tumblr_n5or42A37J1smqjvqo1_400i’ll be honest with you.
back in the day,
dealing with the loneliness of being a fox aka bottom,
i would imagine myself as ^that vixen.
well not that vixen per say,
but something in that package.
light skin.
long wet ‘n’ wavy hair.
a fat ass.
tight pussy.
i would say:

i’d have that fine ass wolf over there!
i’d get him to buy me dis!
take me here!
i’d use my pussy to get the pineapples i wanted!
i’d have every sexy wolf i’d see!”

i would see a chick like that and get so jealous.
she would be getting all the wolves i wanted.
it would make me feel that those same wolves i liked were only “straight”.
when i say instant depression?
well lately i have stepped outside my insecurities.
hanging out and working with the straights teaches me a lot.

i would NEVER  to be a vixen with a body like that.
you shouldn’t either.
personally being that vixen seems is hell.
hell judging from the folks in our life that have asses like that,
they seem like they’re in hell too.
i’m still waiting for them to find a husband.
remember: fat ass means “any wolf you want”.
sure it’s no surprise that a vixen like the one above will be top pick for wolves of all kinds.
they would have joints everywhere.
your phone would be going off every 5 minutes.
you walk down the street and every nigga is up in your face.
she will date all kinds of wolves until she meets the one she is looking for.
usually the one is really not the one.
check how it goes:

they meet
he tries to court her
he takes her out
he is like prince charming
they slowly get to know each other
they talk on the phone
he claims her
she wants him inside her
he comes over
he starts rubbing on her ass
she knows what time it is
he does this every day he sees her

she starts to trust him
the condom comes off
he starts nutting inside her forgetting to pull out
her period is late
she tells him
he is excited
she puts up selfies and all that “we’re having a baby” shit
he doesn’t address anything on his instagram yet
she gives birth
he finally addresses that he now has a cub
things go okay for the first month or two
novelty starts to wear off
he makes his exit into some other chick with a fat ass
he has a couple more cubs with different vixens
she is now a baby mama
still has a fat ass tho

…and this is from observing people i know.
vixens i have been around.
straight wolves i have hung with.
some ended up with no kids.
others just fuckin’ until they find someone who doesn’t pull out.
take that how you want.

now that my head is out the clouds,
and i can really see the straights,
i only want a crazy fat ass when i’m horny.

tumblr_n8oo8bDZgw1r55j58o3_400i only want to throw it back on a wolf as he is pounding me from the back.
even my gay ass likes it for sex.
sadly these vixens think a fat ass is what will keep a wolf.
well a baby,
but keep thinking he gonna stick around because she popped out his seed.
i know a wolf,
one who is the ideal fantasy,
tell me one day about this sexy vixen he has been banging for the last couple of months:

“yo i’m tired of beatin it.
i done beat it in every way possible!
she real clingy and lowkey boring.
only thing i wanted to do is fuck.
she wants a relationship.
i’m good.”

so as much as they seem to have the “good” life with wolves,
they struggling out here like everyone else.
they just skip ahead of the line quicker.
i did learn a valuable lesson in the end tho.
having a fat ass on any person doesn’t make dating easier at all.
in fact,
it only brings the wrong kind of attention/person into your like.
one who will emotionally detach from you just to get at that ass.
…what was that saying?
oh yeah:

the grass is always greener over the septic tank.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “IF I WAS A FAT ASS FEMALE”

    1. ^well what do most people,
      especially the gays,
      advertise on social media?
      their dicks and their asses.
      we don’t know them.
      again no emotionally connection to grapple on.
      just body parts.
      so when you only have your body parts as a bargaining tool,
      there is nothing else left to connect to.

      1. Yea it sad, but shit a lot of nice bodies have boring ass personality which does contribute to many wolves looking for others both within the gay & str8 world.

  1. You know something else that pisses me off? The old broke down weave wearing, beer belly, flat ass having women that still can get a decent looking man. I’m like damn if she can find one I know I can.

    1. Please preach!!! I see it all the time and I think in my head “how did she pull that looking like that when I have on a fresh outfit with my cute face” (on a good skin day) . Then I look down at her ass which is fat and shapely and it all come together lol

  2. Jamari, I’m definitely an ass man. Looking at that ass in the first picture above made me feel some kinda way. And I like when you post pictures of dudes with nice asses too. Yep. I’m an ass man.

  3. You preaching this morning and its not even Sunday. Str8 men are pretty much stupid when it comes to a fat ass, seen it so many times. I worked with a vixen back in the day when I first got out of college, who had a big JLO ass and when I tell you she did not want for nothing. She was crazy as hell in how she dealt with men and they would come back for more. Me and her were really tight because we both liked to go to happy hr after work, when I tell you I never paid for any drinks, men would actually buy me drinks because I was with her. When we were broke before payday, she would just call some dude up to bring her lunch money and she would treat me because it wasnt her money. I saw first hand how Vixens worked dudes. I have seen so many str8 dudes who have kids by these women they barely knew because they were fine. Guess what that fat ass just turns to fat after a few kids. Its like shapely women lose their shape a hell of lot faster than a normal thin woman when she has kids, these shapes seem to be more prone to obesity as they get older. I have noticed the same thing with fine football players when they stop playing and stop working out they become huge and not in a good way.

    We talked about this before, these people who have these great bodies are usually flawed in other areas of their life. I have seen some of the finest brothas at the gym and when you talked to them, they were empty as hell and you could tell they had nothing to offer but their bodies and of course you get the shitty personality that goes along with that great body. Lets not even start in our own community, Gay men are so damn shallow, the dude can be dumb as a box of rock but he has abs, and a big dick or a fat ass, we can forgive him for all his sins no matter how bad. So at the end of the day, attraction is the same for both gay and str8 people, we think highly of people who look like what we like, and we just hope that they are not crazy psycho’s once we finally hook up with them but sadly they usually are and we learn it to late because we never bother to look at whats inside a person before we start lusting for the outside.

  4. I agree with this post. There is a girl at my job who just bought her ass a month ago. She went from pancakes to Duncan Hines. Every niggas want to fuck her now. You can go buy a quick ass and have it change your life.

  5. Well, we are at a time where everything revolves around sex, so when you add that to what you see on social media, the gym rats, and the pressures people put on themselves to achieve a certain look, you get a whole bunch of people who are trying to end their insecurities and get their self-esteem up by only aiming to improve their physical appearance and nothing more, as if that is their only flaw. How can one focus on a person’s inside qualities when getting to know them if all they ever portray is what is on the outside?

  6. Oh honey little did you know we are jealous of gay men! Gay men are getting all of the good fine ones now! You might think we are better but all of my girls think gay men are. My gay friend has so many fine ass STRAIGHT dudes hittin him up. Another one has a nfl player begging to wife him up. My fat ass means nothing!!! Lol!!!

  7. I have to admit I’ve developed a shameful attraction to ratchet women with fat asses.

    In the past I fooled around with women sporadically, never consistently like now.

    I’ve always been intrigued by these fine male porn stars like Deep Threat fucking these ratchet, homely chicks.

    In a span of two months, I’ve smashed a ratchet with three kids and pulled her weave out, ratchet white girl with a tongue ring, even a fat chick that cooked me a meal afterwards and insisted I take some money after lol

    I’d never, EVER do anything other than fuck those types at freak hours. They’d never meet my fam or anything.

    You’re not a man until I ratchet chick has creamed heavy on your dick lmao

      1. I haven’t messed with any dudes in a while. I’m off that for now.

        No offense, but it’s the same old routine. Meet on a sex site, Text and flirt, fuck, and fall off.

        No dudes are giving me that “umph”. A nice ass will get my attention for 5 seconds, but no one’s challenging me or displaying mutual interest.

        At least this freaky stuff with ratchet chicks is fairly new and exciting.

  8. I say all that to say its a myth that females have to be a 10 with a fat ass to fuck sexy men.

    Straight men aren’t as picky as gay men at all.

    Pussy is pussy and good pussy and good looking women aren’t always in one package.

    If you have a lot of straight male friends that are goodlooking you’ll know a lot of time they smash women far below their level in terms of attractiveness.

    1. ^i completely agree with this.
      you should see some of the chicks my straight friends wife up.
      it’s not a “beyonce” or “rih”.
      those are the fantasy,
      but a straight dude will get in where he fit in.
      im starting to think that these straight celebs who date “the fantasy” now,
      are only doing so because they have fame.
      how soon they forget when they were fuckin average hoodrat chicks.

  9. The celebs don’t have to work as hard because the money/status brings “the fantasy” to them.

    Women don’t have to be a 10 physically, if you’re a freak and you’ll let a dude hit that pussy any way he wants, whenever he wants, he’ll come through.

    We’d be surprised who these ratchet girls/ fine ass dudes have coming out of their place at 4 a.m. lol

      1. Most likely you would be Jamari lol. Men would be all through your apartment. You’d be walking on sunshine and glowing at the same damn time lol.

      2. Some dudes believe queens are easier to get with because they don’t have to figure out whether ol dude is gay or not. They know lol. I couldn’t do it tho. I need my masc bros man. I get a thrill from kicking it with masc men. A manly man letting me drill his cheeks. That’s the shit.

  10. Jay, Bro you aint speaking nothing but the truth as a good friend of mine, grandmother always say-All Pussy is Good Pussy-If you ever been to a club in the South you will know what Jay means. Fat, Busted, Swole Biscuits with stretch marks, stab wounds, hail damage, thighs that rub together, can show up in daisy dukes, a long blonde weave, bad makeup, and cheap ass high heels that defy gravity holding up all that fat and this broad will be treated like a Queen at the club. I have seent it with my own eyes, all types of men will trip over other men to get with these Ratchet females if only for that night. These women have nothing to lose and they pull some hot men. I now know a str8 man will fuck just about anything, I guess thats why so many feminine bottoms get them like they do. They wont be seen with em, but they will fuck you real good. It is so different with Str8 men and what they consider attractive. I will be honest, if you are not hot or attractive to me, I cant sleep with you, I just cant have sex just to have sex, but str8 dudes have no such hang ups. I may have to tip to the other side again, its been a long while LOL

      1. Jamari,

        Some masculine men just prefer androgynous people or transexuals.

        It’s mystifying I know lol.

        Way too confusing and twisted for me. I think they’re headcases but that’s none of my business lol

    1. Exactly!

      It’s not that serious like with gay men asking for stats, skin tone, 360 degrees worth of pictures lol

      A straight dude will fuck a ratchet chick in a tshirt with holes in it with her hair wrapped and toothpaste on her pimples and record it Worldstar and not give damn because he still got some pussy lololol

  11. The saddest thing Jamari is that even the FINEST women get cheated on. That’s why I lowkey hate men….despite being one. Gay or straight…I feel like dealing with a man is the same bullshit

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