i move different because i grew up a little different (past life situations)

one of my most favorite celebs i’ve ever met was charity from the show,
deborah joy winans and i talked for close 2 hours.
she is so dope and joy (see what i did there) to speak to.
you would have thought we knew each other for years.
so much so,
we followed each other on my personal social media.
i’m a very warm and friendly person so this is why i took a lot of front desk jobs.
she was one of the many celebs that i met at my last job.
i’ve met kenya moore and she was really friendly to me.
that was 2 years ago and i never posted about it.
even with a platform like mine,
i’ve kept all my celeb encounters super lowkey.
i move differently but i think it all stems from how i grew up tbh.

I haven’t even begun to crack open my past back in Barbados…


my father was one of the biggest sports stars in barbados.
he was so popular,
that when i was working retail many years ago,
i met a few older bajans and when i told them who my father was,
they lost their shit.
they treated me was like i was a celeb child.

my mother,
on the other hand,
was a model turned socialite.
she worked at the airport as well.
she was damn near everywhere.
she had me at every rich person’s crib as a kid.
i would be there amongst all these adults.
when i think about it now it probably wasn’t good.
growing up,
she knew damn near everyone on the island.
it wasn’t until we moved here is when i learned the true meaning of struggle.
why my mother and i ended up here?

my family worked within government sectors in barbados.
my uncle ended up becoming a governor.
he had to move to a mansion during his tenure,
where we were all chauffeured around and there were maids.
my aunt (rip) and he traveled the world and met all kinds of high society like the queen.

Funny story: when I first got back and they were living at the mansion,
my first morning,
I went to the kitchen to pour some cereal.

My aunt damn near tackled me and told me whatever I want,
the maid will make it for me.
That was suchhhhhhh a foreign concept for me coming from America.
I asked the maid to make me an omelet and it was ON after that.
We always ate as a family from breakfast,
and dinner at the table.
That was also when I had to learn to eat with a knife and fork very quickly.

so because of all this,
i know how to act when i’m around celebs and other high society folks.
they are just people like the rest of us.
i speak to them as i speak to my friends and the foxhole.
my cousin and i were taught how to navigate those worlds at young ages.

Sit down,
be quiet,
don’t touch anything,
and have manners.

“Kids are supposed to be seen and not heard”.

i was the most stubborn and rebellious tho.
if i saw toys at some stranger’s house,
it was pretty much over.

i have to remember not everyone grew up as i did.
when they go somewhere nice,
their instinct is to show that they made it.
we live in a social media world so everything has to be posted.
what i’ve learned:

You can show you are somewhere without being cringe.

we will have to circle back to that lesson at a later date.

lowkey: i saw these attentionistos filming at drake’s crib…

@asianfineassthe hate so real #ovo#drake#lighskin♬ Toosie Slide – Drake

@asianfineassafter party #drake♬ Way 2 Sexy – Drake

@asianfineasskeep it up with lolly#manifestation♬ FLEXIN N’ FLASHIN – SimxSantana

with this in the comments…

you think i’d have a camera out recording at drake’s crib?
i might take a selfie with drake if it’s allowed.
shit like ^this is beyond tacky but look at how they look.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “i move different because i grew up a little different (past life situations)”

  1. I have this mindset as well. I grew up in the boondocks of south Georgia. We were poor and my access to the finer things was quite limited. But my grandfather always told us to “act like ya been somewhere.” I’ve carried that with me my entire life. I often find myself saying, why these niggas gotta act so brand new??? But I must say that these days I question that thought process tho. There’s nothing wrong with expressing excitement about something or letting people know that you’re impressed. I just have to remember to not be tacky about it.

      1. Awww, what an adorable pic of you & Joy. What a great memory. I enjoyed getting to know more about you & your background. Thanks for sharing that!

    1. @TaureanLuv: Glad to hear someone else express this. Exposure was important to my family and I was raised with the “don’t act like you’ve never been anywhere/had nothing” mindset also. When I say that these days, people often look at me sideways, LOL. I chalk it up to me being old-fashioned but thanks to your comment, I feel a little better about acting based on that principle…

  2. Jamari or Sir Jamari-
    I knew you were a Born Aristocrat. It really isn’t surprising. In addition, I have to say “Good manners will make room for you and open doors that beauty and good looks may not. Charisma is the key and as a Cancerian, you know the drill”.💯
    I am a Southerner from a good family of Educators and Public Servants. There is a Spirit of Excellence which anoints us, our family, and I say it loud and proud.
    I am glad you have made it from the darkside of early Autumn and you are back on track. Side bar- Iman Shumpert is our Cancer brother, I’m not surprised he grabbed that globe.❤️

  3. That’s a nice pic of y’all! Like I been saying Jamari, START posting more pics of YOUR Life, Even if you don’t on your main IG make another that’s just for you! What’s the point of follows & likes if it’s just off other niggas that ALREADY have a following, we’ve seen them already, let us see u ❤️

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