shit, all of sudden “people are jealous” or “don’t get how hard you have it.”

        Try being the person that has no other choice. Then you’ll see who really has it the worst.

        Falling in love with a man or woman is a choice because it’s up to that bi individual if they want to pursue it or not. I don’t know why they make such a big deal when someone tells them to pick one. It’s not like you don’t choose your preference and orientation everyday. Y’all even say you have no problem being with one gender when you’re dating whichever. If that’s the case, I don’t see why everyone has a problem with my wordage. No lies are being told.

      5. A gay man can be involved with two men. Isn’t that a switch hitter? In other words, you can still deal with a man who is unsure about what he wants. Plus, you have gay men chose not to act on their impulses also. Ask Donnie Mcclurkin, knowing damn well his ass is gay and he chooses not to sleep with men, so if bi men have options and choices as you put it, gay men do too. I know bi men who have loved men and women for years. They have kids and they are still love men as well as women well into their late years. Falling in love is not a choice for no one. It is feeling one can’t help. I could fall in love in a woman tomorrow and get married, but I did not chose to fall in love with her, it happened as it does with anyone else, naturally. I have never left a woman for a man or vice versa. I can be in a long term relationship with a man or a woman. I can restrain from cheating on a man with a woman or vice versa. Like I said, I can tell you have had bad experiences, which is why we cannot see eye to eye, so we are just going to have to agree to disagree man.

  9. Zen Buddha, perhaps you didn’t read my prior comments. Let me try to share with you at least one more time. And mind you, what I am writing is not just my opinion. It’s the considered judgments of experts–scientific knowledge–as expressed in wikipedia.

    First, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexuality indicates that homosexuality is ” is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. As an orientation, homosexuality refers to “an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual, affectionate, or romantic attractions” primarily or exclusively to people of the same sex. “It also refers to an individual’s sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, behaviors expressing them, and membership in a community of others who share them.” Therefore, it is clear that a person can be a homosexual without ever engaging in homosexual actions/conduct/sex with a person of the same sex. That is “being gay” and “being gay” is not a choice as the wikipedia article notes.

    With regard to sexual orientation as a choice, the wikipedia article notes “Along with bisexuality and heterosexuality, homosexuality is one of the three main categories of sexual orientation within the heterosexual–homosexual continuum.[1] There is no consensus among scientists about why a person develops a particular sexual orientation;[1] however, biologically-based theories for the cause of sexual orientation are favored by experts,[3] which point to genetic factors, the early uterine environment, or both in combination.[4] There is no substantive evidence which suggests parenting or early childhood experiences play a role when it comes to sexual orientation;[4] when it comes to same-sex sexual behavior, shared or familial environment plays no role for men and minor role for women.[5] While some hold the view that homosexual activity is unnatural,[6][7] research has shown that homosexuality is an example of a normal and natural variation in human sexuality and is not in and of itself a source of negative psychological effects.[1][8] Most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation.”

    Now what you talk about is sexual behavior, which you erroneously call “being gay”. No. That is what might be called “doing gay” or homosexual behavior. And like all or nearly all behaviors, that is a volitional act–a behavior which is based on a conscious decision. So again, “being gay” is not a choice but “doing gay” is a choice. “Being gay” and “doing gay” are not the same thing. They are two different things. Think of it this way: If a gay man kisses or fondles or rubs or has sexual contact with a woman, he may not like or enjoy it because he’s gay (‘being gay) but his behavior is “doing straight” or heterosexual behavior.

    Yes, many bisexual choose to put aside the gay part of their bisexuality and engage in a heterosexual marriage or relationship–at least temporarily. Heck, some gay guys do the same. The reasons for this are varied but in this society, it’s often easier to go for the 2.5 children and wife and white picket fence with a woman than suffer the ignominy of being perceived as gay and dealing with the issues of gay men.

    As far as my sexuality goes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Therefore, I think/perceive that being bisexual and versatile would result in greater sexual and other gratification than my current state. And my current state is that I’m neither bisexual nor versatile.

    Hey, The Man, is the grass greener on the other side of the fence when it comes to being bisexual or does that just open up a whole new set of problems and headaches? Inquiring minds want to know.

    And does being versatile mean a more fullfilling sex life or is it also just more problems–like tops just wanting 100% bottoms and bottoms just wanting 100% tops? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Dating women is just as much as a headache, just a different situation. The only advantage of dating a female is that I can hide my true sexuality better.

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