It’s Cold Out In These Forests

it’s okay…
i’m about to throw some of them snowballs back like:

“…and what?”

the devil got me all kinds of fucked up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “It’s Cold Out In These Forests”

  1. Just to let some of y’all know I can’t stand y’all right now, I’m talking in general, those who complain about it was too hot and Global Warming this n that.. Shut the fuck up!!!

    Shit, last night in my apartment, it didn’t have any heat, so I was freezing to death and couldn’t sleep cause it was too damn cold. I rather have global warming to keep me warm n toasted than a freezing ass weather where all you do is eat all day and watch a marathon of Golden Girls.

  2. I’m over this weather. It’s just too damn cold! I’m glad this is reading week for me. I’m staying my ass INSIDE! This is just dumb!

  3. Jamari got me dying over here. He and this freezing ass weather. Single digits with windchills in the negative. Shit, I might invite the devil in if he bringing some of that hell heat with him.

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