I (Lowkey) Love This Song (Judge)

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__1280okay so…
i like the following song
and i know you are going to judge me,
but i’m prepared for it.
okay here goes…








hidingi love the feeling this song gives me.
plus that chorus is catchy is hell.

“are we outta the woods yet…
are we outta the woods yet…
are we outta the woods yet…
are we in the clear yet…
are we in the clear yet…
are we in the clear yet…”

yes i know.
first “shake it off” and now this.
you should know i don’t give a fuck right?
my musical taste is pretty much vers.
i can go from taylor swift to bobby shmurda in a heartbeat.

-1^i love this dance for this song.
watch miley cyrus say she invented it like she did “the nae nae”.
anyway taylor is estimated to sell 800k records next week.
i may just be part of that movement.

lowkey: so its safe to say tay tay left country?
these new records don’t sound country no mo.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “I (Lowkey) Love This Song (Judge)”

  1. LOL. Don’t ever apologize for your taste in music. You like what you like.
    My brother looked at me crazy one day when I sang along to Kelly Clarkson as he was scanning stations. He said I wonder sometimes if you are really my brother. We both had to laugh at that one.
    When it comes to music, I’m big on lyrics and their meaning. That, along with the beat, can draw me to a song.

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