If You Don’t Have “Boobs” or a “Caitlyn Jenner” then Forget It

tumblr_n92xsl21W61rpqnfno1_500 if she can pass,
then i can get the ass.
-said almost every baller wolf ever.

so it seems industry on blast has been doing some snooping.
comment creepin on ig.
our absolutely favorite.
you know what you can discover in pictures from 149w ago?
full blown conversations,
dm exchanges,
and even a little “pre game” sexting.
oh yeaaaahhhhhhh.
things pop off in old IG photos.
ive sniffed out a lot of dirt in them.

well allegedly,
some baller wolves have gotten caught up with this trans vixen in her old photos…

4c0871804a4b7her name is nadia milan.
check out all the alleged baller wolves that been in her shit:

being a fox is just not enough these days.
i need boobs and some ass shots.

well one of the baller wolves friends posed an interesting discussion.
they went all the way ratchet and i got inspired.
they went after industry on blast because:

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.43.20 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.43.15 PM…they claim he isn’t in the life because nadia looks like a vixen.
is this really true tho?
can a wolf who likes trans be still straight?

if nadia still has her pipe,
wouldn’t she still be a “he”?
and do these baller wolves smash them like vixens?
or do they get smashed?
i feel like if she is bending him over,
he is definitely not of the “straight” kind.
so i had to wonder…

Can wolves who like trans-vixens still identify as “straight”?

…or are they just on a layover to “Bi-Town” or “Gay-Dom” ?

lowkey: some of those alleged baller wolves are so sexy too.
jonathan casillas of the patriots especially:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

46 thoughts on “If You Don’t Have “Boobs” or a “Caitlyn Jenner” then Forget It”

  1. Well, I think that fact they look like women catches their attention. But if she happens to be a man, their probably aliitle curious. Or hell, maybe they found out about her head game and don’t care. Either way, I’d like to see any one of tjose niggas fuck her 👅👅👅

    1. Lol so silly. Ill be glad when they shut that site down. A lot of their homophobic attention tends to be toward black men. Theyll post something about a nonblack guy but its just to throw people off. Every black gay to them and nobody else is. I know they ran a few stories about other races of men being on the dl oops I mean closet to them. Those women and men denied it to and through but a lot of the got they asses posted on every black image or meme laughing talking about if dont like it dont post. These the type of black people that it wont occur to them what they are doing until it hits home. sophisticated c***nery or 21st Uncle toms and tamathas is what I call them.

  2. That’s an excellent question that I don’t think I’m fit to answer. Too many nuances involved lol. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of viewpoints.

  3. A lot of these hyper-masculine rappers and athletes like pre-op transsexuals. They’re usually the bottoms and in no way do they consider themselves gay. Very odd.

    1. Ive heard this tell me more. I need dets Ive heard that finding a black wolf in the nfl is scarce. If you do, you gotta fight off other “preferences” before he touch a black fox. Is this true? I have a friend that is somewhat connected but not enough.

      1. Do you feel the same way about a guy who let’s his girlfriend or wife use a strapon on him? What’s the difference? Both of the guys are being anally penetrated.I used a strapon on a guy once would you consider him bisexual or gay because he was topped by a woman with a fake dick?

      2. @Y Colette From a woman’s perspective, what do you think when a guy asks you to use the strapon? Is it weird for you?

        It’s interesting because the whole dynamic of straight sex is flipped up-side down when a woman “tops” a man lol.
        I’m not saying I would think he’s gay, but it throws everything we know about straight sex on it’s head. Many tend to have the fantasy of a masculine man dominating them, and he’s throwing a huge curve ball by asking to be topped, where the premise from the beginning was that he would be the top.

        It would be like living in topsy-turvy world, but I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing. (well at least not for me anyway ;)) lol

      3. @Dignified I am a little odd because I prefer gay porn.Especially gay porn where the guys are versatile.I like to see a guy play the dominant and submissive role.The guy who asked me to use the strapon knew that about me.So I guess he felt comfortable asking me.I said sure and he ordered it online and had it shipped to his house.Unfortunately he had never been anally penetrated by more than a finger so he was not prepared or cleaned out properly at first.When he came back from the bathroom it was OK for a few minutes but to be honest I got tired.I’m wasn’t used to all that thrusting,it’s exhausting.Also It was not pleasurable to me because I had a fake dick so I wasn’t feeling the sensation you guys feel who have real dicks.I’m just too lazy to be a top 😀I didn’t feel he was less masculine or less manly afterwards

        .But I know I know I am not the norm.I will say one time a guy said he wanted to wear panties and seeing him in panties turned me off.Another guy wanted me to whip him and I couldn’t do it.I couldn’t handle degrading another person.So I’m pretty vanilla when it comes to sex.

      4. I’ve never been with a trans person nor am I a psychologist, but a lot of athletes and people with high adrenaline careers let off steam by being dominated. That’s the only reason I can think of why they like to be penetrated and dominated. See the high pressured exec that is into BDSM. Once the act is done, they return to their wife/family and don’t consider themselves gay at all.

        Jamari, I liked the interview you conducted recently. Can you profile a trans person on their experiences? I’m pretty sure a few of them are reading these comments.

        Last point, I hate when I tell women that I’m gay and they laugh and say “You’re so cute. What a waste.” That is not a compliment. Can you imagine how the trans and their lovers feel? If you can’t be unclockable, you have to turn to prostitution.

        I just wish minorities would stop with the “My struggle was worse than yours bullshit.” We all struggle.

  4. Cough. Cough. If we are to go by biology then they are considered to be gay or bisexual since these are men. No matter what type of surgery they have they are still men due to the XY chromosome and other genetic traits. It is great that she is being honest and upfront with the men, but I know a lot of football players that get down so this does not surprise me at all. Also, doesn’t she favor Lil’ Kim in that first picture?

  5. Industry on blast blocked me yesterday because I complained about their gay baiting.I think it’s run by some chick whose man left her for another man

    1. You arent a sheeple so they dont want anything to do with you. Also a lot of it is directed towards black men and occassionally black women. Ive said before that I know who runs that site….Satan himself.

  6. Could be (straight), but not likely. It depends.. I don’t think “straight” people would be actively looking for a trans, they want a woman. If they run into a trans, its a different story, but the dudes that are perusing websites for trans fetishes etc. I would be looking at with the side-eye, and I’ll just leave it at that.
    It’s suspect, but not every case is the same.

    1. ^it seems,
      in my opinion,
      they are using these trans as a deflect to their own sexuality.
      like how a man uses a ton of vixens/has a ton of Cubs to throw people off the scent he likes foxes/wolves/hybrids.

      1. I agree with this! It’s not like that with every case, but I imagine it to be very common. Hence Yusaf Mack. I called that one immediately lol, but again, not every case!

        Hm. I will say this though. People can’t hide who they truly are, there are always signs and trails that lead back to the truth. Funnily enough, even if no one finds out, it makes its way to the forefront through the person anyway (coming out etc., the “need” or compulsion to “live in their truth” [as people say]) This is why I don’t dig, because the truth will make its way out eventually when the time is right anyway.
        It really is interesting how that works sometimes.

      2. They say the reason these hot guys are fucking tranny is because it’s the best of both worlds transsexual women have body a woman’s body and a man’s penis and they want to be secretly gay hot male fitness trainers, male bodybuilders, male strippers only like transsexual women that still have their penis

  7. There are some men who simply do not care and do not mind dating trannies, it is what it is. Everyone has a type. The same goes for masculine men who like feminine men. Years ago, I used to question their decisions, but that is what they are attracted to.

    LMAO@the last gif. Jamari probably literally wanted to do that lol.

  8. There was an episode on Taxicab Confession with a transwoman and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was saying he doesn’t identify as str8 because he’s with someone who was a boy and because he’s attracted to women with dicks….. It funny because lately I been hearing how some dudes are sexually attracted to women with dicks versus a pussy. Obviously I don’t see it, but whatever float your boat then go right ahead, boo, but don’t be hypocrite.

    But did y’all know when a transwoman cut-off her dick, they don’t feel anything down there? The transwoman was saying how all her transfemale friends who had their dick chopped off, killed themselves because they couldn’t get off. Plus you have to use a dildo everyday to make sure it won’t close because the body considers it as a wound, so it will most likely close-up if you don’t play with it

  9. These men are gay or bi-sexual. No str8 man would actively seek out anyone that has a dick. Real str8 men want pussy, bottom line. Also these guys seek out pre-op trannies, what is straight about a guy sucking dick and getting fucked by a real dick. Please tell me when that became a thing for str8 men. Im not saying they shouldn’t like trannies but dont lie about the reality. My cousin is a tranny so i have heard it all. The truth is you dont have to be passable for these men to fuck you. You can literally put on a wig and dress and get it the same as ms. Valery who put in years and money. So if a dude fucks you on monday without the make up and hair and dress he gay but if he fucks you Friday in your full drag then he is str8. Bullshit! DL niggas will do anything to maintain that str8 image. These DL dudes think they str8 if they penetrate a dude or get head, the same logic is used with trannies. I dont know how any of yall buy that tranny likers are str8. They dont even believe it they damn self cuz if ms. Valery was a real bitch they wouldnt hide shit. Trannys get tucked in the closet just like any other gay man dat is messing with a DL dude. St8 my ass please?

    1. I’m inlcined to agree with you. No straight man is going to be attracted to another man. He will be repulsed by the idea. Even if that man dressed up as a woman, and looked better than many natural born women, once the straight man sees the dick swingin’…he will be turned off!

  10. Sydney Starr is post op but she says she only has anal sex.Her vagina is more for cosmetic appearances so she can look like a female down there.But in terms of sexual pleasure she wants her guy to anally penetrate her.

  11. Industyonblast to me is the most disgusting, tacky, ghetto and repulsive of all these “spill the tea” sites that have come into fruition this past year. Its one thing to focus on celebrity gossip and maybe even scandals, but they have an obsession and unhealthy fixation on outing nearly everyone they think is even gay. If a celebrity man is friendly, takes a picture, or is even seen in close proximity of a gay or trans person, they are ruthlessly “outed” and blasted all over the internet. And we wonder why straight men are still so intolerant and still hesitate in being social with the LBGT. Sites like that do way more harm than good when it comes to tolerance in the black community.

  12. Straight men are in no way shape or form attracted to men, gay or not. In order for straight men to be attracted to Trans women, they would have to be attracted to cisgender women first. Now some maybe be bisexual which is fine. However it’s a big stigma that straight men are shunned from expressing their attractions to transwomen. Their are many straight heterosexual men who are attracted to transwomen and at the end of the day, it’s none of my business what another man or woman does in their bedroom.

    1. Just beause you call them gay or bi does not mean you are shunning them because there is nothing wrong with being gay or bi. The only time its an insult is if you are not gay or bi and its really easy to not be. I tell you how. Dont fuck with a someone who has a dick!

  13. If a man is attracted to a trans sexual female…HE IS STILL STRAIGHT
    Gays always want someone to be gay
    Not all men want some hairy ass man all over them

    1. Lies. Its not about wanting someone to be gay its about reality. U think a man is str8 with a 10 inch tranny dick in his mouth and ass? Wtf? Yall better wake up and know the real deal and get off the bullshit. Also every man is not hairy so wtf are talkin bout, especially gay men, there are some whose make up game would slay most trannys. Ever heard of feminine men? Uh duh.

    1. Yesssss straight men are strung out on the head game. My straight friend talks about this chick’s head game and says she’s a professional dick sucker lol. Side note: Why does titties get neglected in most straight porn that I’ve seen, is it just me or am I missing something???

      1. So when I saw quotes online from guys saying A mouth is a mouth….
        I’d be like ummmm…I suppose.

        In regards to boobage

        I’ve noticed this. The first porn I saw when I was younger, had tit-fucking.

        I think its sexy to watch a wolf smash a woman & suck on her tits at the same time.

        Now a days its really Skippy with the foreplay but I guess it depends too.

  14. Eh, I’m probably in the minority as usual but the whole thing made me chuckle.

    She’s not even passable. Is this the best these doctors can do? That makeup certainly doesn’t help along with that jawline. I can tell that’s a man from miles away. Lol

    These transgenders are still men. Have you even heard most of them speak? They all still sound like Ving Rhames.

    You chop off and add whatever you want you’re not going to lose your masculine energy.

    So these men are GAY.

  15. There is a “straight” couple that does live videos and one video the girl is fucking her boyfriend in the ass as she fucks herself with a double dildo, or strap on, so is he considered gay too cause he like the anal stimulating sensation? The term gay is so confusing ,😂

  16. The most important body part about another man is his genitals IMO, if you don’t have a natural one then I don’t think I’d even go that far with you. I’ll just be turned off knowing that you have a vagina or a new man-made penis. For me that’s what defines a man. The word “heterosexual” is used very loosely these days.

    1. So if you boyfriend lost his penis in an accident,you would leave him because with out a penis …I am asking because you said genitals are the most importantly body part and that’s what defines a man?

  17. Interesting topic Jamari.

    If you want to be politcally correct then yes, a man can still identify as straight dating a transwoman. Take a high profile transwoman like Janet Mock for instance. She is in a committed relationship w/ a man. She is post op meaning her anatomy was surgically changed to appear female. Therefore, she or anyone else deserves the right to be acknowledged for the gender they are presenting as, period. You and I may not believe its a hetero relationship but they probably do. So I accept it for what it is. If a man is attracted to a pre-op transwoman then I would label him bi.

  18. Well…

    Let the world we live in now tell it, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, BUT says it’s a cat, then it’s a cat because that what it identifies as. I personally have no problem with this. Be what you want to be.

    That being said, these trans women (I guess that’s what they’re called? The men that become women, I’m not sure.) consider themselves women, and have the features of a woman, then a straight man being attracted to them is a normal heterosexual.


  19. It’s not a competition.
    Masculine men get penetrated by feminine men and women all day everyday.

    Some of these men may be attracted to you too.

    He-She, him, he and tranny are disrespectful.


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