nick cannon loses his youngest to brain cancer

life can be a rollercoaster.
it has so many dips and twists.
we can go from celebrating to someone’s pipe leakage to mourning in the next font.
nick cannon,
who i just fonted about his pipe leakage,
has lost his youngest son,
to brain cancer
on sunday.

he spoke about it on his show,
the nick cannon show“…


  the foxhole is sending love and light to him and his girlfriend,
alyssa scott.
our thoughts and prayers are with them.
rest well zen cannon.

x read more about it here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “nick cannon loses his youngest to brain cancer”

  1. So sorry and praying for Nick and the mother.

    We must realize how precious life is .

    This makes anything we complain about look frivolous.

  2. Nick has never been a disrespectful person. To hear his pain when he spoke about his last moments, will just make you imagine of the pain it took for him and the strength to talk about it On Air. Condolences to you Nick and pray you heal in your own time with Alyssa.

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