I’d Pay To See This Sex Tape…


Along with the Baller Wolf of my dreams, an iPad, and Louis V sneaks for Christmas,
I pray that you allow these two to leak a sex tape.

Oh, and God?
I pray I will be good for the rest of the… day and eat all my vegtables.

Thank you God.

ray edwards

What the hell is this picture?!

Atlanta Falcon Ray Edwards has been taking pictures with his boo LaStarya Thompson and showing off her cakes. But he took things a bit further with this portrait of him and his lady. After doing some digging, we found some pics of Miss LaStarya that you might enjoy.

Click through to see the original picture that inspired this painting and more pictures of the two of them boo’d up together. Lots of cakes and abs going on here.


Ray get rid of those jeans…

Who still rocks jeans with patterns on the pockets?

I can just imagine he fucks her so good…
and kudos on the Prada sneakers.
I have the same pair 😉

I can just imagine him fucking her stupid in this position…

Cute Vixen.
Beautiful ass.

Now let’s get onto that sex tape…

12 thoughts on “I’d Pay To See This Sex Tape…

  1. And, why is a str8 man taking all these self pic of himself in his underwear. Looks alittle suspect to me. LOL

  2. I met these two earlier this year in Vegas. He seems like the nicest guy in the world. She on the other hand seemsd uncomfortable. I guess there was reason for that. Lots of women around and they didn’t like the fact that he was hugged up with her. I heard one woman say something about ‘with her Black ass’ then some guy said well he likes dark skin women…My people.smh…I guess they’d be happier if he were laid up with a White chick…I don’t understand the notion of wifeing up women who have ass shots all over the net…But if it’s good for the White ones ala those heffner chicks and kardash chicks, then it’s good for the Black ones ala this chick.

  3. His body is crazy, but his face messes me up alittle bit. And, is it me or is he alittle to gurly. LOL, I’m just sayin!

  4. Ya know usually I hate on these fish for takin out ballers but I gota say they make a great couple. And even though ray is one of my j.o.bs I’ll take Lastarya over ray she can get it more and she is the attention graver of the two. S/N I would eat all the corners of her box with pleasure

  5. Yes…it’s not often I get to see str8 porn where both parties interest me…I bet Ray likes getting his salad tossed too – that man is a freak.

  6. She never had a chance at a respectable profession with a name like LaStarya. Lol

    She’s stacked though and I know Ray is beating that out the frame!

    1. IKR?! Parents need to stop setting their kids up w/names like LaStarya, Darealyst, Boomquieshia, & the like…

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