It’s An American Crime (Being Gay)

12523141_1097979740234775_8886424207126072733_n“american crime” has me hooked.
i say!
like i said in the ( x last entry ),
i didn’t watch the first season,
but this second season is lit.
it has addressed so many issues thus far…

down low
social class


the list goes on and on.
these last few episodes tho…

tumblr_ng1gtwFo8i1qlsrn9o1_500i love that the show presents these characters good and bad traits.
no one is the “hero”.
there is no “love story”.
everyone is damaged or damaged by another.
it sort of reminds me of the movie,
btw: good movie
every character on the show has the ability to be the victim or a villain.
the two gay characters represent many issues in this life today.
they are both conflicted and find an escape through sex.
taylor opting for rougher sex to get off on.

the scene where eric went to hook up with the dl snow wolf was powerful.

“i’m married with a wife and kids.
i just want to be ‘me’ for a little while.” – he said.

he even catfished eric about his car just to get some dick.
it was eric’s insecurities that made the snow wolf see “himself”.
i guess he thought he could confide in him.
the snow wolf didn’t like it so he attacked eric.
eric was thrown into a position where he went from:

“basketball star”
“gay sports star”

this was a role he didn’t ask for.
some people don’t want to play the gay savior”.
when he was outed,
the principal thought “acceptance” would be the proper clean up.
little did she know it made things worse for him.
taylor’s mother did the same thing as well.
even though she wanted justice for taylor,
she kept crossing his boundaries.
don’t even get me started on kevin provoking that hate crime.

2z5jhfrthis show shows the real side of life.
it’s not easy out here being gay.
it’s even worse when you are discreet or dl.
we all deserve medals to be perfectly honest.
the shit we go through,
the things we see,
and then we can’t even find someone to love.
it makes many of us depressed and ready for suicide.
it can be a very lonely path for some.
everyone says “oh it gets better”,
but does it?
you can spend your whole life chasing something that you’ll never get.
some of us really just don’t fit in anywhere.

i hope the foxhole will give “american crime” a chance.
it will blow you away and have you thinking for days.
you’ll be constantly saying to yourself:

This is really how the world is

…and sometimes,
its not all that pretty.

“american crime” comes on every wednesday at 10pm.
is the station.
i want you to catch up ( x here ).

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “It’s An American Crime (Being Gay)”

  1. J,I’m reluctant to address this topic of “It gets better” because I will never fully understand your plight,your struggle.But I think if you make an attempt to open your social circle,you will see it’s not as bad as you think.If you socialized with more gay guys,you may meet some older gay guys in long term relationships.You may meet gay guys who are married,who are raising families,etc.Then you will see what is possible.

    At the 2013 Grammys one of the couples who were married are named Octavius and Jamal Terry -Sims.I have been following them on IG for a few years.Octavius is a fashion designer.Jamal is a choreographer and director.They have been together nine years and they are about to start a family through adoption.They are mentors or “big brothers” to literally hundreds of mostly black and Latino gay guys across the country.They are not perfect,they are not experts on relationships but I think they are good role models.They have talked about seeing a therapist,life coach,etc to help them ,throughout their relationship.They have never claimed their relationship is perfect.If you know or know of black gay couples who have been in long term relationship,you will change your mindset on what’s possible.

  2. Am i the only one that would not be that close with my lil brother again the way Eric was…he gets treated like dirt….i could never give myself to you again emotionaly…

  3. I respectfully disagree. Gays and bisexual people (out or otherwise) need to step outside of themselves sometimes. Everyone is dealing with something and none of them are easy. Straight or gay, doesn’t matter.

    It’s so easy to walk around feeling persecuted like you’re the only one going through something.

    Meanwhile, someone is wondering where their next meal is coming from.

    1. ^i completely agree.

      i think we all forget that when we are inside our own heads.
      our own issues are magnified x 1000.
      so what about those people who say:

      “well I don’t care about other people.
      i only care for myself.”

      is that the motto of everyone’s lives nowadays?
      which only allows them to see their own issues and not anyone else?

      1. Those people would be self centered and not relationship material anyway.

        Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and realizing the world doesn’t revolve around you is basic to me.

        You’re not the only one hurting and lonely, but guess what? The world keeps on turning.

        I’m so tired of running into these dudes so thirsty for love and want validation and attention 24/7. It’s a turn off. I’m out here trying to build a career and make moves so if your top concern is a relationship and you have nothing else going on, I’m probably going to hurt your feelings.

  4. I found the show on my Hulu app, and I’ve been captivated ever since. I love how the gay teens don’t portray the typical cliche stereotypical norms many film/tv writers think is necessary when doing gay storylines. But beyond that, the show is a breath of fresh air in TV dramas.

    Btw, Eric is a cutie….and a ruff Top 😜

    1. ^i thought I was the only one who found eric cute.
      it confuses me that he smashed Taylor,
      but he doesn’t smash those older hook ups and only wants to kiss.

      1. @Jamari – yes‼️🤔 It is curious that Eric only wants to kiss and make out with the older guys he meets from hook up apps /sites yet he took Taylor’s cakes with such aggressiveness. But given the emails and texts Taylor sent about “liking it ruff” maybe it’s possible Eric was just role playing just to please Taylor’s sick fantasy. Very captivating!

        1. ^yes!
          it leaves a lot of discussion.

          something about Eric and cars tho.
          he likes men with fast cars.
          maybe he was molested by an older man?
          one who had a nice car?

  5. 100% FACTS! American Crime is a really good show. I watch every week. They’re are many twists and turns in the series. I would recommend it to anyone.

  6. I love this show, everyone is acting their butts off. If you guys haven’t watched it I will advise you guys to do so it’s really good. I agree Jamari this life is not easy I might sound like a broken record. I look around at my peers and my cousins who are around my age or younger and their getting engaged and married, having kids, moving in with their significant others and I’m like damn I want that so much. I even thought about crossing over to the other side to be with females since fatherhood is something I want to experience real soon. I’m just tired of being lonely and being told that I’m too attractive to be single, also the pressure my parents put on me about getting married and having a family is a lot. Some days I feel good about myself but majority of the time I’m not. I recently had a cousin come out as gay to certain members of the family and I have to say the family didn’t take to that too kindly, they went in. Also the dudes I like flirt with me talk to me but at the end of the day they have their girlfriends or wives to go home too. I’m sorry to sound repetitive and depressing but this post was spot on and I had to get this off my chest.

    1. ^this life is for animals who know how to navigate it.
      there will be a lot of meaningless sex.
      it’s not “you kiss a few frogs to find your prince”.
      it’s “you fuck the whole lake to see who may stick around”.
      and they may not even.

      it is a toss up.
      some people get lucky and others don’t.
      that’s real.
      there are some great catches out here who are single.
      just because you are on the scene doesn’t mean you will get lucky.
      it’s all about luck.

    2. @Eric – hang in there buddy…and please don’t give in to the pressures of taking on a life that is not true to your authentic self. I had a 3 month affair with a married guy in his 20s. He was a college grad, tall and handsome with a beautiful wife. I remember asking him WHY did he choose to get married and live this lie. He told me stories of how his parents were so involved in his life along with the pressures from straight friends and peers. He was miserable, but the sex was off the chain 😜.

      Seriously though, don’t make the same mistake. Enrich yourself with health, education and spiritual benevolence. Sometimes this may require you to leave your home town. Be brave and most importantly, LIVE YOUR LIFE‼️

  7. I totally agree with all you said. It has been on my mind for days….even the point where you see no way out BUT….life is fcking hard and complicated….does it get better….really?
    Great series…

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