I Would Not Have Drafted Michael Sam

tony-dungy-adoption-awareness…and homophobe?
well thats what everyone is saying about former nfl coach tony dungy.
tony gave his opinion on why he ( x wouldn’t have drafted michael sam ) recently.
well it caused quite a stir and you know he had to damage control

Tony Dungy insists his comments about why he wouldn’t draft Michael Sam are not homophobic … though he’s doubling down on his claim that Sam’s sexual orientation is a “distraction.” The former NFL head coach has just issued a statement in an effort explain his comments — where he said he wouldn’t draft Sam because he wouldn’t want to “deal with” the gay factor.

Dungy says, “I was asked whether I would have drafted Michael Sam and I answered that I would not have drafted him. I gave my honest answer, which is that I felt drafting him would bring much distraction to the team.”
He adds, “I was not asked whether or not Michael Sam deserves an opportunity to play in the NFL. He absolutely does.”

“I was not asked whether his sexual orientation should play a part in the evaluation process. It should not.”

“I was not asked whether I would have a problem having Michael Sam on my team. I would not.”

But then the double-talk begins … “I do not believe Michael’s sexual orientation will be a distraction to his teammates or his organization. I do, however, believe that the media attention that comes with it will be a distraction.”

Don’t forget, he started off the statement saying drafting Sam would be a “distraction to the team.”

83779i7CF0CCC8510FDCE4get that backtrack on tony!
hey he is entitled to his own opinion,
tony seems like a heavy duty christian as well…
Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.15.34 PM
…so you know how that goes.
this is going to be a very sticky issue until game day.
i’m personally waiting to see how he plays this season.
is he even officially on the rams yet?
i’m hearing conflicting reports that he still could be cut.
michael sam also replied to what tony dungy said:
Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.08.46 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.08.51 PM…perfect response?
story found: tmz

Author: jamari fox

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25 thoughts on “I Would Not Have Drafted Michael Sam”

  1. He is right in that the media attention would be a big distraction. For one thing there will be an article on everything that he and the team does saying “Sam, the first openly gay player in the NFL…” no matter what it is, even if he isnt played there will be some writer/reporter who has a question about it. Well just look at now, their already taking everything that said about him and turning them into stories, and the season hasnt even started. Second we have already seen that it has started when they wanted to do his whole reality show before he was even drafted. Like Dungy says I doubt that him personally being gay would make that big a deal to the team, esp since there are alleged d/l players in the lockerroom but all the cameras and media attention wont be welcomed.

    And like a sports talkshow host (i forget which one) said, from a business&manager perspective, are his skills worth going thru all of it? We have yet to see him perform in the league yet&he was a low draft pick&his combine performance wasnt all that(but that can change). Like he said, it would be different if it was an already made star or a first round pick, but for someone who still has much to prove it is a fair question.

  2. I like Tony Dungy, and I understand where he is coming from in a way. The media attention and all the questions is what he was referring to. Michael’s teammates are going to be asked how they feel about having a gay teammate and all that other stuff, and it gets tiresome for them after a certain time. The media can wear you down, especially on a touchy subject such as this. They will milk this shit until it runs dry. This kind of attention can last for years unless it is kept in control. Michael can still make the team, no one has been cut yet because no player’s performance has been judged, which will not happen until preseason starts. That’s one of the reason why I can’t judge Manzel either. I need to see him in an NFL setting playing against another team, not a practice or a drill, and the same goes for Michael. He will be judged based on how well he plays. Michael should have said no comment when he was asked about the statement from Dungy. He shouldn’t be focused on that all, and he should be focusing on trying to make the damn team. Anyone is susceptible to getting cut until the weekend before the reg. season.

  3. GMAFB
    Dungy doesn’t approve of gay lifestyle.Those are his words when he was asked about Jason Collins last year.Dungy donates money to Anti Gay organizations.He tweeted about how upset he was when Obama supported marriage equality.
    If Michael Sam was the SEC defensive player of the year who had a DUI or who dragged his girlfriend or killed dogs it would be no problem.Dungy supported Vick despite the protest and outrage.If Michael wants to get help for his problem Dungy will help him pray his gay away.He offered to help Jason Collins.As for Jason I see the Nets weren’t destroyed by having a gay player in the locker room

    1. You have a point. Didn’t know he said some of this stuff. I don’t know if he meant harm by his original statement, but he is right about the distraction part, I have to give him that. No the Nets were not destroyed, but there is a difference between a 15 man roster and a 53 man roster. If makes the team I think it will work out fine. The media are the ones who make a big deal out of it.

  4. He’s already proven to be a distraction. Real football fans know this!

    You have his teammates undergoing sensitive training and being fined if they have voice anything other than support of him.

    I wouldn’t have backtracked at all if I was Dungy. He’s very well respected and has earned his hype on merits unlike Sam.

    People don’t get that this is America. People are entitled to hate blacks, disagree with gays, and whatever they want. GLAAD trying to shove gay issues into everything they deem mainstream is not going to change their minds or convert them.

    A lot of men and football players aren’t even homophobic so much as uncomfortable, but if you keep shoving your sexuality in their faces when it isn’t really any of their business you can make them that way.

    1. Yeah Michael should be on the DL or be discreet and even better he should have several baby mamas.Gay men need to stay in their place in the fashion industry where people are comfortable being around them.Why make people uncomfortable? Sensitivity including racial sensitivity training is a waste of $.

      1. So why doesn’t every workplace have sensitivity training for gays?

        I’ll tell you why, because the SHIT DOES NOT MATTER!

        Sexuality has no place in the workplace.

        No one said he had to be DL, but if you want to bring your sexuality into the workplace don’t get offended when everyone doesn’t support it!

      2. If sexuality doesn’t belong in the workplace than straight people shouldn’t be allowed to mention their spouses.They shouldn’t be allowed to place pics of their families on their desks.They shouldn’t be allowed to mention they are getting married .They shouldn’t be allowed to mention they are pregnant.Because they are flaunting their heterosexuality or promoting heterosexual sex.Everyone doesn’t approve of the heterosexual lifestyle. Some people think heterosexual sex is disgusting.
        This is not about Michael Sam.I don’t watch football.This is about equality.Some people will accept being treated as a second class citizen but I won’t. Some people will accept others being treated as second class citizen but I won’t. I will not accept the status quo.
        Of course he will get a lot of media attention because he is the first.But without a first guy taking the risk there would be no second guy.He is the first to be drafted and the first to sign a contract. Even if he gets cut it will be easier for the next one who has the courage to take that risk.

        Hell I am more pissed off about Ray Rice getting 2 games suspension for knocking out his wife.But I know in the NFL its not a big deal to beat a woman.

    2. Watch Oprah Winfrey and them try to get that reality show back on the road if he makes the team. If he makes the team, it is going to make headlines through the first two weeks of the reg. season.

    3. “You have his teammates undergoing sensitive training and being fined if they have voice anything other than support of him.” That’s wrong. Sensitivity training yes because the team does not want to be a hostile work environment for any workers, which could result in expensive lawsuits and damage team unity. But they can criticize Michael Sam–but not on the basis of his sexual orientation. Workers are hired to do a job–not to gossip and damage team cohesiveness due to sexual orientation. I’m sure that the situation was similar when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball.

      Yes, “People don’t get that this is America. People are entitled to hate blacks, disagree with gays, and whatever they want.” and other people are entitled to not spend their money with businesses that support such people. Do the names Donald Sterling and the NBA ring a bell?

      Yes, “A lot of men and football players aren’t even homophobic so much as uncomfortable, but if you keep shoving your sexuality in their faces when it isn’t really any of their business you can make them that way.” Is it shoving sexuality in the face when straight players talk of their sexual exploits or multiple babys mammas or bring their girlfriends or wives to team functions? Is it shoving sexuality in the face when gay players talk of their sexual exploits or multiple sex partners or bring their boyfriends or husbands to team functions?

  5. Dungy was supportive of Michael Vick returning to the NFL and didn’t deem Michael Vick a distraction. I suppose that Dungy would have nixed Jackie Robinson breaking tghe baseball color barrier if Dungy is to be believed. Dungy is vehemently against gays/gay marriage and donated to organizations to further that belief. He seems to see that as a tenant of his “Christian beliefs”. I don’t believe Dungy. It’s likely that he’s trying to be “nice-nice” in later statements to cover-up/minimize his earlier statements about “big ole gay Michael Sam”.

    Dungy said ““I would want to wish him the best and let him know I have no bitterness or animosity toward him. Even though I don’t agree with his lifestyle, I love him. And I wish him the best, and I’d love to say that to him.”” in commenting on Michael Sam. Google defines lifestyle as: “the way in which a person or group lives.”the benefits of a healthy lifestyle” or denoting advertising or products designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable lifestyle.” From that definition, it’s clear that sexual orientation is not a lifestyle. It’s not how a person lives. It’s who a person is. A person does not have a homosexual lifestyle or a heterosexual lifestyle or a bisexual lifestyle. A person is homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual.

    Calling homosexuality a lifestyle or a preference is a not so clever way to imply that a person’s sexual orientation is a choice. The consensus of scientists that have studied the issue is that sexual orientation—homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual–is not a choice. So Dungy and his ilk should stop acting like it is a choice or a lifestyle or a preference. Idiots who think that it is should do some research and start with a Google search of “The Kinsey Scale of Sexuality”.

    Since homosexuality is not a lifestyle but rather is a life. Dungy might have well had said “I would want to wish him the best and let him know I have no bitterness or animosity toward him. Even though I don’t agree with his life, I love him. And I wish him the best, and I’d love to say that to him.” Now, that’s foolish. He doesn’t agree with Michael Sam’s life, his existence but he loves him! That’s pathetic and/or dishonest and/or sick. I don’t want to have anything to do with persons who disagree with my life and I recommend the same attitude for everyone!

    1. ITA,Dean
      Has anyone ever accused a straight person of flaunting their sexuality?
      What is a Gay lifestyle?
      What is a Straight lifestyle?
      I just learned Dungy played QB in college but because he was Black he wasn’t allowed to play QB in the NFL.The white players wouldn’t be comfortable with a BLACK QB or a BLACK Coach

      1. You are caping so hard that you don’t even know what you are talking about. Have you watched this man play in college, or are
        you a brand new fan because he came out the closet? Separate the closet door swinging wide open vs the career that started off rocky and let me know what you come up with.

    2. I’ve watched you disagree with posters over their choices especially when it comes to skin color. Just the other day, you made outlandish comments about people who attend the the gym. Your cape has rips in it.

  6. The gay advocates are TEAM SAM but haven’t even see this man play a game of NFL football. His combine scores were lackluster at best. He could still be cut. It’s so bad now that he is the mascot for gays who stopped killing themselves. He has a lot on his shoulders. I get it. This is the problem with the media. Hyping people up as the new savior, but as soon as they do wrong or not do wrong, they will throw them right under the bus. It reminds me of when Kanye West said “George Bush doesn’t like black people” during Hurricane Katrina. Look at him now. If Michael Sam has a bad NFL career and they have to cut him, it will cause an uproar. Gay men who never watched football a day in their life will come to his defense. People will insult you because you aren’t drinking the Koolaid just yet. Why don’t we all wait until he gets on the field? He is getting awards already for what? He came out the closet, got with a white man, and is living the “out” white life. The agenda is making him the face, but not realizing that every black man who is gay will not have the same outcome as he did. The caping for this man right now baffles me. If Chad Ocho and Terrell Owens can be critiqued for the media attention they brought, Kim Kardashian and reality shows being banned for what they bring, surely Michael Sam can be thrown in there as well. Or is it because he is gay, the NFL need to roll out the red carpet and make sure his towels smell like lavender?

    1. That’s the killing part!. Most of these people going so hard in the paint don’t even watch football or know the first thing about the NFL.

    2. TO and Ocho and Sam are apples and oranges. The former two begged for the media spotlight. Most of the attention around Sam was more the work the media having a chance to discover a new frontier. Sam has been nothing but a class act about it. I can’t understand why people are so hard on him for.

      I am as realistic as most football fans about him making a roster but some of these comments reeks of anger and bitterness.

    3. It was good to see that he won the award at the ESPY’s, but I believe he should have won the award next year after he played one season in the NFL, not to mention he would have been more respected by real sports fans. I want him to perform well so that he will make the team because like you said, if he gets cut the gay community will be in an uproar. People who have never watched a day of football will be holding picket signs. Some experts believe he will make it, while others don’t. I really do not know because I have never seen him play in a game. I don’t watch college sports, only pro. Michael Sam was a projected 4th or 5th round pick, which is not bad. If he did not come out he would have been drafted sooner despite his poor stats at the combine. He was the SEC defensive player of the year. Everyone knows what he is capable of. As a matter of fact, I know that the past several SEC defensive players of the year were all first round picks. Michael wouldn’t have went in the first round, but it damn sure wouldn’t have been 7th and damn near last.

  7. I feel real sorry for Sam. No one is reeling from all this more than he is. No matter who is saying what, he has the most weight on his shoulder. There’s is more pressure for him to make the roster than other people in his position. If he does, he has the pressure of being a contributor. He is the center of a lot of conflict and it is not his fault for the most. He just wanted to be himself and prove that he is one of the guys. He is obviously being used and it’s not really fair to him. I pray that he will be ok of everything falls apart.

    I think he should ask the gay and mainstream media to back off because it can become a long fall he probably won’t be prepared for.

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